I'm a capricorn with a gemini rising

  • what is a Gemini rising women like? i am Capricorn but i usually don't fit the description of a Capricorn women .

  • I'm cancer sun, aries moon, & gemini rising 🙂

    I know our sun signs are opposites & I dont think your moon is an aries, but we're both gemini rising so I'll tell you my perspective of it.

    All 3 of your signs (sun/moon/rising) seem to fit what your personality will be made up of. Most people usually think being a cancer means being loving, nurturing, clingy, & shy. But with me thats not how it is AT ALL. I mean I am the one that people will go to when they need a friend to talk to, but thats not because I'll be 'nurturing' with the whole thing. It's because unlike alot of other people now days, I actually take the time to sit down & listen to what people have to say, & people know I wont tell any of their business to anyone else. I dont spread my business around, so why spread someone elses around.? I guess that comes from the cancer sign. Along with people liking the fact that I'll take the time to listen, they also know I wont baby them about their problems, I'll tell it how it is(aries sign). Gemini rising makes people automaticly drawn to us, so be happy! LoL. My aries sign makes me a total hot head. When I get mad I get MAD. I'll bite everyones head off weather they had anything to do with it or not. And calming me down isnt even an option. Theres no talking to me when I'm mad. My gemini sign makes me ask a TON of questions all the time. ( No joke, I could ask 100 questions about an oreo cookie & still have more to come! LoL) Gemini rising makes people want to learn everything they can about the world around them. I'm usually a giggle monster LoL. I'm always laughing about everything. Love life & everything it has to offer. I'm like a carebear when it comes to hugs LoL. I'm smaller than most of my friends, but I love giving big hu! I'm always on the go & get bored easily. And even though my gemini rising seems to make me bouncey & energetic all the time, the other signs just seem to balance it out. The aries makes me assertive so that people know not to take advantage of me, & the cancer sign has me wearing my heart on my sleeve. The only bad thing about the aries moon is that, even thought cancer sun signs are known to like clinginess & complements, I actually get ANNOYED when a guy gives me compliment after compliment after compliment. And I cant stand someone being around me all the time. I'm litterally get mad & rip them to shreds! I'm not sure if it's the gemini rising, or the aries moon, but my personality can come across as flirty with some people. Anyway, research your sun sign, moon sign, & rising & see what characteristics fit your personality. Hope that helped!

    sources - a teenage girl LoL

  • thank you so much 🙂 my moon sign is opposite of yours 😛 its in Libra 🙂 and i hate it when a guy gives compliments after compliments, it is really annoying 😛 and i am very optimistic, i talk fast, and i get bored easily 😞 I'm kind of nervous sometimes 😛 i love beauty 🙂 i can really appreciate it 🙂 music , art 🙂 and the worst part is if i am just talking to people and trying to be friendly 😛 it is assumed I'm flirting 😛 LOL 🙂 thank you so much .

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