The Old Soulmate Chestnut :)

  • Hi all! Posting this up again as my original post seems to be going towards others' queries, so I'd like to redirect it back to my question:

    Is my soulmate in my life and can anyone describe him (personality, physical appearance, etc)? Anything else you can come up wtih would be appreciated; like am I meant to be with him in this life or am I already? Now THERE'S something to mull over ... 🙂 I'm just curious ... But just that first question being answered would be of great help to littleoleme

  • Oh Cris you are always so helpful to everyone else I hope someone can give you an answer. I am not talented enough to give you that kind of information but I have my own theory about soulmates. I know who my soulmate is and always have. He is not with me and we had both made bad choices in our youth that I believe has created a kind of rift in our destiny. We all have free will and sometimes we dont get to be with our soulmates or things dont go as expected or planned because of choices that had been made.

    I know my soulmate based on several things: I can feel him when hes around before I even see him. I always know when he will be in contact with me. I dream about events that are scarily accurate with him. i know what hes thinking most of the time. Sometimes I will be in moods that are unexplainable and I will find out that he was having a hard time or something. I know when hes in trouble spiritually and so on. I also feel a deep longing for him that I dont feel for anyone else. When I am around him we are almost like magnets and we laugh about it because we will litterally run into each other physically. I always sence a kind of unfinished business with him too and I feel that we have very similar gifts spiritually and we were meant to help others in some way. Being the woman is hard too because we are naturally more aware of things like this.

    I am not in a relationship with him now because he needs to get somethings straitened out in his life and I dont want an unhealthy relationship even if he is my soulmate. I feel that maybe later in life we will be together again but its not the right time. It all comes down to free will and we can still choose who to be with. Ideally I would like for things to be right between us but thats just not the way it is for now. I can still find some happiness and comfort within other relationships and I feel okay with that.

    I know thats not really the answer you were looking for but I thought sharing this with you through my own experience you may be able to understand yours better. I think you already know who it is but maybe you are afraid to admit it because of the circumstance. You

    can still be involved with your soulmate without fully giving of yourself. And just knowing hes there and you have a deep connection may just put that smile right back on your face. ( :

  • G'day lovinmylife

    I found a great deal of comfort in your answer believe it or not! I'm a bit like you in that I believe I have met my soulmate, but being married (and hubby's my best buddy), I can't do much or anything about it at the moment. I've been dreaming about this fellow on and off for eight years without knowing who he was until this year when his face finally appeared before me. I'd met him two years prior to these dreams (don't know if you remember my old post about this) and remember thinking "he's just the sweetest guy". I also made a point of saying to him after a party one night that I found it annoying he constantly made a joke of himself (he suffers mild palsy due to having the chord wrapped around his neck at birth and lack of oxygen as a result), and that his life was very important indeed. I also asked him to stay alive for those who loved him, if he couldn't do so for himself, including me. Strange at the time, but felt like the right thing to say.

    Since the dreams, I've felt a stronger connection to him, even though our circumstances are a bit impossible (he's also 16 years younger than me) and like you described, a longing that I haven't felt for anyone before, even my husband. I feel a strange sense of checking up on him to make sure he's okay, but not overdoing it as I'm afraid he'll run like a scared deer if he thinks I'm "after him" as he had an issue earlier this year with a married girl throwing herself at him - which he refused - then blaming him for breaking up her marriage. I had no doubt when he told me about this that he was completely innocent, even though I know what most fellas can be like when it's on offer, so to speak. Sometimes I get that lovely feeling in my heart and stomach, think of him and smile. Then get all sad because I don't know if we can ever do any more than be friends 😞

    Still, I'm taking it slowly here as to have him in my life in any capacity at all is better than not. It seems, when we have the chance to chat which isn't often, that we meet on an intellectual level and bounce off each other well. Like last week we were chatting on the phone and even though he had to go somewhere, he just kept on talking, even in between interruptions from his mobile (he's a very busy boy). I felt grand after this chat, then guilty, then grand again, then guilty, etc 😞 🙂

    I don't know how my husband would take this friendship if it develops further. No, not "if", WHEN if I've anything to do with it. I sure hope the green-eyed monster stays hidden as I don't want to have to end a friendship just because of it, especially not this one.

