How Do I Develop My Psychic Abilities?

  • Several of my readings and reports on here have mentioned that I have strong psychic abilities that I haven't tapped into yet and I was wondering what I could do to develop these abilities. I am very excited about this possibility and see it as a unique and powerful gift from above, so I want to be able to take full advantage of it. I have never had any psychic experiences that I can remember or was aware of, but I was posting a reply to one of the threads on here tonight and as I was typing my advice it was like I something else was controlling my fingers and telling me what to type. It was not a distinct voice, but it was more like I just knew what was going on in her situation. It was really weird, but I guess that was my psychic ability revealing itself to me. I am glad I knew it was coming because I do not know if I would have been able to embrace it if I wasn't aware of the impact it could have on my life and the benefit I could provide to others. I think this may be my calling and ready to start fulfilling my life purpose. I guess that is why it waited so long to make itself known. It knew the profound affect it would have on me and possibly the community and it had to wait until I was capable of handling such a hugeresponsibility so it wouldn't get wasted.

    Read my post in the Psychic Forum titled "he said its over" and you will see my first psychic reading.

  • miche53083, There are several books out there that can help you develop your abilities but the best advice I have is start to use them. When we first get started using them, we have fun and just let it flow, but somewhere in the process you may start to question, so you will need to find a way of discerning the true psychic impressions from the human thoughts. It's normal and happens to the best. I think the hardest readings I've ever done have been on people I know. Because I know a lot about them to begin with, it's very difficult to separate from that.

    Also, when you start reading for people remind them that the reading you are giving them is based on where they are in their energy - right here, right now. Any change to that will alter what you are seeing for them. Many times people take what you say and change their course of action in their life so then when the future events don't appear as you said, they question your abilities. My housemate is very gifted and told his daughter she was about to meet the "one". Well, she figured she could give up on the healing work she was doing with herself and emotions and just wait for him. She thought she didn't need to do any more work on herself. Well, the "one" didn't show up. Why? Because she stopped her healing and her path which meant she wasn't going to be ready for when he appeared. That's the nature of "free will" in this realm.

    So, what I'm saying to you is, you may see something very clearly and you know it's true, but if it doesn't become a reality, it doesn't mean that you are not psychic. It means that the events changed that shaped that outcome.

    Hope that makes sense and hope it helps!

    Namaste', Debbie

  • I think you want to help based on life experiences. Sometimes when we are caught in a relationship, it's hard to free ourselves. It takes support from family and friends. But like w/me talking about it is best. It's easier for us on the outside, it can be real torment when on the inside. Breaking away from the same patterns helps us. Being quite honest is the best I believe. Learning abusive patterns, learning victim's patterns helps.

    A synonym for psychic--intuitive. We all have intuition. We must learn to make good choices. And every now and then, by the grace of God, I receive a signal grace that lets me know everything will be alright. Everything will be alright.

    I think you have the ability to help people.

  • Like anything in life, some people have more "natural talent" to do things than other people. But I firmly believe people can learn anything. I would suggest looking into the possibility of learning Remote Viewing. It might answer some lingering questions.

  • I agree with Dalia. Intuition is often one's first introduction to psychic seeing and understanding. The problem is, many people reject their own instincts. In doing so, they exhibit diminished appreciation for and acceptance of their Higher Consciousness. The result is fewer and fewer insights, intuitive promptings and instinctual nudges. However, if a person accepts their intuition, shows gratitude for it, and respects the wisdom it so often dispenses, then the ability grows and flourishes.

    Developing a strong psychic ability is much like raising a healthy child: it requires dedication, love, acceptance, and plenty of positive reinforcement. It must also be done without the need to direct their (its) course. That, some may say, is the most difficult. If one is meant to be of service, the way will be shown.

  • You can try this to identify and hone your abilities: mix up a regular deck of playing cards, hold them in your hand face down, relax and concentrate. With your non-dominant hand, using any finger/s other than the forefinger or thumb, touch the back of the top card in the pile. You'll "hear" or sense red or black. Consciously choose which color the card is before turning it over, and when you do, make 3 piles - one pile of cards which you guessed correctly, one of cards which were incorrect, one where you first thought of the correct card but changed your answer. The 3rd pile will give you the most insight into where your intuition really lies, try to remember when you changed your mind, and how you felt then. Go through the deck at least once, or several times.

    Practicing this for 5 or 10 minutes every day will help you hone your natural instincts. I'd suggest charting your progress: date, time spent, # right, # wrong, # changed your mind. Best of luck.

  • Thanks for the suggestion SheBurns, I will definitely have to try that out, but I can't help but chuckle at your suggestion! You see, it reminds me of my college days when we used to play drinking games based on the same methodology.... only instead of placing the cards into piles, if we would either have to drink the amount of seconds on the card if we were wrong or give those seconds away to another player if we were right!!! (And, honestly, I think we were too drunk to remember when or how we felt if we changed our minds!) However, I do distinctly remember not liking that game because I hardly ever got it wrong, and therefore didn't get to drink as much as everyone else!! Luckily those wild & crazy days are over, so I will definitely give it a try sober and see if I can't tap deeper into my intuition. Thank you so much for the suggestion... I will let you know how it turns out!

  • I have to say that all have this ability. We have to learn to use. Some use it more than others however everyone has this within them. Continue to listen and the anwsers are always there. Quite yourself and they will come.

    I send you wonderfull thoughts.


  • I've tried the card ones many times. I find that if you study your biorythm , (physical, emotional,and Intellect) you'll find some day's you wont get a quarter of the deck right, and other day's when intellect is way up there, it's possible to get the whole deck right. I've won lottery's and such by doing this. I like working with children doing this. I haven't done it for awhile, so thanks of reminding me. Pam

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