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  • Boyfriend of 22 years and father of my kids walked out on us a few months ago. He left me with all the bills and I dont make enough to pay for them all. Im scared that i will lose everything i have worked for. Things seem to be getting worst. Is there hope or should i just give up. I also have a pregnant 17 year old daughter that is due in January. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!

  • First of all, there is always hope.

    Your daughter will probably qualify for welfare and food stamps to feed the baby.

    Men who refuse to marry the mother of their children do not hold much regard in my eyes. He walked out on you because he is selfish. Many men prey on women who seem needy for help, using them as a means to satisfy their own self-centered needs.

    As long as credit cards are in his name only, he is responsible for his own debts. If he used your credit cards, then you are responsible. I had the same thing happen to me, too. It can be a devastating blow, and apparently, he is counting on this to get you to the place where you will agree to anything he suggests.

    Depending what state you live in, you have options. Contact a lawyer for a free consultation to find out how you can find the help you need and kiss the bugger goodbye for good. It is the only way to finding yourself and creating a better future for you and your family.

  • If he is the biological father of your children, you can still demand that he pay child support even if you were not married, in many states. What state are you in?

    He doesn't seem to realize or care what kind of terrible karma he is creating for himself.

  • we tried to get help for my daughter but since she is only 17 years old they go by income and i make too much,and about my credit cards they were all in my name so he is not responsible for them. Im sure ill get through this but im just tired and exhausted worring about all of this

  • i know sometimes i wonder if he will get his but then i scare myself thinking my bad wishes on him will come back and bite me

  • Hi Ginia,

    Have you looked into programs like WIC? My sister is now a single mom, with a good job. She has been on WIC since she became pregnant. WIC is not an income based program like food stamps. It will help with food and nutrition for your daughter and her child.

  • Namaste Ginia,

    I am being guided to offer you the following message:

    You are being asked to recognize your self as a spiritual being. As such, we inherently know the answers to all of our questions, with the knowledge we seek stored deep within our consciousness. We must embrace the inner journey to the core of our deepest self.

    Hidden within your consciousness is a quest for ancient knowledge and spiritual awakening, and this is a sacred journey that is unique for everyone. It is an experience that supports the individual needs and requirements of all people.

    Rest assured that you inherently know the answers to your questions. Now is the time to start taking notice of your inner self, your innate connection to all the information of the Universe. Stop looking to others for corroboration, advice or wisdom. Take responsibility for your own life, your own path, and your own destiny by listening to your heart of hearts.

    You must start your own journey. This is a quest that will unlock the answers you seek from a place hidden deep within your essence. The journey must begin today.

    Through this, your potential for growth and transformation strengthens and your sense of self escalates. You must first take responsibility for your own healing, and trust that all will evolve as it is supposed to.

    Blessings of great peace, healing and love,


  • I'm sorry for your situation. First, if you have credit cards or a mortgage you need to call them and work something out. Believe me that's all they've been doing these days with everyone. Is your daughter working? Do you belong to a local church or religious group? If so, please contact them and see what programs they may offer as well. Just start there to take first steps. After that you may need to contact your state employment office. They many times have programs for assissting people to get training for better jobs, they may offer testing, and they may have resource materials, people to talk to such as career counselors who are also trained to help you with your personal affairs somewhat too, and all this is NO CHARGE! You need to look after yourself. You sound like a strong person. Say good riddance to your ex, care for yourself as much as others and make sure your daughter plays her part in being responsible. I wish you luck and keep us posted.

  • how do i do that? can you help? I had this weird dream about numbers the other night and the number 9 was missing. They told me to put the cards in order from smallest to largest and vis versa and everytime i couldnt because there was no 9. does that mean anything?

  • I'm thinking it means that it's telling you to take things one step at a time to put your affairs in order but that there's something right there that you are not seeing. I'm not a numerologist and perhaps the #9 has meaning (why wasn't it a 5 or 8?) but I've studied dreams for a bit and they usually are symbolic in their meaning and actually mean something very simple such as the above "you are missing something" that really will help you to get your affairs "in order" if you just take things step by step. I had an intuition in the first response to you that you just need to take things one or two steps at a time and that will build upon what you just did before and you will work your way out of this. That's why I suggested you just do those first two things first to see what happens there, then tackle the next one or two things that come up. You will see your way through this I feel! I sense you are smart and a quick learner just not giving yourself the opportunity for more growth. Go get 'em girl! This could be an opportunity hidden in a cloud!

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