Hexagram 9\. Hsiao Ch'u - meaning for relationship

  • Hi all,

    I would appreciate any insight about my reading. I asked whether I would get back/be with a certain person. I got 9, Hsiao Ch'u / The Taming Power of the Small. What does this mean?? Could anyone please help me to understand this reading?


  • I googled this for you. I read a bit of the text on this link: http://onlineclarity.co.uk/answers/2007/01/17/hexagram-9-small-taming/

    I suggest that you answer means that you have to be patient like a farmer, letting it grow as you continue to nurture it.

    But I suggest the other one needs to be patient aswell then?

    There is a tarot card that has this meaning, cant remember wich it is. That card usually advices us to be patient as a farmer who is taking care of his crops.

  • Thanks for the insight. I've decided to not contact him again for certain reasons (decided this before the reading). It is time for him to come to me. I'm stepping back. Do you think you can still nurture something you're not actually doing anything about. Perhaps, I have planted the seeds necessary (said how I feel) and now I need to step back and let them grow??

  • Growth is about patience. And yes, I do believe that you can nurture something even if you are not doing anything about it.

    Perhaps he will come to you when you wait. In my experience, the more a man feels chased by a woman, the less interest he has in being with her. They dont want anybody to tell them what to do. They dont want to feel that anybody is breathing in their neck saying: "This is what I have decided for you. This is what I want. You must give it to me."

  • I have a question since you seem to know about tarot. About a month and a half before it was completely over I had my cards read focusing on the relationship.

    The first three cards I picked were the following:

    Him (the fool)

    Us (Two of cups)

    Me (Queen of cups).

    Then I asked if it was over and I got Ten of swords, bad right??

    Then I asked the future of the relationship and got ten of coins.

    Then I asked what I need to do and what he needs to do in regards to the relationship

    Me (four of swords)

    Him (I forget but the person was analyzing some strange fruit, maybe eight of pentacles or soemthing??)

    What do you think?

  • Also, since the I Ching is the most recent reading regarding the matter, is that the one I should pay more attention to?

  • Him - The Fool: Means that he is not sure about where the road will end.

    Us - Two of Cups: Means that you are in love or have a crush in each other

    Me - Queen of Cups: Means that you are filled with emotions and feeling soft and feminine towards him - i think that is what it means.

    Then the 1st question: Ten of Swords means that the relationship is over.

    You then asked about the future: Ten of Cups means that you might get a serious relationship with him in the future where you are living together in a fulfilling family life.

    Then you asked about what to do:

    Four of swords means that you need to rest to build your self up within, to contemplate and think things through.

    I can not guess the card he got.

    When you see what you got on the i-ching, you allready probably see the similarities. Your advice was that you needed to rest and contemplate, and the i-ching said that there is a possibility that there will be a relationship between you again, but you have to let it take its time.

    The growth that happens inside while you are waiting will determine you future relationship, since both readings advices you to wait while you let the relationship (or you) grow in its own natural pace.

  • Hi,

    Your insight is great. There are a lot of similarities in the two readings!! I feel more confident about my current decision to step back. I am looking for my notes on the reading and I will get back to you. I think the outcome/future of the relationship card may have been the 10 of coins (instead of cups) and I wasn't sure how to interpret how that applied to the future of the relationship. Also, I'm interested to see what you think about the card regarding what he needs to do with the relationship. Thanks for your help. I'll get back to you soon 🙂

  • Ok.

    Outcome of the relationship/future - 10 of Coins: Means that you might get material safety and security with this relationship. Meaning house, car, moneywise. I guess this means that you can have a good life with this guy, since material security means not only about money, but that your life might be good with this guy.

    You did not say what card he got when you asked about what he should do. Although I can explain the 8 of coins: This card is the card about studying, learning something new and hard work. I guess this means that he should make an attempt to make this relationship work.

    Since he is not quite sure where the road is going, like the Fool, then that might explain the advice he got. It means that he should start to give attention and take this relationship seriously.

    The advice that you got was non-action - just that you rest, contemplate and think things through. So just you do that.

    Guys never like to be called and called and called as if once was not enough. In the guys world this means that you dont respect him. They always think first about respect/status and secondly about the rest. Roughly spoken. If he does not want contact with you at the moment, because he is not sure about what is best, then let him know that you respect his choice, Strangely enough, guys seem to appreciate that immencely. Respect, respect, respect. They think a lot differently.

    Wish you the best. Relax and dont worry. Pray and make your wish. It might come true. And it might not. But you dont need to do anything about this at the moment. Perhaps later?

  • Hi,

    So I'm going to keep looking for the info, but for now I am pretty sure the future card was Ten of Coins/pentacles (not sure if 10 of cups is interchangeable or if you misread my post?). I do remember being confused about how to apply this card to the future of a relationship b/c it seemed to apply to finances. The picture of the card was a line of evolution?!?!? Not sure if that helps.


  • Ok

    I am a bit unsure about what it means aswell.

    But in the celtic cross ones at tarot.com all the 10s are always good.

  • I think so. Perhaps I should double check that statement.

  • Okay, I found the info. Haha, sorry I'm probably driving you nuts.

    His card: Nine of discs

    Outcome: Ten of discs.

    I guess the discs are interchangeable with the coins/pentacles. Not sure if that matters? I'm actually trying to learn to read tarot myself, but it's hard!!

    Also, why is it that women have to adapt to men so much and they don't seem to try to the same for us? Hehe, so annoying!!

  • Also, with the complete details about the tarot reading do you still think the tarot reading is similar to the i ching? I think both my adviceand the possible outcome are similar?

