Anyone willing to do a reading please...?

  • I need some insight in past relationship, if anybody can help please.

    My birthdare 4 May 1962. His 3 July 1962.

    Any answers, good or bad would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance

  • The message I get is "he's on his way back". Don't know if this helps you tho' 🙂

  • Cris, thank you so much!!! My gut kept on telling me that he will be back, but its been sooooo long, that i started to loose faith in my inner voice. Think i am just too scared to keep on hoping...

    Thank you once again for taking the time.

    God bless

  • It amazes me so much about these, I have special abilities, but I would not say psychic, I have the ability to feel people, as far as tell if they are good people or not, and every time I am correct. It scares me for I don't like to judge people, but if the aura is not good, I have to tell my friends.

  • Glad to help dvdm. Was a bit worried about posting something SO direct and short, but that's what I got! Not sure of timeline either; I don't always get clear pictures of time spans - sometimes a number will appear to me, but not whether it's hours, days, months of years as such.

    Still, glad to be of some help to you. Good luck!



    you don't have to tell your friends every time you sense someone is not "good" or having your friends' best interests at heart. If your gut says to hold back that information, hold back, as that just might be a path your friend/s need to tread: learning how to judge people for themselves, and/or correcting karma with that particular not-so-good person. Bet you've had a few of them yell at you because you said what you thought? That's okay too! Just learn to listen to what your gut says; it's obviously steering you very well indeed. Just don't feel that you have to tell someone very time they are about to embark on something with another whom you feel strongly is "bad". Just be there for them


  • i would like some insight about my health and if my husband is my soulmate?my b-day is june2, 1972 his is oct.13,1969 . thank you for your time

  • Hi Cris1962,

    How are you doing?

    I've been reading a bit on here and am amazed at the insight you have. I was wondering if you would try and see if you have any more info for me.

    Anybody else that has physic abilities or can do readings, i would like you to respond too.

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