    He's also the first thing I think about every morning when I wake up, and often I'll see his name or hear it which is odd indeed as it's not a very common name. And I've seen sky-writers writing the letter "T" in the sky once or twice.

    Ah well. We'll see what happens, for both of us, in the future, eh? One never knows what Destiny has in store for us ...

    Thanks so much for recounting your own experience. I find I related to quite a bit of it, even though I've wondered if it was wishful thinking on my part 🙂 Hope all is well in your life, or at least settled down some! Talk soon ...

  • hello chris62,, Just out of curiosity is the name Todd or Tibor. I don,t know why but those 2 names cam to me.........Leonida

  • No, not either! I truly don't wish to put his name up, as I hope you understand. But his name is almost as uncommon as those you've suggested. 'Course, his middle name might be one of them!! Although I get "Andrew" for his middle moniker ...

    So tell me ... what else d'you get about him??? Just curious 🙂 Thanks so much for your suggestion here!

  • I do remember your posts about the dreams about him and him wanting to work with you and so on. I really think thats who it is but I wanted to see if you saw it first because I dont want to interfere with your marraige! I think hes getting it that you have a connection with each other but he is afraid to admit it. I feel that you are doing the right thing by holding back because he just is not ready to be with you in that way. I think he feels love for you and thinks about you often. I think the two of you spark off each other and that energy radiates for days at a time. I hope I am not putting more ideas in your head because the reality is kind of sad. i do not see you being with him like that at least not anytime soon. Okay I no what your gonna say...I am not getting any younger here! But you both have something to offer each other the way it is now and you are happy being his friend at the very least. Do you know I knew my soulmate and had to be around him all the time with teenage raging hormones and watched him date every other girl and had to witness it without falling apart. And he just realized a year ago the depth of his feelings for me? Ugh men are just impossible. You just keep being a friend to him and dont let your husband see you gloating. ( : There is no reason for him to know how this other guy makes you feel. And there is no garuntee that if your marraige ends that this guy will be with you. So take a deep breath, quit feeling guilty for having a few fleeting moments of happiness and accept that this man is breath of fresh air for you now. You are not overstepping the bounds of your marraige. Sounds to me like this guy is giving you more attention than the "other one" accept it, its a gift. ( :

  • chris62, I get that he is very aware that you would be there for him and it gives him comfort and confidence to accomplish the work he is doing. Although there is an age difference there is no intellectual difference, and i don,t feel there is a problem with you and him standing side by side You would look like a normal happy couple. He has strong feelings for you but cannot express till you do. Of course that is very difficult for you to do ,your situation is much different than his .There will come a time when you will reach a crossroad and then you will know. Is he really my future soulmate,? of course he will be at that crossroad too. I also feel he is tall and med brown hair hazel to greenish eyes.

  • Thank you lovinmylife. What you say makes truckloads of sense, and I do agree that there may be nothing more than the mere "thought" of anything with this guy for quite a while yet, if ever. I've talked to my husband about our own situation (which is a separate issue and has to be), while telling him nothing about this other fellow as he's a friend to both of us. My husband is trying and so am I, but I do feel our race has been run. As to how it ends or when? Only destiny can answer that for us I feel. I just don't feel connected to my husband, if I ever really did. Yet I know that one can't go around ending a long term relationship on a "whim", even if this other fellow doesn't feel like a whim, if you know what I mean. Unless the relationship is abusive, completely one-sided or similar. My marriage is one based on friendship, but my question to hubby has been: is that enough for both of us? Can we think seriously on this and answer honestly when the time is right? Then deal with it. We'll see what comes. Funny, whether this is wishful thinking or not, I have seen a future with this other fellow. The two of us fostering children. The enormity of this "vision" is not lost on me, but at the same time, my practical side says "ease up; this could merely be wishful thinking". But still ... ya get the picture! Thanks again for your wonderful insights here. Who said you weren't good at this stuff?? Just hope your soul mate hasn't realised his "mistake" too late ... don't think so though! There's something for you two, it's just a matter of time and sorting out stuff as you said above. Your main focus is your children right now and this fellow respects that. But given time ... you will be a couple; trust me.

    Thanks too, Leonida. I don't know how or when to express these feelings towards him; it's all too hard!! I don't want to risk him running off into the distance leaving me feeling like I made the biggest mistake of my life, yet at the same time, I feel worried that if nothing is said, then nothing will come of it, ever.

