Timing or socio-economic status???

  • I recently met the man of my dreams. It was a totally chance meeting and I would have never thought a man 12 years my senior(he is 62 and I am 50) would attract my physical interests but he has because of all the things we have in common. We both share the love of nature, art appreciation, recreation and horses.

    I have never connected with a man so completely and quickly. He told me that it just feels right. We had a few intimate interludes that left us both totally in awe that we could share such intense feelings and deep connections. ..but his Christian values saw sex as the demon sin. I do not understand but know that the love we shared was spiritual in nature.

    Coincidently, his complex divorce has started and his affections have waned that he doesn't call me regularly. His "girl" friends intruded with the book "dating for Dummies" and all of a sudden he was analyzing our every interaction. His friends must have told him I was looking for a sugar daddy which was so far from the truth since I saw his wife wanting to take everything he owns and wanted to help him take care of his home, 3 boys and horses. I never wanted what he had...I only wanted to give him love and affection . I have a deep trepidation of men with affluence with wealth since I was involved with some disfunctional relationships with very wealthy men and told him that I would like him more if he didn't have what he apparently has materialistically. But being accused of that was hurtful and to my surprise, I told him he didn't appreciate me and he listened to his friends more than he listened to his heart and who I was. I told him, that since he started reading the Dummies'book, he has become one. The conversation ended and I haven't heard from him in a week. I feel connected to this man and want very much to reopen that door but, my fear of being depreciated and hurt by another affluent man is taken a toll on my confidence. I recently went through some hurtful family issues but found solice in this man's affections.

    I know the timing is bad but is it the socio-economical differences and the pressures of his peers that took this relationship away? He once told me that he wanted to spend the next 20 good years of his life with me...but his friends seemed to nix that possibility. I have never met a man so like-minded in many ways but so different in others. I truly believe as he did that we are soul mates but I know soul mates come into our lives to make us evolve our soul...but it is breaking my heart. Do I keep hoping for the best and seek reconciliation or be thankful for the good times and walk away?

  • I believe the biggest mistake you can make is getting intimate too soon. You have to really know someone before you get intimate. Did he wait to tell you that he viewed premarital sex as a sin. If he really knew you then maybe he would trust you. There is alot about this that just isn't right and I sense anger as you write it. At least you got to air your opinion.

    You say he is wealthy. So, I guess you know his associates and you knew him for awhile.

    I don't think you are being treated fairly. So, I wouldn't worry about it. Let him come to you. That is the only way. You don't have to bargain for his love though. You don't have to explain yourself.

    Sometimes if a person sees you have this or that, they think you are rich. A lot doesn't go that far these days. You have to protect yourself as much as he does. I'd forget about him. Sounds like he's a hypocrite.

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