Cancers aren't complicated

  • Ladies PLEASE STOP BABYING THESE CANCERS! They are sensitive emotional, moody, and slow to trust. But they are MEN they will use their sensitive nature to confuse us and manipulate us if we let them. The end result is they treat us as bad as any gem, sag or leo but we feel sorry for them!

    After a few months a man knows exactly where you fit in his life. If he refuses to tell you, it can't be good. Make the cancers handle bussiness or step aside LIKE EVERYONE ELESE. There comes a time when we have to stand for something or fall for anything


    I love cancers, I believe they feel terible about the games they play, and taking advantage of us, but just like the other 12 signs they can't help but try to get something without giving anything.

  • Ah, Ms Gemini you have nailed us Cancerians, both male & female! We never consciously put people to the test, but still we do it 🙂 Our trust issues are many and varied, due to past hurts, so we do need tender loving care, tolerance and IMMENSE patience. Yet, we are strong as oxes, independent (but not always in the traditional sense of independence), and like to maintain our individuality. We can be covert, secretive and almost downright sneaky when it suits us. We are able to live double lives if we have to or choose to, so I guess we'd probably make excellent Don Juans ... or Bill Clintons ... or whichever ... both male or female too 🙂

    We have fragile egos which constantly need stroking, yet on the other side of the double-edged sword that is all things Cancer, we often find a way to stroke our own, remaining aloof to others who wish to pump us up, so to speak.

    We're probably as complex as you Gemini's are touted to be if truth be told! My duaghter's a Gemini and 99% of the time, we get on like a house on fire and I find her changeability endearing and am able to let it run off my back most of the time along with her outright nastiness which lucky for me, I ain't the recipient of too often - otherwise I'd go away and cwy ... 😞

    You're right too about feeling terrible about the games we play. This is not done on a conscious level, as said above, but seems to be something which comes naturally and often to our detriment. We don't like dishonesty, but will be if the situation calls for it. We're the masters of excuses, the best concocters and tellers of "stories" and fantabulous joke relaters also (if we remember the punch line, or don't fall over laughing uproariously before we get to it).

    We are slow movers, tenacious, we procrastinate, love retreating when fings are mean ... 🙂 are probably the most infuriating sign in the zodiac, yet it seems, the most loved and revered.

    I find I am fascinated by Gemini's (have a few in my life at the moment), find Librans a challenge, though a bit cold sometimes, seem to fit well with Virgo's, but find their constant complaining and nit-picking annoying if not downright hurtful and am drawn to Sag's too, even though they can be so damned BLUNT. Aquarians leave me cold a bit - they come across as lovely, sweet, etc, then seem to just ... fizzle for me. Scorpios should resonate with a crab well, but the three I've known in my life, well, they just seemed a little bit too crazy for my liking. As to Pisces, well I've again known three in my life well. All have been the life of the party, but someone who I've resonated with straight off. One was an 8 year old boy, the other a girl my age and the other a younger fellow who I've known for about three years. There's a connection for me with each of these people, even if I don't see them often.

    Yes, Cancers are a fascinating bunch. Even though we try so damned hard to be reliable, we often fail and it really does rankle with us. We want to look after each and every person who is nice to us and run out of emotional steam as we just can't be all things to everyone, much as we'd like to be.

    Anyhoo, I'm just gonna go off and close me shell for the remainder of the day as I've been SO exposed here, I just can't cope ... 🙂

    Have you heard about those two jobs yet?