    The only thing which was a bit "off" was the description of him. He's actually not tall physically, but in honest truth, he is one very tall man in character - he does have medium brown hair though when it isn't almost shaved off his head - and his eyes are, from memory, a pale blue ... but then it's been a while since I've seen him up close, and my memory may be off. Interestingly, my husband is the tall one physically (also of grand character) whose hair prior to it going quite grey is dark brown, and his eyes are hazel.

    Anyhoo, if you two lovely ladies come up with anymore, please post it asap! I feel much comforted by what you've said here, and lovinmylife, you ain't interfering with my marriage one iota! And I'll lose the guilt too ... 🙂

    Thanks a million both of you! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  • I am thinking that your husband already realizes that you two arent working anymore. I think he is scared to lose you from his life and have to start all over. Believe me its scarier for men. Is he somewhat possesive of you? I dont mean in an abusive way but he feels that you belong to him in some way. I think he knows you are both in a comfort zone but do you not know that men are usually okay with that? Some men really are satisfied that way. I think he is afraid of being alone or you meeting someone before him. Hes just scared. I really feel that. Anyways....I had promised leonida a lil astrology overview and I keep my word. I will be talking to you both later. ( ;

  • You're dead on again lovin! My hubby is afraid, is possessive (though not abusive) and happy being in this comfort zone thing, but since the dreams of my little soulmate (as I've begun to call him quietly) I am not happy with this comfort zone thing. I feel there's a life out there to be lived and I've lived it for my husband and others for long enough. Ah well; can only wait and see. I just don't feel I can actually DO anything about it at the moment as the way is not yet clear ...

    Thanks again for wonderful insight. Why on earth did you say you weren't that good at this???

  • Ha Ha Ha I am "practicing" what I should say is I used to think my insights were just commom knowledge and recently my friends and family have been telling me i know a little too much so here I am. ( :

  • Can I tell you something else? I think this young guy is waiting for the appropriate time to talk about his feelings and it is definantly not the time. You arent going to have to make the "first move" He wants you to work out what you need to work out without him influencing your decisions in any way. This is really going to take some time and I think there are going to be some bumps in the road. So be prepared and enjoy it while its still uncomplicated. I hope you are a patient person. ( :

  • Dead on again. And no, I'm not a patient person. I guess I think sometimes what on earth would someone his age want with someone old enough to be his mother who's gettin older by the second?? And why should I care when I'm an old married lady anyway? Ah, it's too confusin. But I pray at least for one widdle moment with him, so maybe feelings can be expressed and go from there. But that's probably wishful thinking after all 🙂 I don't want a cheap affair either; that's not me and definitely not him. I just don't know how to go about what is needed to sort out my current circumstances. At present, I'm in a rather weak position, ie, no money of my own, a daughter, etc. And I get frustrated that even though I know this fellow, have talked to him and seen him here and there, I just might not ever physically see him again until this is sorted out which could be YEARS. And he lives in the same town as me!!! Aaaargh ... the sheer frustration ... so close but yet so far ...

    So, no I ain't patient AT ALL. But I know what you say makes sense, sadly, for me now 😞 Life, in all its wondrous ways, truly sucks sometimes, don't it?

    Thanks again. And I'll of course appreciate any other insights you get my friend; they've been pretty darned accurate so far 🙂

  • Yes these situations completely suck. If you arent patient now then I think you are about to learn to be that way! I think that if your marraige does end you are going to be more focused on helping your daughter cope more than you will be intrested in starting a new relationship. Like Leonida said your time will come and you will know when that is. If you are anything like me with those wacky dreams you will more than likely have dreams about it happening a year before it actually does. Which will no doubt add to the torment of your situation. You poor thing I knwo all too well what it feels like to have to be disciplined in a not so great marraige when the one you wanted is teasing you the whole time with his unignorable presence in your soul. Hence the word soulmate. They are truly a part of our souls and it is torturous to not have them in the physical part of our lives. I have gotten comfort just from knowing how connected we truly are and as time goes there has been more and more evidence to confirm this. You are wondering why you would have to meet him so late in life but how would you have liked to met your soulmate when you are 12 and dont have a clue about relationships and how much they can actually hurt you? I think they just appear to us when we are at a time when we really need love the most. I had lost a brother and my father was absent. Maybe thats why mine showed up when he did. I needed a loving male influence as you do now. i am going to try to go to sleep again wish me luck. By the way it is 2 am here. what time is it over there?

