Help understand what these cards mean together please

  • Hi, I started tarot cards and am still having a hard time connecting the cards. I did a spread on if a certain person likes me more than just a friend or just as a person. I feel they care about me but I don't know in what way. I did the past, present, and future spread. In the past Position I got Knave of pentacles, in the present position I got 10 of pentacles reversed and in the future position I got 4 of wands. Does anyone know what these cards together mean? I would appreciate the help.

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  • Hi Dawn, The page pent is only just beginning his journey towards his vision in the 10P and a lack of stability and financial foundation is suggested by the rx card, the 4 is reflecting your question of whether you will put down roots together but you may be jumping the gun, something is wrong with the financial and learning goals of the page for the outcome to be rx 10.

    There may also be a false picture of wealth.

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