    Talk to you again Ms Sexygem! Just love you Gemini's ... :))))

  • I agree with you both! I think geminis and cancers can understand each other very very well. I have a gem moon myself and I understand the moodiness and I have noticed that people with strong gemini or cancer energy all seem to think that jokes having to do with body parts or body functions are hilarious. It makes me laugh just thinking about it. Astrologers somehow missed that on the compatibility grids. Similar moods, similar humor what more do you need? I get along fabulously with both male and female cancers alike! ( :

  • It's amazing the connection Cancerians can strike with Gemini's; astrologically (at least to my limited knowledge) they're complete opposites, but those Gems I know are gems indeed! Except for one, but he has ISSUES and loads of 'em. Yeah, body part jokes make me laugh out loud, but the thing which gets me going the most is observational humour and the sort of humour John Cleese turns out - who couldn't wet themselves at his silly walks? Or Rowan Atkinson's facial expressions for heaven's sake?? Now that sorta humour makes me laugh so hard I end up in pain! We have a comic over here called Carl Baron who is an observational humourist and I tell ya, I watch that guy and die laughing every time. He is, to me, one of the funniest people I've ever watched.

    Yeah I agree lovin, the astrologers got the compatability thing wrong with Gems and Cancers I reckon! So you're a Gem yourself, eh? There ya go!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo

  • OMG thank you chris you are the first cancer who has answered any of my questions straight up no chaser I LOVE IT!!! I love cancers, I just wish some of these ladies would understand sensitive is not the same thing as fragile. Because cancers more then any other sign can stand all alone on their own. No matter how much pain they've experienced they are capable of solitude that many others fail to comprehend. They don't need to be rescued they are looking for a special undefinable soul connection and love the search where ever it may lead. too bad hearts are broken along the way.

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  • oh yes and as for the promotion i didn't get it, I was crushed but only for a day, I figured I should just go back to school and become a RN. and happily found out that I only need 3 more classed to complete the pre reqs. Can't cry about spilt milk, the world doesn't stop movin forward neither can I. Thank you for asking that was sooo sweet and considerate, that's why we fall so hard for you guys!

  • Ah, thought so sexygem. In my recent answer to your original post about this promotion I could see two paths: one where you'd get it but end up unhappy, or wouldn't get it at all. I think this may be a message to you to continue being a "doer" rather than a delegator as that is where you shine the brightest. And you can make changes in that sphere. My mother in law is one who has nursed for years as an EN, regrets not going for her RN's, but she is known here as one of the best nurses and one whom the higher ups consult about certain issues. So, there's still a chance you can influence your workplace; it just depends how you choose to do it. Good luck.

    So glad you enjoyed my "missive" about all things Cancer! We are a very complex bunch and you're so right about looking for that soul connection. It seems to be the driving force behind our relationship success/failure and could also explain why so many Cancers end up alone in their twilight years. Ah well.

    And sorry keldjoran ... didn't mean to weveal our secwet ... 🙂

  • this says it all "Because cancers more then any other sign can stand all alone on their own. No matter how much pain they've experienced they are capable of solitude that many others fail to comprehend. They don't need to be rescued they are looking for a special undefinable soul connection and love the search where ever it may lead. too bad hearts are broken along the way."

    That is us!! I don't know how we bear such solitude and pain? Honestly I can be alone for days and never feel lonely! It's like my own thoughts and imaginations are completely entertaining and provoking. HAHA I also make myself laugh all the time! Even in the darkest hours I can laugh or cheer myself up. But when we hit a depression we hit it hard and deep, luckily our moods change so quickly we can quickly pull ourselves out of it.

  • Yeah - I'd be interested to know how highly Cancerians rate in the suicide stakes 🙂 My moods go up and down - especially lately - and I just want to sit in a corner and cry and have no-one, absolutely NO-ONE ask me what's wrong unless I'm in the mood to tell 'em ... but gotta be in the mood 🙂

  • Hi Cris! You sound just like the cancers I know. Tee hee hee.

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  • I just want to vent, I am tired of everyone painting cancers out to be particularly difficult to deal with, men are tricky all signs, we have to protect ourselves and our feelings, we can't blame astrology, or expect anyone to take care of our heart, that is our job. If we do not honor respect, trust, love, support and nurture ourselves how can we expect man (even a sweet, seemingly harmles cancer) to love, honor, nuture, or support us.

    It starts with you learning to love yourself, is trully the greatest love of all. We should all work on it.

