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  • i need someones perspective on whats going to happen with my love life and if you see a baby in the very very near future. i know giving too much information can block a psychics visions so if you can please give me your input :]

  • I see two men on your horizon; one whom you know casually and the other is on his way 🙂 The one you know already is one you don't feel romantically about, but have a fine connectiion in every other way. The one on his way is going to propose a choice for you: stay with the familiar and reliable or go with the unknown and exciting one. As to what you'll choose, one of these men will not want children (can't see which one though) and that will make your choice. Although, I'm getting that Mr Excitement loves kids to pieces and actually works with them, so time will tell.

    Don't limit yourself to biological children only: that's a message I'm getting loud and clear here. I feel you have some sort of issue reproductively and it's been a very difficult road for you as you dearly want your own child. Have you been seeking medical attentiion about this? I just seem to be getting the words "irregularity" and "blockage".

    If it appears you may not be able to have your own children, please do consider fostering, borrowing (I know how that sounds, but "aunties" have just as important role to play in a child's life) or even adopting.

    I see one child, followed quite some time afterewards by two more. But they don't give me a biological energy as such. Maybe something may happen in your family or close friend circle whereby you take on someone else's children?

    Remember this always my friend: children are everyone's responsibility and if one is able to open their homes to a child who is not biologically theirs or even related to them, then you should so so. These children do become like your own. My 18 year old foster boy is my son irrespective of blood relationship and I am as proud of him as I am of my 15 year old biological daughter.

    I hope this helps some. Please let me know if I hit the nail on the head or missed altogether 🙂

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