Spirits in my house

  • Two years ago i discovered how to control and use my chakra ( spiritual energy ) and how to control it. But even so, I still can't harmonize it at all and went randomly to a priest, though I didn't went to a church for more than 8 years cause I don't like the atmosphere. Note : I don't have problems going and staying into a church.

    Anyway, the priest discovered that I have too much bad energy from the two presences that I always felt around my room especially. But now I woke them up from their half latent state and got them angry. They didn't attack me but they try to suck my energy way harder than before, though it's not that easy as before.

    I burnt some white incense in the whole house while asking them to leave and hard a really hard way to light it up and not to fall asleep after I finish. The noise seemed to cease now, but I can still sense them. And not only them: I woke all of them.

    Despite the fact that they're not moving, the house is full now and I can sense them staring at me.

    Stranger it's the fact that I don't think they haunt the house, but me.

    Any ideas what to do?

  • Hi, How did you wake them up. Incense is symbolic of prayer. I would suggest that you read Psalm 118 from the Old Testament in the Bible (aloud.) What did the priest think you should do. See if this helps.

  • Sometimes we go through emotional turmoil and struggle to find the balance and harmony we know that exists. This problem does have an end. If your heart is honest and true you will come out of it with a stronger character. Spirits can sometimes cling to you for different reasons, consider there poor fate. Maybe the spirits feel you have the answer and you do not yet know. Maybe you crossed paths with someone who was of bad character, it can happen. I feel you have lost your smile and sense of fun, it is easy to let situations take over. Do you have neighbors? Reach out to friends in times like this. Do not let this take over your life, take back reality with both strong hands. Turn fear to anger if need be. Houses make many strange noises and sensitive people can be upset by wavering vibrations of all kinds. I feel you problem is a difficult one, but can be tended. I give you the morning birds, music, food, physical activity and knowledge, This will pass.

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