  • It's 4.17pm precisely over here in Australia. Very late over there for you! Hope you sleep well and are lulled by nice, comfy dreams. Well m'dear, if I've dreamed about this a year before it happens, then I ain't got long to wait!!! Maybe that's why it's taken so long for me to find this Site and ask those ever-present questions. I just keep going back to what a reading told me some time ago (back in about June). I asked her how my marriage was supposed to end (as she'd predicted it would). Her answer was "you will receive information and you may not have to do or say anything". Interesting eh? Anyway, will leave it there for now and talk to you when we're all awake and bright as little buttons.

    Hope those kids are a bit easier on you this week! Take care and thanks again for so much help today xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • OMG! I am reading your blogs. I am going through the exact same thing. I think I meet my soul mate also 5 years ago. The past 2 years has been interesting. But the last year. I know when he is going to call, I can sense when he is present or I know when he is thinking of me. The passion that we have for each other is like fireworks. But we never touched.

    We have admitted our feelings for each other. We are married but unfortunately not to each other. Recently we have cool off our friendship, because he told me that he will not leave his wife under these circumstances. I have choose to divorce. My marriage has been on the rocks for years. If anything he did open my eyes to a passion I never knew existed. It has been very difficult for the past few weeks and my heart is broken, because we work together. When I see him I just shake, knowing I could never have him.

    I can't look into his eyes or I will break down. I know someday we will be friends again, but how could I go back there knowing the feelings we really do have for each other.

    But I see I am not alone.

  • I am sorry you have to deal with this too Karen. i wish we could just find our soulmates and they find us and we live happy ever after but it neever seems to work that way. I have been dealing with this soooooo long I dont give into despair anymore. In fact I had a chance to be with my guy last year but I was going crazy after my sons diagnose with lukemia and I blew it big time. I have spent way to much time being sad over this man and I refuse to do it anymore. I suppose though if I had to see his warm face everyday it would probably kill me. I had to deal wtih that when we were in highschool and I would have to watch him be with other girlfriends. when he wasnt with them he was with me and our connection was so unignorable. I guess I wasnt popular enough though or something to avtually be his girlfriend and they would try to sabotage our friendshipHe always chose the preppy chicks. He is still a man after all. But now the tables have turned and hes the loser and I am the cool chick. LOL. He still calls me from time to time and its like sparks are flying off the recievers and I am lost in bliss for a couple days and I know he is too because then its followed by him texting me for a couple of days telling jokes and being cute. then I feel like I want to die. Maddening isnt it?

  • G'day again lovin,

    Oh dear what you both say is gut-wrenching to read, let me tell you! Like both of you, I myself feel so damned TEASED by this. I feel like I've been waiting for this moment most of my life - without knowing it - and here it is, but hey, there's more waiting and MORE sh*t to go through, etc. I've talked as honestly as I can to my hubby about this (I have to withhold some information, as I'm sure you guys'd understand). He's asked me if there's anyone else and my answer has been "no". I refuse to get into the old, "who is it?", stuff as I just know the ramification of this kind of "honesty" will not be good.

    I got a text from my little soulmate last night which was a huge surprise as I never thought I'd get contact from him first. He was askign how my foster son did in court the other day (been speedin again naughty boy) and I was more surprised that he'd listened to what I'd said last week, even down to the day this event happened.

    So yeah, I was walking around all blissful - trying to hide it as well - and now today I wonder what's next. I just wish there was a solution to this.

    And I guess I'm wondering if either of you can see what will happen with my marriage in the near future. I did mention that statement made in a reading I had four months ago "you will receive information and may not have to do or say anything", and for the sake of repeating myself I'd love to hear your impressions on this. She also felt that my marriage would end in about 18 months (from the day of the reading) and was pretty definite about that.

    I feel for the both of you, I truly do. It is so incredibly frustrating, but I do strongly think that these encounters are sent to us to awaken passion kept restrained in relationships which don't bring it out and/or to get us to start being creative in some way which might benefit other people, thus putting that passion to work. In truth I've been through all of that with art and writing, but both muses have left me recently and I'm in a period of contemplation. All I keep getting as the biggest message is "it has to end". In my mind I've decided I can't stay in this marriage and continue lying to my hubby as he deserves better. Again, I've been as honest about this to him and have left him thinking seriously about where we can see ourselves going. Sadly, if I have to sacrifice the friendship I have with him through leaving, I am prepared to do that. Ah God, where's the pathway towards the answer when one most wants it?

