Pisces/Tauras/Gemini -- What am I ???

  • I'm a female with my sun in pisces, moon in tauras and the rising in gemini. It couldn't be more confusing and complicated with three different elements ruling my natal chart!! Can someone please give me an insight into how to interpret the same? I don't know what I am most of the times...Need help!!

  • You are all three; no need to choose. The typical way it works is that you would consider yourself your Sun Sign of Pisces. When learning about yourself more in depth, your Moon and Rising play a big part. Read up on all of them if you want. You'll see where each of them fit.

    I'm an Aquarian with Capricorn Rising and Moon in Sagittarius. If asked what my sign is, I say"Aquarius" because that is my Sun Sign (the most commonly used in Astrology). Most folks don't go past their Sun Sign. I have found over the years tho', that if you only stick with the Sun's influence, you won't fully relate to all of the description for that sign. The other two (Rising and Moon) play really important roles in a person's personality.

  • Thx oldernwiser!! That did help...So i'm gonna have to read up all three signs to be able to comprehend why am i the way i am...

  • I had the same delimma but have adopted my rising sign as my main sign. My sun is on a cusp so is my moon, making them rather wishy washy and weak. The only sign that made sense was my rising so I'm a Libran simple as that. Simple is good it keeps things in perspective. But choosing my rising over my sun wasn't easy. I hadda dip back and forth about my traits at every angle to come to that conclusion haha just like a real Libra xd and my mind hurts when it does that but then I sleep it off and feel recharged once energy has restored 🙂

  • When is your b'day? Pizefrom

  • That;d usually hoe we derermine exactly what sign you are.

  • Hi well your rising sign is your 'higher self' it is the image your portray to the world..so on first impression you appear as a gemini have a duality in you that is pry evident not onlya s a pisces but showing it to strangers or those closets to you..your moon sign is your emotional nature..how you feel the world..so as a moon sign taurus, you are lucky to have this for a pisces..it grounds your emotions..you are pry very domesticated or home body both as a fish and moon sign , as your sun sign goes, well this is your ego..how you strut or show your 'soul' to the world..so as a pisces it makes you very fluid, dreamy, imaginative, and compassionate etc..so you are indeed all 3 and more as well..but hope this helped 🙂

  • Hey astrodame!

    I am a Gemini with a Pisces moon and Sagittarius rising.

    I look at this way:

    Your Sun sign is your personality. It is how you think and relate, it is your inner self. Your inner self is then accompanied by your moon and your rising. Your moon is kind of like your emotions, how you love and feel. Your rising is how you appear to be, it is your "attractor" it is what attracts people to you and what keeps away people whom you don't want to attract. By reading up on them more and understanding all three you really do get an in depth look at you. Once you understand these, then I suggest tackling your chart. Your chart is essentially a snap shot of where all the plants were on the day and time you were born. Each planet actually impacts who you are, and so it ends up that you become so much more than just your sun sign. What is so cool about this is it explains how each of us are different and how no two people are the same.

    take your time and understand and do not think twice about asking questions, this is the place to do it, so keep em coming 😉

    PS gorgeoustaurus makes good points too

  • OMG I did not knothat my spelling was so bad. That's a mistake on my spelling. SORRY...

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