What job field should I be lokking in?

  • I have been out of work since dec 21. I cant get a reply back on any of my resumes. What field should I be looking in?Or should I go back to school? Also should I fix the car I have or sell it? Thanks for any insights you may have

  • Well sherriebabe14 I am sorry I don't know what to tell you on either of your questions. But I wanted to tell you hi because I almost never see anyone who spells their name the same way. I have no idea of your age but when I was a teenager I was also thrilled when my dad told me that there was a new song out and it was called by my name. And I see you use that reference. Good luck to you on getting an answer to your questions. Just off the top of my head though if you can get a grant is (a grant the loan you don't have to pay back)? Well if you can get one you'll have some money coming in and you can further your education. That might be your best bet right now.

  • I was born 08/20/1959 so yes if I had a dime for everytime Ive been sang to or made reference to my name I'd be a rich woman. wish you would have had some advice for me though. Thanks anyways.

  • Well Sherrie I am close to 11 yrs. older and I gave you the best advice I could think of without making something up. It was go back to school and get a check while your doing it. Good luck I wish you the best. Peace and harmony to you and yours.

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