Sag girl Cancer man-need advice

  • So I met this cancer guy after a night out but how we met wasnt the usual pulling style. He was actually persuing another female and I don't know how but we started talking. so anyway, time went on and we spoke and both realised that we started to like each other etc. so we met, did the dating thing for a while etc. At time he said I was a bit standoffish with him (due to past experiences of being hurt I was only protecting myself) but he knew I like him. At time I felt like he was hot and cold. One minute he was here, the next minute he wasnt. Now because I'm kinda laid back and my mind set was que sera sera, I didn't really talk to him about his temprement. So anyway, at times I was like I don;t even like this guy that much, but god let a day or even couple hours go by without any communication from him and watch me freak! Crazy I know. So anyway, I thought we were on the same page in terms of working towards something or seeing each. I'd realised that it would take a while cos we are both private people, both being hurt and both find it hard to let people in. Turns out, we wasn't on the same page. The other day he turns around to tell me we are friends-PARDON?? I thought he did this because he was going on holiday and probably thinks I'm going to do something with another guy so is just saving himself the hassle of finding out I was seeing someone when he was away. Or maybe, I read to deep into it and that's all he wanted from the begininng.

    Has he done this to test me? or is it what he really wants?

  • Your thinking to deeply into this situation. People are people and regardless of their sign all people have hidden agenda's. I would come right out and ask this person to lay their cards on the table, but then again I'm a Gemini.

  • Wow, the same thing happened to me. I spent all this time with a cancer, including some intimate time, and then he turns around and says 'we're platonic'. He is keeping you at a distance because he doesn't want a relationship. Maybe not ever, but for sure not right now. You should talk to him and ask him what he wants. Usually cancers are very blunt when you ask them bluntly. A lot of people on this forum have done this, and the range of answers goes from "i'm not ready for a relationship" to "i really like you, but lets just be friends for now" to "no i love you omg stay with me forever".

    So...yah. Talk to him and see what he says. Just be prepared for total lunacy.

  • OOoooooh Cancer and Sag VOLITILE mix. Sag's can't hang with a Cancer they are to wishy washy and clingy, and Cancer men sometimes do pitty party feel sorry for me and pay attention to me all the time things.

    Cancer ex here I am also a Sag. He couldn't stand that I had my own life or my own friends. I was also stand offish because of the same issues. He continued to harp on me about being together finally I said cool. We were together for 3 months...3 months of hell. He tried his best to bring me down, ri-p me apart and he lied to me constantly. Then he would just dissappear.

    to me if your in a relationship you own up to your responsibilities..every Cancer I ahve EVER met can't do that. They always have to blame someone else for the mistakes or their own reaction. I have known quite a few Cancers and they are whack fooey folk.

    You have to go with your experience but it sounded like he was leading you on and when you finally didn't do what he wanted he kicked it to the curb to make you neg after him. My advice? If you truly liek this man and hang with his tantrums and his aloof and possibly disapearing acts..don't contact him. ket him come to you. contuinue to date and talk to whom ever you like. make him earn your trust nad make him come after you. Your wortht he effort he should be giving. 🙂

  • Exactly like my cancer guy. He was a gambler and when we broke off he told everybody that I got him into gambling when in fact I got him out of debt and then he spits me out, Now I find out that he is going to thailand....... with whose money LMAO. I moved in with him for 6 weeks and then he tells me he doesnt love me and to move out. After what I did for him he treats me this way. He Stay in THAILAND FOR ALL I CARE. LOSER.

  • Thanks for all your adivce guys but I'm just going to let it be, like I'm not going to bother. Since I broke up with my ex who was a gemini-CREEP! I vowed to adopt a take it easy attitude and not care so much because its only me getting stressed at the end of the day. After all I think that too much thinking isn't healthy because you start to over analyse things which might not be so good. I'll tell you the most recent 'activity' remember he said we're friends well he was saying things last night that friends wouldnt usually say. For a minute I was like awwww, I could easily love this guy, he's a sweetheart! at the same time I was like 'hold on a minute-we're friends though. He's wierd...but sexy as hell!...Anyway, que sera sera

  • The blanked out words are 5exy as he11...didn't know they did that on here.

  • I agree best to leave it be. ARGH GEMINI"S! I have my own interest in a Gem he is a silly little turd but I love him nonetheless 🙂

    Yeah...Sag's...we over analyze EVERYTHING freakin' thing lol We can't help it. Sag's are prone to weakness' of romance -_- 😛 lol Damn romantic boys and their turbish ways shakes fist teehee.

  • I know, it's crazy! I said something to him the other day looking for a diff response to what I got! Obv I wasn't happy with the response I got, I thought he was being insensitive/cheeky/rude! So I told my friend and she tried to explain that its not what I think it is! Oh I don't know, this man-woman relationship thing is over rated! lol!

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