• Hi there sinivity,

    I've read a truckload about souls, where they come from and where they go after death, etc. So I'll relate to you what I've learned and accepted as my own truth (this doesn' mean it has to be yours though).

    New souls are created to replace the old souls who have completed their karma on the earth plane and ascended to join the Masters (ie, Christ, Buddha, etc). They are created as "energy" and in one complete "pod", so to speak. Prior to incarnating on earth (or being born) they are given lessons to learn in their first incarnation by the higher-ups, so to speak 🙂 They then split into two halves - one being the female energy, the other being male. These two "half" souls are born into their separate lives and so begins their karmic journey. Once a soul has lived a life on earth and their physical body dies, that soul then is greeted by their guardians and guides who then show them a life review. This review shows the soul what they have learned, what they did wrong and also informs them of the karma they've left behind which needs to be corrected in the next life. And so on it goes. I believe after the first incarnation of a soul, that soul is free to choose the lessons they need to learn in the next life and agrees to certain "soul contracts" with other souls on earth. These contracts can be as simple as helping a stranger in the street whose soul energy they may have ignored in similar circumstances in a previous life, and/or coming together with other souls to produce children, work together to create a particular business, etc. This is why you'll sometimes meet people who you feel like you've known forever at first meeting, and why you'll often come across people you're immediately drawn to or repulsed by, even though you've not met them before in this life. This also goes towards explaining the term "old soul" or "evolved soul" . These souls are those who have lived many lives indeed and may not have many left to live on earth.

    As to the splitting of souls, this results in what is known as "twin souls" or "twin flames" as I've heard them called. The two halves may not ever meet in a life, and even if they do, they may not form a relationship at all. It depends on the karmic lessons completed by both halves. Sometimes though, the twins may come together as very successful work partners, as parent and child and, more rarely, in a loving relationship. These partnerships are very influential and often produce powerful results in whatever sphere they're together in.

    Hopefully that answers those questions for you. If not, ask me and I'll clarify more.

    As to your question about mediums: if a medium has contact with a loved one on the other side, it means YOU have not moved on, rather than the spirit of that loved one. It takes a lot of energy for a crossed over soul to break through the "veil" and contact loved ones on earth which is why sometimes it is difficult to get much from them in a reading. The spirit/s of your loved one will remain with you on the earth plane until you no longer need them, moving on once you have completed your grief process.

    Those spirits who become "ghosts" on earth are those who have died in sudden and/or violent circumstances or been abandoned by their own loved ones, or have left unfinished business behind. Those spirits need to be directed to the light - you've probably heard that term a lot - by a medium or psychic who can see these poor, lost souls and give them that direction. If you've ever watched the show "Medium" about Alison Dubois (even though it has been modified, or expanded, to suit TV) this is a real case in point with a lot of her dreams. She has contact with those on the other side who could be considered as ghosts; they have hung around, so to speak, as there is unfinished business for them, namingly the solving of their own murder or that of others they have witnessed.

    Don't know if that has gone towards clearing things up for you, but if not, reply with feedback and I'll try again!!

  • PS: I forgot to mention that souls are "sexless" until they are given, or choose, their incarnation and enter the unborn fetus on its journey down the birth canal. I do believe that an unborn child is "soulless" until the birth process is just about complete. (There are many arguments about that though, so this is what I believe is the truth as it makes sense to me, but I would never tell you or anyone else that it is gospel). To incarnate on earth, they choose or are given, what sex they will take on in a particular life. This is why, if you went to someone who was an expert on the soul journey and past lives, you might be told you were the opposite sex in a previous life to what you are in this one.

  • jaysus, the series of **** have replaced the word s e x. This is surely a "family" Site!!!

  • hello chris62,I am absolutely touched by your knowledge and awareness I have always felt that earth is school and we are here to better ourselves learn and get a degree with the Almighty, and if we don,t succeed we must come back...., some times many times, and in the process we may meet our soul mate. I live not far from a hospital and have had to go many times just to visit and other times to experience the death of a person and almost feeling the soul leaving the body & of course I have also experienced seeing the birth of a new baby, and there again feeling the new soul coming in .It certainly is a very intellectual subject a lot of people are really not interested in I can assure you I am , and look forward to any comments you may make pertaining to this subject . I am presently in a new ..what was a relationship from 35 yrs back and I am wondering if this is just meant to be is he my soul mate or not We are both confused. Leonida

  • I remember you Leonida! This fellow has issues with spending if I recall ... or at least NOT spending, much to your (understandable) horror 🙂

    He is a soulmate for you, but I don't know for sure if he's your actual "other soul half". There is only ONE other half for each of us, and we don't always come across them in life. That's not to say that other soulmate relationships won't feel wonderful or like an awakening or completion of a sort. A twin flame/soul relationship will feel like no other joining (this is my understanding of what I've read mind) and it will serve a very big purpose in making the world a better place.

