Hi every one i wanted to know what does descendant mean ??

  • I have descendant in gemini what does that mean ?

  • That means it rules your 7th house of Partnership and Marriage. Marriage is one of many partnerships. Could be business or legal partnerships too. If your Ascendent tells you about the "you" that faces the world, how you appear to others, the Descendant tells about how you approach the experience of "We". So, Gemini is the sign that rules how you approach partnership in general, and the type of partner that you join best with. Doesn't mean you have to marry a gemini, or have a Gemini business partner or lawyer, etc. Though that could be good. Just that you will crave being with someone intelligent with a lot of variety in their experiences and approaches to things, gift of words, a lighter touch and sense of things...the Gemini vibe.

  • Excellent description of the Descendant seanymph

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