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  • Can any one read this chart for me. It was made in 1972, and I just found it recently, I can also say I really never understood it. Would It indicate anything about my life now? I have posted here many times and I have had such interesting responses to my problems , wonderful and intelligent people here I appreciate you all. especially addRn. , firefly, and lovinmylife. I know there,s many more of you just can,t remember all names. ... Leonida

  • sorry I guess the chart did not get posted properly so... I shall try again

    Sun16..deg..21min...of Aquarius .... 6

    Ascendent....6..deg..29..min ..of ..Virgo.. in house 1

    Moon..0..deg..42..min..of ....6 ..5

    Venus....5...deg..48..min..of ..6 11 10

    Uranus...0..deg...46...min..of 10



  • I am going to give you what I can to the best of my knowledge about astology tommarow as there will be alot of info and its getting close to bed time for me....I will tell you this though with that pices moon and venus in pisces I can see why you are so drawn to that cancer man of yours! lol I will give you an overview tommarow. Goodnight dear Leonida.

  • Oops! I just realized under SOULMATE that your man is a taurus...He has cancer tendencies did you realize that? I guess I have cancer men on the brain again sorry. Do you know what his moon sign or venus or mars? that helps when trying to determine strong and weak points. I think you are wanting to understand his place in your life am I right? And you want to know a little somethin about yourself as well correct?

  • Hi,lovinmylife, Yes he is a Taurus ,& he still has me confused yet it can be adventures.. you know like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get..LOL. I do not know any of his Astrology info except birthday May 6th 1946.As for my chart I was born Feb. 5th 1943, at appr.

    7:15 P.M. What ever you can see and or feel I will find interesting, no rush just whenever you have time. I know you have a lot on your plate with three children and all the other things you are dealing with. So Thanking you in advance ... LEONIDA

  • First of all I coulndt help but to notice all those planets in the 6th house. This is the house of service so no doubt that you find yourself often giving and have had a difficult time setting boundaries with a certain someone you love? you will know when you have spent too much of yourself because you will feel physically ill. Watch your health and be careful to not give to mush of yourself even though you probably get some enjoyment from taking care of others.

    virgo in the 1st house means you are probably a good looking woman and care about your appearences. You have nervous energy which you keep under tight wraps and worry too much. You nit pick yourself and people are probably actually quite fond of you so its not necessary to be so hard on yourself. you can also be shy at times but you have unique charm that draws people too you. and once you feel comfortable enough you let it all fly out!!!

    Neptune in your second house makes you a little absent minded yet also artistic and dreamy. You probably forget little things from time to time like taking the clothes out of the dryer because you are imaging a wonderful world thats only yours.

    With Mars in the fifth house I think you are probably a very good lover and well frankly you want to take your lover to bed when YOU want to take him to bed! When you want it there is just no stopping you, you lil devil!

    Also you have mercury in the same house so nothing turns you on more than those sweet nothings being whispered in your ear. The trick to this is you are not stimulated unless you meet someone on a more mental level then a physical one. You are way more intrested in how your partner communicates with you, if you get a good feeling from someone and they can talk to you then a very lucky man he will be! You are very romantic.

    You are very organized although a bit lazy at times and you get along well with co workers. I also get the impression that sometimes you feel you have to work for love. You also can get pleasure out of this work if you feel you have made someone special happy. And why wouldnt he be?

    You are self reliant and have a fierce independent streak which can confuse you at times because you are such a good caretaker. You have to find a balance between helping others and having time for yourself if you havent already. You have been very sucessful with your career at times but have also had your share of ups and downs. You are a very creative thinker and people come to you often to help them get a diffrent perspective.

    You are very popular but risk having parasitic types in your life and I am imagining you already know who those people are. I will say it again keep your boundries in check but continue serving others in a healthy way because you do enjoy that part of your personality and others appreciate this about you too. make sure you have people in your life that are happy to care for you too and dont let that independent streak stop them either. Let them you are not one to take advantage.

    You are very loyal to those that you care about and people really do depend on you for strength. You bring change for the better no matter what you do and dont doubt this for a minute thats why you have so many people in your life that want to be close to you.

    You really do have a creative streak and when not used you feel bogged down and more than likely depressed. You also like to have fun and thats not limited to a couple of drinks and some really silly things that you say at times.

    Am I right so far? I have to stop for now I am getting sleepy I will keep going when I get a chance. Let me know if I am close or if I am way off base okay?

