Intrested in developing more psychic awareness...

  • I started a spiritual journey a few years ago and lately I feel much stronger psychicaly. Sorry I dont know how to spell that word. Anyway, I have read that if you dream about looking through glass you are psychic or if you dream about silver or gold that can also represent different abilities. i have been trying to figure out what those qualities are and how to improve them. I think I may be more of a healer than a clairvoyant because I have been told that I "make people feel better" in different areas both physically and emotionally. Does anyone have any pointers you can share with me so I can continue to grow in this area? I tried on my own and it doesnt seem to be progressing. I ordered some reiki tape and it was a total scam this guy asked that you look at his crystal and suggested where your chakras are located. Not really what I was looking for. So if you know about this subject please share. ( :

  • I advice you to do the latihan exercise. Try to find out where the group in your area is on Try also to see and

    Subud is an organisation for people who do a spiritual excersice that is called latihan. Latihan only means "exercise" in the founders language.

    The purpose of this is to cleanse the soul. So I can not promice that you first develop your psychic abilities. But your spiritual awarenes will definately highten by doing this excercise.

  • Thank you! I will go check it out.

  • Hanged woman, I went to the link and I am not understanding this at all. I dont mean to offend you but I am confused about this particular group. Thank you for trying though. ( :

  • It is just about cleansing the soul. Not about developing gifts. The gifts come on their own as the soul heals. I dont blame you for not understanding. There is not much to understand. It is an exercise for the soul. Not for the mind.

  • Hi Lovinmylife,

    I too am on a journey of increasing my awareness and figuring out what path I am on, and funny how the universe works.....I stumbled across this website which you may find interesting and/or helpful (I hope!)

    I must admit I haven't really had the time to look at it properly, but have saved it into my favourites to go through in the near future.

    Please go to I hope it is the sort of thing you are looking for.

  • Thank you both hanged woman and wenchie. Wenchi I looked at the link you posted and that wbsite was very informative I signed up for the newsletter. Hanged woman Im going to have another look at yours and see if this is the right thing for me. Thanks again.

  • Hi, I'm the one that you've been talking to about Automatic writing. I felt since you've helped me so much I would try and help you the best I could.

    The way that I've been enhancing my psychic abilities is by simply meditating everyday. Try buying a tarot deck, believe it or not they are very insightful. You can also go to a new age store and buy an oil called psychic. Before you do your meditation for the day take just a dab on your fingertip and rub it on your third eye.

    Another good way is by water divination. You basically just get a bowl of water and you can put food coloring or in it to darken the water. Let yourself go into a meditative state and gaze into the water. You may start to see images, and you may not for a while.

    Basically, it's like any other muscle in your body, the more you work it the stronger it will get

    I hope this has been some help to you, and thank you for all your insight into my issue.

  • the way I do it is by yoga and zen meditation. I actually met my spirit guide this way also. quite an interesting experience. but you can go with what you feel. there are a lot of types of spiritual healers. you might be more suitable for physical healing path which is also healing.

    I know which path I want to go, but I am going about it slowly. My guide and mentors help me a lot in determining what step to take. sometimes they don't answer because I am meant to find it out myself.

    Before I do yoga or zen I just kept asking the universe for help. and finally it sent me a mentor which was the start of more intense exercise to get in tune with my psyche and following guidance 3 yrs ago.

    I want to post links here but unfortunately admin deletes most of my links so I can't. They are not emails so no idea why they were deleted. but anyway, keep looking you will find it.

  • I found another link that I really like due to the fact that I adore diving into deep waters:

    I believe you will find what you are looking for in this website.

  • Thank you firefly, i bookmarked the page for future reference. Wow there is alot of information. any ideas on where to begin?

  • Hi lovinmylife: I did ask hanswolfgang what meditation he does and he said this: "My meditation is: I only do that what I enjoy. "

  • Hi hanged woman that was beautiful, Thanks. I am not sure if you saw it on another post but I apologized to you. Hope all is forgiven. I have built a bridge and am getting over it. ( :

  • Lovinmylife: I have never been angry with anyone in this forum. I was just teasing her.

    Just that. I saw she was really angry and I was just teasing her. Having fun in a way. Playing with her.

    I know it sounds heartless. But she needed a punching bag. I was it.

    I was never angry with her and not with you either. Her anger shocked me and I found it must be about something else.

    I did not understand her accusations and her attacks. Although I do see how I provoked her. That is why I did it.

    It is like walking over to a really angry woman and say with a smile: Life is so wonderful! That is provoking for her to hear. I became her punching bag.

    I am not a religious fanatic. Why then am I in this forum? I went to church one year in 2001. I left because I felt they were all trying to understand God with their minds. Wich is impossible. So I left.

    Not only because of that, but they also tried to teach me their understandings of the Bible. As if they were my teachers. That is against the Bibles advice.

    The bible says that when a person has received the divine spirit, the awakening of the soul, there is no need for that person to have teachers or a teacher to show her the right way. Because then the teacher is already inside of her.

    So I respect people and I believe that the teacher is inside of all human beings. Or at least available to all from within. That is why the buddhism says: Find yourself, and you have found truth and eternal life and the source for healing. (can not quote since I have not read buddhism - yet).

    Good that you ask for forgiveness, because then I know you are worrying about it. But I have never been angry with you or anyone in the forum.

  • I understand what you are saying, I just didnt agree with the way it was handled. I dont want to open a can of worms just wanted to move on from that and extend my hand to you. I am not going back on what I said, I am agreeing to disagree because I do value you as a human being and like a lot of what you have said on this forum. There was some things that I also didnt like and have already expressed that. I have not changed my opinion about it only my attitude. I didnt think you were angry that wasnt the point. There is no need to explain yourself anymore or I for that matter. I was merely trying to move away from that situation and make peace with you. An honest judgement about what anyone says on here can not be made simply because we really dont know each other, can not see facial or body language or hear tone of voice. Communication in writing can be difficult and well, awkward. You have your opinions and I have mine. We dont have to agree. I just feel that we are both mature enough to move past that and be kind to each other.

  • Not that you ever were unkind to me by the way. Just showin you some love girl. ( ;

  • Yes I have come to understand that I was being more cruel than I thought myself. I should not have fallen for that temptation. She was just so marvelously angry. High five for her. A queen of anger that one. 😉

  • HA! well, well. Cant say I have never had my moments of falling into a temptation when dealing with someones elses issues. Carry on Hanged Woman we all have our moments. I for one have had many, many , many where I know I shouldve put my foot in my mouth but it was too easy not too. Have adult children in your life too I take it. hahaha. Lmao

  • I'm just going to take this risk

    hopefully the link is not deleted

    www dot anmolmehta dot com

    www dot wingedwolf dot citymax dot com

    the first is abundant of info about yoga and zen meditation, the owner is very nice and helpful you can ask him anything he will reply

    the second is my fave site for spiritual insight, the owner will reply to questions and not necessarily make you pay for it unless you want a certain service

    both of them have been walking on spiritual path for many decades. the one that owns yoga site, started dwelling in spirituality since he was a child.

    you don't have to believe them or follow their advice, I'm just giving you the links because I feel I should at least do something to help.

  • Thanks you guys will not believe this I'm doing the same thing, all morning I've been on this site reading divinition info so informative and very deep, we are all Seekers! I love it!

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