HELP needed for celtic love spread....

  • As suggested by firefly01, I've gone ahead and picked out 5 more cards to complete a celtic love spread.... (all cards were in upright position)

    The first card, ACE OF CUPS

    the second card, THE SUN

    the third card, 4 OF COINS

    the fourth card, PAGE OF COINS

    the fifth card, DEATH

    My original question and cards were: if my spaniard and I would make a love connection soon

    cards: (all were in upright position)

    1 present seven of swords

    2 past page of coins

    3 future two of cups

    4 reason behind question six of wands

    5 potential outcome knight of coins

    I thought I understood, but now Im more confused than before lol but Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu a million to all who take the time to reply!!!!

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