  • Good morning , loveinmylife, yes you are very close in all aspects of your reading, My life has of ten had turmoil, and I think a lot of it is due to being too soft and trusting, I am learning to not be so sensitive to others and pulling back when I see trouble coming. this is different for me as I used to stress myself to the point of illness, I am doing much better about that now. I am not a perfectionist but I get things done.I do Art , Poetry & Lyrics.. I do have a problem when it comes to my children, I raised them as a single Mom and we where very close ,2 are musicians 1 is a physics engineer & only one lives not far from me the other 2 live abroad. The one living near me is Aquarius like me&has had a lot of problems in his marriage, He does not tell me but I can hear it & feel it in his voice, along with my new relationship I have huge concerns about my son, this is an area I find so difficult to deal with... YOU SEE ... his pain is truly my pain and i try not to influence his decision but it is so obvious to me that he is beating his head against a brick wall, and all I can see is myself and my mistakes, He is in his late 40,s and was married 7 yrs ago. She is 16 yrs his junior and she is almost cruel to him. He has been a professional Entertainer and I am watching him go down hill in every aspect. His 2 brothers do not live here and they say he needs to fight back. & I am waiting for that to happen, my fear is he will breakdown & I really don,t know what to say and do as a Mother & Mother -law I have tried to mind my own business but I just find it so stressful after at least 5 yrs of this, I know you are very wise & thoughtful. any comments would be appreciated.... Leonida

  • loveinmylife, OH yes there,s more she has now become a professional, singer songwriter which he was her partner , she has replaced him in her band she does exactly what she wants. He opened all the doors for her he spent 8yrs getting her where she is at,,not only do I see his marriage going down the drain but I also see and watch her destroying his confidence ,his career , his health.And YES I am Choking on it. Like I said his pain is my pain. I,ts like it never ends I can finally handle my own ups & downs but this is sometimes more than I can take.,especially when I just have to sit back and wait for the total collapse.I know that I sound very negative here but believe me I,m only telling the half and I am very very disappointed in her.,She comes from a lovely family and was very catered to and spoiled, He got where he is by working hard and alway,s puting his heart and soul into what ever he was doing. He was doing very well, and he was well known in Canada,U.S.A., & Europe. Like I said he put all his eggs in one basket and now they are all scrambled. I am his Mother and I am broken hearted over all of this . I certainly am finding it very hard to like anything about her., But I know until he makes some decision I must be careful and perhaps just express here . So thank you for listening Leonida

  • I dont think you are being negative about this situation you are seeing things for what they are and its scaring the heck out of you. Your daughter in law sounds like a monster and that is a mothers worst nightmare. I have 2 sons and they are still really little so its hard to imagine. I got a long really well with my ex in laws and they still treat me like im theirs. While I feel really bad for your situation I have had no experience in dealing with least not yet. I think that you are doing the right thing though by staying out of it because your son is a grown man and he has to make his own choices. I think your other sons are right that he doesnt stick up for himself. I think besides being in pain over watching someone hurt your son you are seeing him respond in the same ways you have in past relationships. How long did it take you to start changing these things about yourself? Do you have the kind of relationship with him that you can just let him know that you are concerned without overstepping your boundries? I am thinking there is a way you can at least talk to him and carefully express your concerns. You dont have to be fake nice to his wife either. You do not have to confront her but you dont have to pretend that you are okay with how she is treating him either. If you are anything like me you probably carry around your burdens and others burdens then one day they say that one wrong thing and BOOM! That isnt really healthy either I suppose. I dont know I saw a real close friend of mine being controlled by a girlfriend and she kept him away from all who loved him and slowly destroyed his spirit. i found a good local psychic to stop her from damaging him any more. I spent a lot of time praying for him and meditating positive energy back into his life. I saw her for what she was from the very begining manipulative and evil. I told him exactly what I thought about her and he was mad at me at first and wouldnt talk to me because she wouldnt allow him too after I confronted him about being with her. I also let her know that I did not like her or appreciate what she was doing to my friend. No one else would say anything and that baffled me. After a couple years of this her true nasy colors came out and she actually became physically abusive because he was getting stronger through my prayers and stopped sacrificing himself for her happiness. After that he left her and came straight to me because he knew I cared enough to speak up. He was ashamed and I forgave him and showed him that I still cared very much and wasnt angry with him. I was proud of him for getting strong enough to get away from her. Prayer is always a good place to start.

  • Hi loveinmylife, again thank you for j, ust responding

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