I need a reading in regards to my soon to be daughter father

  • need to know if my soon to be daughter father is going to be and around or is he with somebody else please help

  • The message I get is "no". This man is irresponsible and you're far better off with him out of your life. Try not to take maintenance payments from him either, as that will tie you to him for the duration of your daughter's life. I realise this sounds hard and maybe not what you wanted to hear, but you have the strength within you to do this alone, and do it darned well. Trust yourself; be true to yourself and be the parent your daughter will need. You can do this alone and you will.

    I do see though that around the time your daughter starts to move about, ie, crawl or even walk (I get that she may go straight to walking without crawling for long) a man will appear in your life who will be just what the doctor ordered (that's the words I get).

    So please, as much as this may upset you, don't let this man back into your life in any way where you'll be dependent on him. As said, he is unreliable and got no idea what to do with his life. I also don't get that he's with someone, but rather he WAS, but she got rid of him for this reason.

    I wish you all the blessings and good things coming your way. Your daughter will be a treasure and you know what else? I get that as soon as she's born, you'll know you made the right decision and you'll find single motherhood a breeze. You will both get on very well too 🙂

    GOOD LUCK sister. You have the weapons within you to fight your own battles; please remember that.

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