    But I guess that's in the hands of the higher-ups - as I call them - as most Tarot readings I do for myself seem to come out with more of the major arcana.

    Still, back to my pressing question: if either of you lovely ladies get any impressions from that sentence can you let me know? Then again, maybe I'm not meant to know ... or she got it wrong 😞

    I send prayers and wishes to both of you. I honestly do feel these soulmates of ours are meant to be with us, but maybe not until later in life for the two of you. In my case, later in life is looming, so maybe ... just maybe ... 🙂

    Keep hopin and keep lovin, that's the only advice I can give you, as well as what this psychic told me "hang in there; the answer will become clear in the latter half of the year". Aaaarrrggggg it IS the bleedin' "latter" of the year!!!!



  • I remember being at the end of my marraige and it was really difficult to make that decision especially with 3 little ones. But I like you kept hearing "this has to end" My husband did not want the divorce and I was plauged with guilt for a while knowing that I had really hurt him. But then I would think of all the ways he had hurt me or had been unconcerned about how I felt. It was a marraige of convenience for him. He had someone to run the house, take care of the kids, do all the shopping and cooking, and pay the bills. I even went to work and school. Then at the end of a really long day he would want me to have S*X with him. It was a miserable existance. I dont know what your marraige has been like but I never want to go through that again.

    I think your husband is keeping a secret from you. I dont know if its because of what your psychic said or if I am seeing this through intuition. I think maybe hes testing you with asking you how you are feeling about the marraige knowing that if he told you his secret your marraige may not survive it. I can be somewhat suspicious about people anyways and I would be looking for clues. I would be checking police records and looking through his stuff and so on. I am not suggesting you do this I am only saying what my crazy self would be doing. i can not see what it is that he has done. I think again its a timing issue. Its always been my experience that psychics are wrong about times. I have never been given an accurate time on anything.

  • I agree with that. I have trouble getting time lines for people and some other details I get may be correct, but not in the context I put them in! This year particularly has been a very chaotic year, but the lady I consulted is untouched by all this and very level-headed. You aren't the first who has said this to me. Her other comment before makign this one was "make the most of the time with your husband because I see it ending" then "this other fellow wants someone in his life and it could very well be you". All very cryptic to a large degree, but I realise that sometimes a person is not meant to know the definite ins and outs at the time of asking. We are meant to "enjoy" the journey for what it is and learn from it. Jaysus H I must be a darned genius by now!! As I'm sure you must be my friend 🙂

    You know I have two messages for you, following a very big thank you for your continued help and insight:

    1. He will be back and he will stay. I see this happening around the time your youngest child is close to school age, about 5 or 6 years old. Would that be the fair haired one who runs around like a dervish?

    2. Please, please, please will you consider doing readings for people face to face? You are much better at this than you think and for someone "practising" you get as much as those who've been doing it for years in a paid capacity.

    I was told similar some years ago and even though I took a lay off from it this year, I will be going back to it. I just don't want to get hung up about making money out of it as such. I simply want to guide people down the right road, or at least help them find it. Why did I have a break so soon into doing this? Because I didn't want my ego getting in the way. In other words, I wanted - if someone asked me what I did for a living - to still feel proud of saying "domestic engineer with a finger in many pies". I have found I've reached a sort of pride in that recently, so the time is coming when I'll go back to it, knowing it's for the joy of it rather than the "pride" of saying one is a psychic.

    Ah dear. It's all a mish-mash, ain't it? But I honestly don't think the Universe would be sending us these encounters with soulmates simply to tease us. I actually feel that these unions are meant to happen in time for, or around, 2012 when the Mayan Calendar ends and we feel the effects of the Age of Aquarius more keenly than we have been. The shift from materialistic attitudes to a more spiritual one has already been upon us, and again I believe 2012 is the year we will realise this shift as being a majority thing, rather than the few.

    So I say again to you and Karen above, chin up. Things are happening! We merely need to "hang in there" as my learned friend said in that reading 🙂

    And thank you again. Your energy is so comforting and warm my friend 🙂

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