    I feel this fellow who has returned after 3t5 years is in your life more to teach you to maintain your own integrity and not give in to the influences of others. This is on a soul level, so even though he may not be consciously aware of this, I do strongly feel that is his purpose in your life. Maintain yourself, your beliefs and attitudes and you will be able to keep a strong relationship with this man. I feel that he is someone who has wondered around a lot, like a bit of a lost soul and that you were the reason for this "lost" feeling for him. I also feel that you were the single most important relationship he's had in his life, yet his own issues got in the way. He wants/wanted to maintain his own singularity, but is now finding that the older he gets, the more lonely he becomes. He wants someone to share the remaining years of his life with, and that person, for him, is you.

    Now you come across to me as being a very soft-hearted, giving lady who has sometimes given of herself a bit too much for her own good - it's nice to meet you, kindred soul! This man senses the softness in you and responds to it; it nurtures him. He finds you a bit enigmatic, in that you have so many facets to your nature, he's always finding out something new about you. This fascinates him no end. He also loves your strength and independence.

    I feel that this man represents a challenge to you also. He's been a free spirit - although I think this freedom has cost him dearly - who is now ready to settle down, so you are in doubt as to whether or not he is genuine about this. Well, he is! At least as much as he's able. He still has this incredible fear of poverty though, and I think he would benefit from seeking out a past life expert who can do what is called a "past life regression" treatment/s on him which may uncover where this fear came from. That is his major stumbling block I reckon. You, on the other hand, are quite content with where and who you are and I don't get that you have any real major blockages going on. You are like a modern day Florence Nightingale who is now ready to lay down her stethoscope or nurse's uniform, so to speak, and live a simple, unencumbered life.

    Why don't you both consider a past life session? I'd Google it and see what you can come up with in your area. Or at least enquire with other psychics, etc, who may do it themselves anyway, or at least recommend someone. We're not all experts in this field, so go by recommendation.

    This would benefit both of you greatly and will stand you in good stead for those sweet, trouble-free golden years which await you both.

    I sure hope this has helped you some! Please let me know if this makes sense to you ... or not 🙂

  • Hello chris62, Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to me, He has told me that when he first seen me as I walked into a club many yrs ago , he was sitting with a co-worker friend and he alway,s reffered to him self as THE WOLF, he looked at his friend and said " SEE THAT LITTLE LAMB THAT JUST WALKED IN, WELL I AM GOING TO MARRY HER" he had me under his spell the next day and we dated for 6yrs and now here we are again. He still calls me his little lamb he is just not as big a wolf anymore. He would never go to a psychic so I am trying to find the answer on my own . and I really appreciate your kindred spirit and feel you can tell there is something special going on with Him & I I think It needs to go slowly for a while and time will answer what is meant to be. I will keep you posted......Leonida

  • Please do! Thank goodness he's not such a big, bad wolf anymore!!

  • Hi, My understanding is that everyone has a soul that is separate from body and form. The soul is our free will and has reasoning--a gift from God. The best state, so to speak, of our souls is virtue. Virtue is an act, not a habit. God can work thru and in us without us "letting Him." Because of our reasoning we are able to choose between good and bad.

    When Christ died the tombs opened and the dead rose and appeared to many.

    I believe that our purpose is to help each other by virtuous acts. I believe that many will see paradise at death, others will wait for the second coming and others will be judged to damnation. I guess the problem with reincarnation is how many times will a person be permitted to get it right. What happens to the really violent etc. I have had experiences to make me believe in previous lives but it's only been thru dreams. I have a deep faith that the Bible is truly the word of God.

  • Hi there Dalia

    It was interesting to read your thoughts on this topic, although I've noted that the thread starter is so far not in sight!! Hope all our ponderings, etc, don't confuse the poor guy/gal ...

