A visitor from a past life??

  • If anyone can offer any help or insight about this, it would be most appreciated...

    Recently, via an internet dating site, I was contacted by a man interested in chatting and exploring relationship possibilities. He admitted he was married and I immediately e-mailed him back that I did not get involved with married men.

    He sent back a respectful reply , apologizing for wasting my time. Something made me answer that e-mail, and we gradually started talking: mainly about his dysfunctional marriage.

    In the course of our chats, I asked him whereabouts he lived: since I had lived in the same town at one point..

    Anyway, a few more questions and answers: and we found out he actually lives in the same house I had lived in when I resided in that town.. He turned on his webcam so I could see: I didnt believe him...He was actually chatting from the same room that had been my bedroom..

    Anyway, we both felt a compelling connection...but he decided that he could not actually cheat on his wife....and we said goodbye several days ago.

    This entire experience has me totally unnerved. I am just wondering if this is a soul I was close to in a former life??? It is just too much for it to be a coincidence!!!

    Any help insights or advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

  • Hi there tiggersmom6 (interesting name),

    I'd say this connection was made as he was tuning in to the soul energy you'd left behind. You must be a very strong soul indeed to have left so much energy behind! There is a past life connection between the two of you and your karma in this life is, I feel, to stay true to the present rather than try and recapture what was "lost". This sounds a bit cryptic I know, but if you think about it, that's exactly what happened! He chose not to cheat on his wife, even though there is a lot of common ground between you.

    Funny though: I don't feel this connection will remain severed forever. It's always hard to see waaaay into the future, but I get the sense that your paths will cross again in that distant future and a relationship will form between you. I also feel that somehow, some way, you should keep the contact with this man. I can't see exactly WHY, but it feels like it's important for both of you. In other words, don't lose his email address, or forget his name, etc. (that's if he told you what his proper name is). I realise this all sounds a bit double-edged, but I just get this loud and clear: TIME IS NOT RIGHT NOW, BUT THE FUTURE WILL BRING RESOLUTION.

    Let me know if any of this sits right with you! I feel a bit odd writing it, but out it came just the same ... 🙂

  • cris 1962...this is a very belated reply to your wonderful answer. I haven't been on these boards for a long time..so just read your response..

    Actually, he has contacted me several times since our initial contact..Both times...wanted to arrange a friendly meeting...we spoke via telephone several times...and then..he chose..again..to remain faithful to his marriage vows.

    I also feel very strongly that we will connect again at some point...that I have not heard the last from him.

    Thank you for your words about my being a strong soul. That makes me feel..good, somehow..

    One other thing...although I do not think I am particularly psychic...I do get flashes of insight about people from time to time. Whenever I think about thiis man's wife..I see flashing blue lights..

    But for right now, still trying to navigate the strange world of internet dating.

    Thanks again! 🙂

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