Insight needed. Psychic, tarot etc will be appreciated.

  • I have been building a small business for a few years and now I am starting to see the fruit of my labor. I have been trying to conceive since the beginning of this year. But at the same time husband is starting his own business that will require him to travel often. I don't know if we can handle having a baby and two businesses altogether. My husband's business is new so it would take some time before it picks up. I know the stress and work involved I've been through it with mine. I don't think he can handle the stress of having a baby and run the business at the same time, knowing him. He would surely be happy, he has always wanted a baby.

    I'm wondering is anyone can give me insight about this. Should we delay having a baby? or should one of us give up our business? Any insight will do whatever your expertise is.

  • When it comes to planning to have a child, you need to be NOT stressed and more relaxed in your routine. Stress had been shown to be harmful to pregnant woman and can bring on miscarriage.

    Perhaps, it would be best to do some research on the effects of stress on the body. That will give you more of a clue as to how to plan for the future.

  • true Firefly I was thinking of that. we'll have to take it a little at a time for now. I really want to make it work for the baby.

  • I feel your husband is well mannered and polite, he would love a child. I have often had people refer to a new business, as the baby. The two both need lots of love and hard work, if they are to grow and develop. Depending on what you put in to your business, mirrors the outcome. Planning is a great tool, as with business, it is very important. There are many soft options to think through, which I think have crossed your mind already, childminders, flexi - time and working from home are options. It's very difficult to ask any person to give up a business, but easier to blend the three items. Many more modern working environments actually encourage bringing baby to work and have special pamper areas. Also maybe employ someone part-time to give mum and dad some family time.

  • true Mordorr he is a wonderful person, he would make a great dad. He is always a hard worker and now that he sees I am ready to have a baby, he is even more determined to make his business works out. yeah we call our businesses as babies 🙂 my business is home based and by apptment so my time for the baby is assured. his business is in sales so he travels a lot and will be travelling more in the future. we will need to make some plans for all these.

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