Need insight-how to find new partner who seems just beyond my reach

  • Hi,

    I've recently done a lot of emotional cleansing & let go of past hurts/ disappointments from relationships both romantic & others. I look forward to a new man in my life. I feel as if he's just beyond my reach- as if he's in the middle of a maze & I can't find a way to him. Any insight as to my next move?

  • Namaste, Amused. I am being guided to offer you the following messages:

    You are being guided to a place of wholeness and connection to Spirit by being reminded of the sacredness of prayer. Prayer is a conversation with the divine energies of the universe with the understanding that, in order to realize our wants and needs, all we need to do is harness these divine energies in honor of our innate connection to Spirit.

    Magic is the ability to communicate our needs and to channel our purpose by sitting in the Silence, ceasing chatter and reconnecting to the universe. It is to seek the assistance of Great Mystery and to delve into the Void for answers - to call to spirit and ask for help.

    Prayer offers us a chance to talk to spirit, while magic represents the results that come when we demonstrate perpetual faith in the power of prayer.

    Honor your innate ability to create magic by praying with reverent appreciation of spirit, and in gratitude for the very life that you are.

    Ask for the best way to personally honor the ways of Spirit, through what you are requesting. Seek blessing for those close to your heart, and then spend a little time in silence to honor the Sacred.

    In love and light love and light love and light,


  • Ahliyah,

    Thank you for your thoughtful insight into my current challenge. I will spend more time in prayer & quiet contemplation.


  • 🙂

    You're most welcome.

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