    I'll put my other two cents forward here in answer to two things you've suggested above:

    I actually don't believe there is any such thing as "h e l l", but rather a limbo state for those souls who have commited such dark acts like Hitler, Hussein, etc. This limbo state could be called purgatory or "h e l l", depending on the person's tastes. I don't believe this limbo state or location exists beneath the earth or the universe either, but rather it is a spot between the souls who have just completed a life and are undergoing their life reviews and those who are ascended. In other words, the limbo souls just hang there contemplating what they've done until they are cleansed of that evil energy. Then they are able to go over their life review and realise what karma needs to be corrected in their new life. Some of these dark souls may not incarnate again for some time as it may take some time for them to be ready. Or they may come back as an animal! I think this may be true really, as I have a herd of alpacas who seem to be highly intelligent creatures and very spiritually grounded as well - they throw off an essence of other-worldiness which other animals I've come across don't seem to. So maybe they're a "higher-level" animal with souls of those who committed great evil in past lives. Food for thought!

    I believe a soul will incarnate as many times as it takes to "get it right". God, or the Supreme Being, Higher Power or whatever we choose to name Him, does not judge so these souls will be given as many chances as are needed to correct their karma. Besides, in His realm, time is of no consequence, has no real meaning or limitations. I have read, and only recently, that there are dark souls who incarnate merely as "dark" energies. These people will come across as soulless, remorseless (like Charles Manson) and just plain evil. I haven't read anymore information about what actually happens to these remorseless souls and would be interested to find out. I'm wondering if they actually are obliterated by God as there is no hope for them? More food for thought!!

    That's my take on that. Would be interested to hear your views again Dalia!

  • Hi, These are all religious and philosphical ideas. The reincarnation theory has been around especially in Eastern cultures for some time. Buddhists, I've read, would rather be enlightened instead of being reincarnated--same for Hindus. Reincarnation follows Plato's ideas but a lot of his ideas are not accepted today. Plato was born BC. My philosophical beliefs don't stray too far from my religious beliefs. I generally accept Aquinas' ideas. Basically, I believe that the soul is formed in the womb, the body is in the soul--not the soul in the body. That there is a resurrection of body and soul. I see Jehovah, Yahweh as a merciful God. So, instead of focusing on h e l l I focus on His mercy. My Christian ideas focus mainly on the purpose of mankind which is love of God and each other. I follow the thinking that the root of a lot of sin is focusing on ME instead of US. Also, a lot of my thinking and conclusions are based on what has been revealed to me throughout my life from God. There are a lot of ideas that I could elaborate on. I truly understand anyones search for the Truth in a way that makes sense to them. I consider Jesus as the Truth, not a lunatic or liar.

  • I'm not a scientist but certain animals are bred and have certain characteristics. I believe Alpacas are guardians of animals. I have a herding dog--Great Pyrennes and his instincts are very different than my Chow. His instincts are to herd and guard the Chow's are to protect and attack--basically. The Pyrennes is very mild-mannered and gentle. The Chow is more hyper. I consider this genetics. I don't think the Chow was an alcoholic in a previous life that enjoyed raising hell and driving cars fast. What I mean, I don't see how you draw a correlation between one and the other.

  • I think it depends largely on what one reads and what makes sense out of that reading. I feel there definitely could be a correlation between the human and animal sphere in that souls are simply energy and can take whatever physical form they wish to or are required to as part of their karmic journey on earth. Tibetan beliefs are that all living things contain a soul, and that many of these creatures could be ancestors! Seven Years in Tibet is a fantastic movie to watch as it depicts this belief so clearly when the cinema is being built and the Tibetan labourers refused to dig holes in case they injured or killed the earthworms which could have been an ancestor of theirs. This was solved by them being given the time to bless and say a prayer for each earthworm they accidentally killed or hurt during construction. This, to me, makes sense to a large degree, but of course won't make sense to others with different belief structures.

    It's all very fascinating to me, and I love to hear other opinions. Science definitely has a place in these and all discussions about those things we have no clear answer to, but I guess where it begins and ends is that no-one - scientist or no - has a clear answer for that question of "Where Do Souls Go?" as our thread starter has asked here.

    Hopefully he/she will come along, read these posts and feel vastly educated and be thinking quite a lot about the meaning of all life after it. Or be incredibly confused!

    Over to you Dalia 🙂

  • wow.

  • Hey mid!

    Love that simple "wow". Am wondering tho', is that "wow this is SO enlightening/interesting" or "wow, that's gotta be bullsh*t"??? Just curious 🙂

  • I am reading you guys posts and this is really intresting to me. I guess I have always had a hard time understanding reincarnation theories because I was raised Christian also and was taught there is heaven and he ll and earth and that is it. I was taught you only have one shot at this life and so on. I dont really know what to believe except that I have to beleive there is a hell where evil spirits go because you see we all have a choice on how to treat others and if you spend your life causing others pain and misery with no remorse than you belong there as far as I am concerned. i dont like sharing earth with people like that and I dont believe evil spirits would be allowed to even come close to heaven. I dreamt of heaven twice after my brother died. Me and my dad had the same dream one night. Its so beautiful and the colors are not anything I have ever seen on this world its really hard to describe. The other time I dreamt of heaven its was God showing me his army of angels and they were coming in and out of battles on earth. So ask me if I believe in spiritual battles and guess what answer you will get!!! But thats a whole nother topic. Intresting stuff though you guys thanks for sharing.

