An old family curse - apparently :)

  • I'm sure I'm not the only one who's trawled the net and clicked into the odd astrology site and thought about getting an online reading from some of them. I have about four or so who email constantly with the usual "choose me and your life'll change" spiel, HOWEVER, I am very curious as two mention a "curse" which was put on my family at a family gathering when I was about 13, with me being the one who was the most affected by it. They both say this curse was the result of jealousy. Strangely, I can't remember this event clearly, but feel there could be something in this comment - considering two of them are saying the same thing (unless they're buddies or something), and considering the luckless life my family have had.

    So, to that end - in the spirit of plain curiosity mind - can any of you good people out there see if there's something in these claims? Did some jealous person - who was apparently elderly - put some sort of hex on my family which has prevented any of us from having much luck in life, round about when I was 13 or so? This has really piqued my interest, while my cynical side laughs uproariously at my potential silliness, as I hope you can appreciate!

    I await your insightful wisdom and fascinating insights with baited breath ... darned if I can recall any specifics myself, although it wouldn't surprise me if this did happen 🙂

  • Sounds like hoax to me. I was told the same. Always 13, in a party and someone was jealous etc my family didn't have much luck either. if there was a curse it wouldn't have been at the age of 13 LOL it would be since I was born because my luck and health have been bad since then.

  • forgot to add, they improve since I got married 🙂 although I haven't won a single lottery

  • I have gotten this message from an e-mail clarvoiant. Is one of these called Pacqualina with the e-mail address She wrote to me that she could take away the spell if I payed her some money for it. She said to me, too, that I got this curse when I was 13.

  • Hi Cris1968,

    From all that I have learned, hexes usually rebound on the person (times seven) who originally wanted to curse your family. Pure hatred is difficult to find. It runs a fine line between love/hate so that, at times, emotions get clouded. Anyone who knows this fact would be hesitant to try it.

    Logic tell us that no one in their right mind would want to curse another, because while you are pointing one finger at the one who vexed you, three other fingers are pointing back at you.

    Curses and hexes are real and not something normal people would indulge themselves as the consequences can be severe. Invoking the Spirit is an evil practice performed by Satanic cults, not Wiccan followers. Wiccans practice the natural arts based on natural remedies and superstition. Belief is one of the factors needed for its spells to work, and they only work for the good of mankind.

    You have nothing to worry about in this family story. There is not much likelihood of your having family members who practice Satanism without your knowledge.

  • Why do I want to call you Cris1968 when it is 1962? Did something happen that year???

  • Firefly,

    Could be! When you've spare time, have a think about that. I was six years old at the time, so my memory is a bit unclear 🙂 Thanks so much for your toughts on hexes and curses too. I couldn't think of anyone who'd be that hateful in my family - except my Aunty, but then she ain't THAT bad - so this is where I thought this was a bit of bullsh*t.

    Thanks all for your feedback. I thought as much, and yes one was Pasqualina, the other Sarah Freder. So I guess we should pass this around so others don't get fooled!

    AGain, thanks very much everyone for your helpful feedback! But gee, don't that mean we've all been cursed since we were 13???

  • Cris1962,

    I'm glad you asked this question. I've recently had a similar situation happen to me. After reading the posts I can rest easy that my instinct was right......a hoax & to ignore the plea to help me ........for a fee!

  • Hi, There is evil. For a person to invoke it means they are dealing with it hence it comes back to them. Romans Chapt. 13 is good to read about this.

  • Traditionally 13 is unlucky because there are 13 lunar months in year , rather than 12 solar months. The moon is female and associated wth the cthonic earth goddesses, irrationality and ...accoring to Christianity...'evil'. The sun is male, associated with the sky gods, rational and /you've guessed it 'good'. Couple this ancient male-authored 'wisdom' with puberty and the menstrual cycle and you have the' curse'. Don't forget that until the early part of the 20th century, women were 'churched' after childbirth to 'cleanse away their sins'......I agree that the 'curse' thing is a form of extortion. The perpetrators have evidently been reading "Sleeping Beauty"'s a fairytale!

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