Pisces woman in love with scorpio man..

  • I used to date a scorpio man for a few months, we had a great relationship lots in common. he ended it because he didn't want a relationship.. we didn't stay friends. then five months later he decided to initiate contact with me, just general friendly chat, he said he hadn't been with anyone since me at all I asked why and he said he just couldn't be bothered. I feel he speaks to me because he wants sympathy, I know he doesnt have a good relationship with his mother.

    Do I ask him out? Or wait for him to ask me? Will he ever? What can I do? When we were together I sensed his jealousy when I spoke to my male frends, he also didn't like the fact I had no career.

    Yet now i'm independednt, new flat and job... He is still living at home ( with dad and stepmum and step sisters) he is an only child. I just feel at a standstill I want to be with him and and tired of not knowing how he really feels, but I am also trying to not be to full on either as I think he fears commitment or losing his freedom. I wish he would know I would accept his flaws and be the perfect woman for him.

    Please any advice and suggestions I would be eternally grateful.

  • I'll just say this in general, not related to certain sign. maybe you did have a great relationship and lots in common, but that was in the past. it was short and you didn't end up friends. you now have a career and home, while he still lives with his parents. maybe you still want him and accept his flaws, but will he accept yours? I mean you didn't even end up friends after you broke up, and being an only child, do you think he can be mature someday? mature enough to accept you the way you accept him? you said you are tired not knowing how he feels, so why not wait it up until he can come out clear about his feelings and get a job? he didn't like it that you had no career, is it possible he contacts you now because now you have one and he has none? I'm just saying that too many of us have been taking our feelings too strongly and willing to give our freedom for something we are not entirely sure worth it or not. maybe being a leo I am guilty of saying this, but all you need is some time on your own to take a good look at your present situation, see clearly what happened in the past (that might happen again) and spend more time meet new people because you may meet someone that loves you for who you are and not whether your have a career or not etc which certainly doesn't define you as a human being. if this new person is independent, well wouldn't that be a plus?

  • Thanks. He does his own job si that can't be it. MY siritual advisor told me he likes me but being sweet and cnie isn;t the way to his heart, tlkaing about my independence is because he doesnt want to feel he has to look after me. I am fine with this, but i asked him out for a drink and he didnt reply, I wish he would just be honest because he is failing to realise that he's getting on and there are alot of guys better then him, i think hes emotionally inept... SO i guess as He isnt botheirng to talk to me anymore, he isnt interested... MAybe He was lying when he said he was falling in love with me, it was proberly just about the sex to him. nevermind! scorpio men hey

  • I see. it;s good to know now than later right?

    get on with your life and career. you'll find the man that deserves you someday.

    good luck

  • Elizabeth Taylor is a Pisces. Richard Burton was a Scorpio. They married and divorced twice. I don't know if this is a good example. I just thought it might be worth mentioning.

  • Elizabeth Taylor is a Pisces. Richard Burton was a Scorpio. They married and divorced twice. I don't know if this is a good example. I just thought it might be worth mentioning.

  • Looks like trouble is in the air with Scorpios right now! Look at the board! A lot of inquires..that means something. I would look their horoscope and check out astrology to get additional insight..they're going into HERMIT mode big time.

  • HI there, thanks for the replys! It is helpful!

    So via facebook chat last night, I got my closure..or so I think?

    we exchanged abit of how are you and all that, he said he hadn't been up to much, I said I had, so i joked that hes still boring! anyway all was ok then I was on the phone to my best friend, she is scorpio, she advises me to ask him " hey did you get my text" he says "did you text me?" I said "well who did you think it was" he said " sorry I didn;t realise" so i said, "oh right ok well i just asked if you wanted to go for a friendly drink sometime!" he said this......... "Oh right cool yh I'll have to let no cause I've jus been sortin shi* out" so I (STUPIDLY) said " ok cool let me know where you are free" he said "ok" and then he went offline......

    MY friends and family are giving me mixed opinions on what this means? I think it could be yes or no..or maybe I think hes blowing me out?! please let me know so I can sto thinking of this immature mysterious man..

    Right now im scared i look like im REALLY DESPERATE FOR HIM, or too keen that hes put off.. either way i wont contact him, unless he does.....


  • Also I have pulled the lovers in my readings before i spoke to him last night, i just did a reading, i got 4 of cups (reversed) for "what does he think of me now" and 3 of pentacles for where we are going....

  • Please get out of this relationship as fast as you can, Most of these scorpio mens likes to keep women suspended in in the air. They never close any relation. They never choose anything. They provoque things in a so unclear and nebolous way, that the other party is forced to make the choose. This gives them the impression that they are never guilty. Also they are professionnal lyers. They have a wonderful imagination concerning lies. Finally I think they have no emotionnal stability at all and are so driven furiously by there sexual pulsions and desire that they have no power of control, on that matter. I pitty them for that because it must be very painful.

    Goog luck.

    Have fun.

    Life is beautiful and worth not to be lost in painful waitings.

    Excuse my english. My main langage is french.

  • your english is better the mine it seems. Thanks so much!

  • AND I'M ENGLISH! ha ha, i am not a neat typer!

  • I agree with you dcrcjw... I never used to believe in this stuff but this reading these blogs and trouble scorpio relationships has opened my eyes... there is something going on with scorpio men at the moment and i think they should be left by us girls in their hermit mode until they themselves decide to come of their shells on their own. There is a really interesting piece of reading about scorpios in this article


  • kezza it doesn't sound that you are needy or something. a drink is a drink, doesn't mean you will go further after having a drink. if he does have the time and you both go for a drink, you can keep it casual like friends do, nothing more. so he knows that you are just friends now. if that's what you plan to do, I mean.

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