I was calling on my Higher spirits when suddenly

  • they had black robs with gold hems, no faces, and , they where flowing down rapidly.over and over again. Can anyone tell me what this means?

  • Black robes signify a lack of light or knowledge. True guides wear white robes. Push away any spirits that seem unnatural and cleanse your living space with sage.

  • It is a part of your cleansing. You are becomming aware of demons, entities or simply just emotions that are in your presence. So what you must do is continue to cleance your soul, if that is what you are doing. If you are not cleansing your soul, then ask the God that reigns over heaven and earth, the creator of all human beings, ask it to fill your soul and cleanse your soul. Say to Heaven: "Allmighty God, let me surrender my soul to you."

    Before you do any cleansing of your inner feeling, make sure you ask for help from The Creator. I myself, usually name it Allmighty God, father of Jesus Christ. But it really doesnt matter, as long as you are consious that it comes from the allmighty. Other names are Healing, Light, Creator of all beings, etc. Just find a name or several names, that you feel refers to the allmighty. This is to make sure that what you are doing does not come from your emotions, thoughts or even entities lower that the human levels (demons).

    Sorry if this does not make you feel better. I must sound crazy to some who read this (lol)

    Just continue to seek healing and awakening of your soul, and dont worry if you have som unpleasant experiences in the process. Our souls are not completely pure, therefore it is natural that we get some unpleasant experiences in the cleansing process.

  • thank you all for your responses, I have been in a rut, with negative energies for the last year or so. That makes perfect sense. Sometimes we get so wraped up in our world we forget what is important. I need to clean up act.

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