PLEASE, your insight would be much appreciated!!!

  • As suggested by firefly01, I've gone ahead and picked out 5 more cards to complete a celtic love spread.... (all cards were in upright position)

    The first card, ACE OF CUPS

    the second card, THE SUN

    the third card, 4 OF COINS

    the fourth card, PAGE OF COINS

    the fifth card, DEATH

    My original question and cards were: if my spaniard and I would make a love connection soon

    cards: (all were in upright position)

    1 present seven of swords

    2 past page of coins

    3 future two of cups

    4 reason behind question six of wands

    5 potential outcome knight of coins

    I thought I understood, but now Im more confused than before lol but Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu a million to all who take the time to reply!!!!

  • Dear Marsm,

    I see your predicament now. Yes, you will make a connection but it will not turn out the way you hoped. He still has an ulterior motive.

    If you want to have a fling, be cautious. Do not expect him to BE in love, even though he acts and says all the (seemingly) right things. He's moving fairly slowly, to be sure. But I don't have a good feeling about this guy.

  • thanx for the tip firefly01! I didnt think anyone was going to respond lol.... ill be on guard, but still hope for the best.

  • wait, what are the positions for the new cards you put out??

  • Hi MariaRia,

    well firefly01 explained it this way...

    You have dealt the beginning 5 cards of a classic Celtic spread. To get additional insight, randomly choose 5 more cards to the vertical right of your spread. The first card will represent your issues, the second card represents what others see and feel, the third shows what must happen before the outcome, which makes it the final outcome....

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