Need help from all in this long lost found love and the lost again.

  • He was my first husband 23 years ago. the wave in the mariage was always active due to jelousy and lack of will--too young?-- He kept calling once a mounth for 8 years to find out if I was going to divorce my second husband. 8 years more pass with out communication because I moved overseas and he could not find me. That makes 16 years without seem each or talk to each other, and, since the last time we talked (2001) he got marriead and had 2 kids. As of last May he did find me and we both decided to see each other that was after he promissed everything under the sun including remarrige He said that his life depend on me for a happy exixtance.. I fell for it and filled for divorce from my husband of 16 years acepted his faith while the first husband change his decision to leave his kids. I am a Taurus-may 11 born 11:50 pm and 1st husband Sagitarious December17 we are both born in the same year and both of our spouses are Libra.

    Any sugestions as to what is i store for us if anything at all. Should I believe him again or just close my door for him forever? Please ask question and give me you honest advice.Thank you?

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