  • What you say about the Angels appearing to you in a dream - well it is another topic than this one, but not entirely! Wanna know what I think that dream/visionw was saying? That you're one of the Earth Angels doing battle here on the earth plane and you have an army supporting you, even if you don't always feel that. Your vision of heaven also, should answer the question of whether or not it exists for those of us who have not had near death experiences. I firmly believe there IS life after death, but it is in that other-worldly realm we hear and read so much about, and sometimes are contacted by. Yes, we do get one shot at life - this life. We get one shot to correct as much karma as we can in this current life. What is left behind when we pass over is dealt with in the next one.

    Those are my beliefs. I was brought up Christian also, but - and this is probably gonna make me unpopular - I refuted the dogma of religion years ago as all I saw was bigotry and hypocrisy within the Church. I call myself an atheist, though some may call me heathen, but even with refuting the life of the Church itself, I still believe in God, Jesus, Mary and Joseph and all the disciples. I believe Jesus walked the earth and will/is again; I believe He was crucified for us lower vibrating souls. What a pioneer He was and what an effect His life had on humanity. I respect what HE represents, not what the Church does as I feel it dictates rather than educates.

    That's me for the time bein. Guess there'll be a bit of an outcry to what I've said here, but I'm certainly not preaching to anyone that I'm right and they're not; just stating my own beliefs.

    Over to y'all 🙂

  • I have to agree with you on this Cris. I used to belong to a church and the women were clicky and spoiled and I was poor with a crappy husband and no one ever tried to reach out to me even though I attended all of their womens get togethers even went to some of there homes for prayer groups. They ended up betraying my sister who "fit In" when she decided to leave her abusive husband. They testified against her in court and she lost custody of her two daughters. Sickening isnt it? Also most christian churches would say that preditcting the future and having prophetic dreams which are beyond my control are tools of satan. How can I belong to a group that tells me my spiritual gifts are satanic? I also believe in the life, death, and resurection of Jesus Christ. I do not beleive everything the bibke says as I feel it was manipulated in certain parts for worldly gain of the higher ups of the church...almost like a method of control. Although I also feel that much of it is accurate and I could read a verse one day, read it the next and it will mean something completely different for me at that time.

    I like your interpretation of my dream too by the way. I hope that is what it is. I have had my fair share of "fighting demons" so I hopw this is true. Actually I literally did fight demons once in waking life and several times in my sleep. Now I really look crazy so I will just stop there. But thank you I never shared that dream before because I didnt see the significance except that yeah theres a heaven, Okay.

  • You ain't crazy 🙂

  • hey Sinivity,

    I don't think anyone has mentioned this yet, but have you heard of 1 soul living many lives at the same time? I know, sounds crazy, but just think about it for a minute...it's possible.

    I read a book many years ago recommended by a white witch - herbalist - who encouraged me to think outside the box. She came into my life when I needed guidance, encouraged me to find my own truth...which is what you have to figure out, what makes sense to you?

    The book I wish everyone would read is "The Unknown Reality" by Jane Roberts. Jane, back in the seventies, had her own little cult following because she would channel this entity called "Seth". She wrote many books - her husband would take notes as she became, allowed, Seth to borrow her earthly vessel.

    I really enjoyed what Jane and Seth had to say because as complicated (and improbable!) as it may have been to read it rationaly, I really liked what they were saying...I knew it wasn't for fame, or money or power, so i would put what they said to the test.

    Guess what?

    So much of what they said would be the truth.

    SO WHEN THEY CLAIMED YOUR SOUL WAS NOT JUST LIVING IN "THIS BODY" BUT SEVERAL OTHERS AT THE SAME TIME...it makes sense. Time is but an illusion created by man to make life more rational, but if you throw that out the window, why can't you be living many lives at the same time?It makes sense that as life has become more complicated, more varied in the ways one can express oneself, that the soul does more at once to balance out all the new crap that we humans keep creating.

    Think how simple life was when it was just Adam and Eve, and how much crap we've created since then, how things have multiplied,,,why bring fresh soul into this until we've cleared up the crap we've created?

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