Generational I give up?

  • I am completely confused, and I ak for a little guidence. While I was not raised by my biological father her still seems to have a strong influence in my life. He had a huge problem with infidelity. I am not sure how, but he could really attract the women and have his way with them (to the point that there are more than 15 of us that we know of). My stepfather is a great man, with great values and morals. He made me understand what my worth is a woman. So while I feel like I am due this night and shining armor, I am getting my biological father. All of my mates have cheated. I won't cheat and I won't leave another for another. I am happier giving than receiving most of the time. My children have always been my prime concern. They are older now, and I have a little more time to do me, and can put a littel more in a relationship, but I continue to meet my dad! The last relationship I had, the guy "chased" me for over a year(a Libra). At the time I was seeing someone else (an Aquarius), and I was not going to budge. Once me and the Aquarius broke up I began to spend time with the Libra because I felt that he had so much interest for me. We started out great. Spending time together, going on trips, and meeting families. Then things began to change a little, and then I found that he had been with someone else. I did more than one reading on us (9/7/72, me - 10/17/62, hiim), and they were all positive. One was exceptionally positive.

    I have a huge loving heart. While I want a "real" relationship, I am just wondering should I just give up completely? Or how do I meet the person that will treeat me the way I want to be treated? Or am I just going to continue to meet my dad over and over? What could have happened with me and him? Should I try to talk to him, or just let it all go?

  • Hey Incite,

    I'm not laughing AT you, but isn't it funny how we are always attracted to mates much like our parents.. no matter HOW BAD they are for us?? It must be something genetic, or mystical. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Ask around and you will see a lot of us attracted to people with qualities of influential people in our lives... even qualities that we find abhorrent. But you know what? The fact that you have recognized the pattern is the first step to correcting it. Can't tell you how... still finding out for myself, but you are not alone...

  • That is the crazy thing about it. I was not even around my biological father. That's why I feel like a huge fish out of water, when I am dating. Every guy has been him. My biological father di try to right some of his wrongs before he left this earth, so I just hold onto the hope that I will one day get that era of his life. My half siblings (females) experience the same as I. We start out in great relationships, to have them just reduce to nothing in a moments notice. We go through what he put other women through. It's like we are being teased by the love Gods. Or just plainly reaping what our father sowed!

  • This is a problem for sooooooo many women. We always end up in a horrible pattern. Mine is falling for guys who lead me on, then end up telling me they 'arent ready' or 'cant do the relationship thing right now'. It's always me being an ego boost. Every single time. I don't know why!

    The only thing I can think of is to focus HARD on the kind of man you do want. Picture those qualities in your mind, write them down, and try to will him into your life. Think of nothing but these good qualities. Try and forget about your bad patterns. It's worth a shot!

  • Heres how I view it bc I have had my fair share of relationship problems. Most guys are jerks period. In one way or another they will betray you eventually. I quit taking them so seriously. That is what seems to work for me. I did fall in love in the past still love him as much as ever but I had to move on and start enjoying my time here while I am still alive. I am not saying you should give up though. I am only saying what has worked for me. I havent seen many quality men in my life so once I find things about them that I cant live with or accept I move on quickly even if its painful. I am sorry you are not having luck with these guys. It would be nice if we knew who was a good match for us right away but such is life. Best of luck to you.

  • Thank you Mariaria and Lovinmylife. Thank you both for your kind words and concerns. I will say that as a Virgo, I can be a little bit of a pessimist., but I have been making a conscience effort to be more optimistic. For my last relationship I tried relaxing up a little, but not to where I comprimised my morals. I also decided I was going to fight to get the most out of this one, because I normally run at the first sign of trouble. I don't care for conflict of any kind at all. As adults most things should be able to be worked out, because either you want to or you dont want to.I have prayed and prayed, and I felt this guy was for me, because I felt like I had done all the right things.He had all of the qualities that I was looking for and we matched very well in a reading. Maybe I hve not focused as hard as I should. I will try to write all of the qualities that I would like in a man. I am just exhasted! Thanks again to the both of you.

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