  • I completely understand the "your just supposed to know why they are upset" - i get it all the time... But why doesn't he get when I am upset 🙂 Funny thing hey.... Im not sure about cancers not being complicated - I think people in general are complicated.... But that is my opinion... I do know they are very sensitive.... Some of our biggest well our first big fight has been about him being his sensitive cancer self and me buldozing him with my capricorn ways.... Never thinking that I hurt anyone most of all him (which is completely untrue) and just going along and never noticing....

    Now i am starting to take a bit more notice and understand my cancer a bit more - he really is the most sensitive person I know... Which can be both good and bad.... Always there to pick me up when i am down - but will not let me do the same for him... Although in saying that - he must be trusting me more these days cause he is going through a bad time right now and WANTS me at his side 😄 I couldn't be happier!!!!

    I really do think I have met my soulmate 🙂

  • Cris u r just like me...we cancer can go to any length for the person we love...but most of the time dnt recieve the same...i dnt think we r complicated ...its just u need to understand us...i live with a leo so u can understand my situation..

  • I agree about cancers going to any lenght for a person they love, but I think they may not realize the love they are recieveing, too busy doubting it, Sometimes it seems they don't even realize how smitten a person is with them, how much their antics, and confusion hurt and destroy the love before it has a chance to grow. I have loved my cancer almost from the day we met and have done EVERYTHING I can to make him see and believe it, I think (after 6 years) he finnally understands.

    I stand corrected, maybe you guys are a little complicated, but still fall into classic male/female behaviors and tendencies.

  • Hi Evryone! What a fantastic year! I love the forum and I find the current discussion very interesting and humorous.I have been dating a cancer for almost a year now and what an rollercoaster ride! I love my cancer and we have a magic connection from the start. The key to understanding a cancer is directly related to how desperate you! Luckily my cancer is just as desperate for me. The trick is to be honest with each other and if you care for each other you will automatically make the time and have the patience for each other even though you don't necessarily understand the other's thinking pattern, in the end, both need to be equally in love, desperate.. (whatever you wanna call it!!) for each other, and this is not to be forced! Never loose yourself respect, you will know when you cannot deal with it anymore, and he will as well. BE DIRECT LADIES!! (and thanks for the cancer replies, and gemini's I love you...)x

  • I love you to and your perspective, I agree 100% you I love your reference to being desprerate, because it is soooo on the money, and your right it has to be mutual. I also agree about keeping your self-respect. I've tried to explain on other threads that you can be kind, loving, patient, forgiving, and understanding, without making a complete fool of yourself. It is really hard for someone to love someone who is being unloving to themselves, and if it is too much for a woman to bear without going to an embarasing/humiliating extreme or making an uncomfortable situation for both parties then maybe she should consider that he is NOT her soulmate.

    Infact some of these women should consider that this guy may not even be interested, my cancer has NEVER told me that he wanted me out of his life, or to see other guys, or that he didn't like me "like that". If a man is saying these things the fact that he is a cancer doesn't negate these statements hurtful finale statments should never be ignored. My cancer and I have been thru a lot, but he has never denied his feelings for me, every time I try to leave he begs me to stay and never makes the same mistake twice. If a man won't wine and dine you, take care of you, AND step up and fight for you ,work for you, beg for you, (indierectly for cancers) then a lady should find someone better. No matter the sign.

    That's what i mean when I say cancers are not complicated, they DO make their feelings and intentions clear when it comes down to the wire. And if they love you, NO WAY will they just let you walk away.

  • Hey Sexygem! Do you ever get tired? It feels like I am bringing up 2 kids at this stage!!

  • i got sick and tired a few months ago and issued an ultimatum, since then his behavior has changed so much, that's what made me realize that cancers are different, but in the end still men, and yes having a man is like having a child, no matter the sign.

    They're needy, spoiled, clingy, messy, and if they weren't so damn cute and lovable we wouldn't want 'em

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