  • Try these links:


    And this: http://www.biddytarot.com/pentacles/ninepentacles.html

    And this: http://www.ata-tarot.com/resource/cards/p09.html

    Or all of them: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&rls=com.microsoft%3Aen-GB%3AIE-SearchBox&rlz=1I7PCTA_no&as_q=&as_epq=nine+of+pentacles&as_oq=&as_eq=&num=10&lr=lang_en&as_filetype=&ft=i&as_sitesearch=&as_qdr=all&as_rights=&as_occt=any&cr=&as_nlo=&as_nhi=&safe=images


    Rememeber, when you google something, that you use those signs on both sides of the phrase, so that it becomes a phrase and not just three separate words: "word word word"

    Ok. Then the question you asked about submitting women:

    During intercourse, the woman gets not only filled with the mans wet tissue/ceemon/seaman (lol obviosly wrong spelling). She also gets filled of something invisible to the physical eye. That is why it is often written in the Bible: "And he took her into his tent and he became his wife." This means that intercourse unites the two.

    The way intercourse happens is that the man gives his body to the woman. The woman takes it all in. She takes in his energy. That is why it is said in the Bible: If a woman has sex with an animal, her soul becomes animal-like because she has shared her soul with the animal. Her energy becomes mixed with the animals energy, and she takes it and it becomes part of her awareness/consienceness. This is also when the man is animal-like in his soul or completely pure and human. The man helps her if he truly loves her and is pure and has sex with her. Then she will be healed from her mistakes because of his pure soul and love.

    If a pure man has sex with an impure woman, the man takes in some of the impurities from the woman, but as he continues to cleanse his soul through his life, it will not burden him. And he will at the same time cleanse her soul and body by actually having intercourse with her. If she is clean and he is not, then she will become dirty from his dirt. Because she is given his energy and not so much the other way round. That is why it in the Bible is said to correct the mans s-lutty behaviour: "Stop spreading your energy around, because in the end you will lose your own center/soul.to these women.

    That is why it is said in the Bible that marriage should come from Gods will, not from the will of the two. They should in fact be aware that it is Gods will before they even have sex. In that way they will not become one spiritually unneccessarily. Because it is really a burden if it is wrong.

    The woman is the receiving part in the sexual act. That is why she often becomes submitted below him. Even if it is not his or her intention.

    That is why the woman often do not know who she is without her husband. Because he is not clean in his soul and therefore he can not help her to become clean herself. He is continuously filling her with his impurities. So intercourse disturbs her and probably makes no difference for him on an energylevel, because she is his "house". She contains his energies. That makes it difficult for her to find herself. But if he is pure, it automatically is good for her aswell.

    This is the sad truth about why the woman always is so unstable, and the man is calm like a rock.

  • That's interesting!! My grandmother use to always say that a woman who slept around ended up showing it later in life. It does take a toll on us in a way that it doesn't to men.

    At least men could try to understand us though?? The fact that we need to talk about how we're feeling b/c talking makes us feel better is the perfect example. It may be uncomfortable for them, but they could try to listen now and again for us. We have to do things against our nature (hold bakc, not talk etc...) to try and work with their needs. Why do women have to do ALL the work?? I think that's why when you get a bunch of women together we spend the night talking about our men and recently I've been finding this need of ours a little pathetic (even though I quite often do it too). We can't talk about it with them and so we discuss it with other women. Don't we waste a lot of our time and energy on men??? Is this really how we're suppose to be?? I feel men have a certain freedom though b/c they don't need to talk about us or process the relationship (or perhaps they do and just can't??)

    PS: What do you think about the nine of discs as his card (as I now obsess and talk about "him." Hahaha

  • I think the nine of pentacles as an advice to him means that he should be positive towards you and rest his mind that everything is allright. It is a positive card that encourages the person to be positive.

    The men have difficulty understanding why we make such a fuzz and drama about things in the relationship. They are gifted in the way they do not make things traumatic by making unneccessary drama within their minds. It is a good thing.

    In these books http://www.marsvenus.com/xcart/home.php both men and women are explained - how their minds work and why they behave as they do.

    In the book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus the author, who I think is a proffessional psychologist, advices the men how to interact with women and the women how they should interact with men - in a perfect world! He advices the men to listen to the wife when she is talking and just listen. The reason that men dont want to listen when women talk, are because they think the woman is complaining about him. Even if she is complaining about someone else or even her self, he thinks that she thinks he is responsible to do something about it since she tells him about it. This makes the man feel uneasy or upset when a woman talks a lot, because he can not think of anything he can say that can help the woman in solving the problem. If he does come up with an idea of what might help the woman, he gladly tells her and share his advice with her. The woman becomes upset and says: You never listen to me!. The man is sad and feels violated, because his advice was not appreciated. The man thinks the woman is behaving against logic. Most men REALLY dont think that they only need to LISTEN to make the woman happy. He really believes that she is giving him a responcibility to help - by giving advice - or even that she actually is complaining about him - whenever she starts talking about something. Because: This is how the men treat each other and expect to be treated in return.

    So just keep on talking with friends about your problems unless you REALLY want his advice. That would make his life easier aswell.

  • Hi all, I am a new member of forum. Would a newcomer be warmly welcome here? Good day you guys!!!

  • Thank you HW!!! for all the great links and sharing what you know.

  • Dear Dreamscape,

    may I ask you how this relationship is at present? You see, I got the same hexagram with lines 1, 5& 6 changing when I divided about my own relationship currently. We were supposed to move together at new years, but all of a sudden my girlfriend refused; said she was'nt ready for that commitment(we had beed together 1.5 years). This she told me 2 days before we were supposed to do it- and I was so insulted/disappointed I decided to break up with her, although my heart were still(and still is) with her.

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