He forgot i was there......

  • Okay so I was eating lunch with my really good friend troy that I like as more than a friend and his friend chantel was there and befor I knew it he said "why are you here" that made me cry..... We made up eventually but I still wanna cry what should i do?

  • aww sweetie im sorry

    well if u havent talked to him about how bad that made u feel adn howRUDE that was u should do that

    i also think u might want to take a break if ur with him all the time to regroup and reconsider

    hope everything gets better for you


  • Hello Vlaakith,

    That is so horrible! Troy is not a friend, friends don't try to hurt you. I bet if you stopped talking to him (calling, text, e-mail, etc.), he won't call you back. Don't chase him, leave him alone and find people that are worthy being your friend and vice versa.

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