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  • I have had a couple of instances where I have helped people only to have them turn their backs, or try to destroy or discredit me. I know the reasons behind some of it. I have experienced alot of it. Is this pretty prevalent, or am I just nieve. If someone would do a reading, I'll try to be more specific. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't be so nice or easygoing. But that is my nature, and what I have been taught. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • Dalia,

    One of the strong feelings I have from reading your post has to do with 'telling' clients the information - in essence, telling them in a manner that indicates you know what is what, and they should simply follow your lead. Whether you feel what I've said here is accurate is up to you entirely.

    Part of the role of reading for others is that of the therapist/guide. Most people simply want the comforting knowledge that their choices matter, that their hearts' desires can be fulfilled, and a hand or little push along the way. They rarely are looking for the 'data', so to speak.

    If you feel what I've said here has merit, try softening your approach when passing on information. Use an allowing perspective, and see what happens.

    Too, if you have a subconscious fear of being 'slammed' by others, this will affect which clients come to you as well. Ask for only the clients whom you can truly help, and whose vibration is that of love, and I feel you'll see an improvement in your clientele. Ask Archangel MICHAEL to escort away any lower energies.

    If I'm way off base here, let me know. : - )



  • Hi, I don't write in expositions--just thoughts, sometimes brief on the subject. I'm not looking for clients here. Just posting my thoughts. Not trying to be a therapist or guide. Maybe the teaching or telling, as you put it, explains alot because I am a teacher. My approach is probably annoying to you because I prefer to be honest and straightforward. I have to be brief because of time, however, I could get into the subject of spiritual warfare at the present time. I feel a lot of people deal w/it and at times I am concerned about people in general.

  • Being easy-going and concerned with the well-being of others are character traits that you should be proud of and a lot more people should strive to posess, so definitely don't change that just because other people have used them against you a few times. It's sad to say, but no matter how much you try to help people or how much you care, in this materialistic, self-absorbed, dog-eat-dog world we live in nowadays, you just can't expect people to do the right thing. Don't worry... karma will catch up with them and you will be rewarded by the universe for your goodness. Were these people your friends, your co-workers, your students or just random strangers or acquaintances? I sense two possible reasons for your recurring struggle with betrayal depending on your relationship with the people involved. If these are your friends/family or co-workers who are turning on you, then you probably need to work on your approach to "helping" them. I put that into quotations because it's possible that even though you thought you were helping them that they didn't see it the same way, especially if they didn't ask for your assistance or input and felt you were forcing it on them. You have a keen ability to sense what other people are feeling and you genuinely care about humanity so you enjoy helping them, and although problem-solving comes instinctually & you are usually spot-on about what they need & how to help them, your strong will, abrupt manner & blunt boldness can come across as pushy & controlling. Check out the inner reflections report to get a better idea of how other people see you and what you need to work on to get the results you are truly aiming for.

    On the other hand, if the people you keep encountering are strangers/people you barely know, you may need to check and find out if there is anything you are unconsciously doing to attract this bad karma. Make sure your intentions for helping others are genuine and come from a higher power and not as a means of self-promotion or to make yourself look better. Read the personal safety report to get a better idea of self-destructive behavior patterns that could be making you a marked target for sabotage.

    Other than that, just become more aware of your surroundings, trust your intuition and be slightly more cautious of who you become involved with and hopefully you will be able to detect & stop those with ill-will before they have the opportunity turn on you.

    Hope that helps!

  • Hi Miche, Good to hear from you. I call my friends Miche (Me Che), hope that's not a bad word in a different language! My father told me once that I was ok but my friends would one day get me in trouble. I am drawn to expressive people. Actually, I am a quiet person. I married in my early twenties and moved across country, around his family. He drank. He had 9 brothers and they all drank. He became a full-blown alcoholic. He had other problems also. I had a horrific time w/him and I am lucky I'm still alive, literally. I left him, moved 50 miles away and went to college. After, I worked as a womens advocate at a local shelter and at an attorney's office. I definitely have certain opinions regarding relationships. Anyway, I worked for awhile then moved back where I am from.

    Women can be viewed as vulnerable for a number of reasons. We think maternally. We think we can make things better or eventually people will change. A lot of the time, that simply is not the case. I feel I have lived a lot of life.

    There is a whole litany of instances I could go into. I went to a psychologist and he thought that some people are very threatened by me. Especially if they are trying to get a promotion, etc. Maybe I am not talking about anything new. But I see the problems of mankind getting worse and I wonder how different people have handled adversity and maybe have made significant changes in their lives. I would like to hear from them. Thanks for responding to my post. Have you met adversity and how did you change that.

  • Dalia,

    Let's start over. : )

    You've helped people, and they've turned their backs. May I know a bit more about this?



  • When I originally posted this, something happened that made me question someone--why they did what they did. Then as a couple people posted I realized what I really needed was to hear how anybody has dealt w/adversity. I like to hear stories, testimonials etc. At this time I really don't want to go into the specific situation. I did talk to a psychologist about it a while back and he seems to think that this person is just plain ol jealous. But, that can be a problem--you know.

  • you sound like me. i am always giving and being a good friend and then getting stabbed in the bad. But your good karma will come back to you eventually even if it takes years. and they will get there's. I have soooo many stories (too long to type) of how I just put it in God's hands and did nothing and just watched God's justice. It can be very hard to handle until you see it turn around. i know. But if you make sure your heart is right it will turn around.

  • The most difficult thing is unconditional love>>>Most us us refer to it as unconditional for a reason>>>We have been blessed by the creator to have free will>>> but sometimes this is like bumper boats when we all try to get to the finish line at the same time>>>we unconsciously ( and many times consciously) Step on each others toes>>>The goal in life is not to "solve" our problems with others or ourselves>>It is more like surviving through them without becoming -Bitter-No matter what someone does or says it is your responsibility to the creator to do by them honestly and give back only kindness>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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