• Could you help with a situation I'm dealing with.

    If not it's okay. I get that it's a pretty random forum

    Sometimes it's like a pick a mix.

    I'm still curious to what you might think on a situation I have been having. I'm looking for another perspective and

    Opinion. I won't keep this thread going but I thought it would be good to try just once.

  • Bump. If you missed the thread it's okay I know I have had some advice would just like your opinion to. I hope your doing well Blmoon.

  • what is your question

  • I was just having trouble with some friends of mine.

    A man and a woman. Theybhave been in and out of my life since I was younger and I know they're like a mirror mask of my parents and myself however they always keep coming back and we end up argumin more than being friends. it's more to do with asking about a connection between this man who I really feel connected to I have tried to let go a few times but it's like.I get drawn back in and I guess I'm. Worried about that. I know I do it to myself however it's just been on going for about three years and they don't help by how they treat me and it's like I know I loved this man just insecure to leave and maybe feel like.he means something to me. But we've been through a lot of emotional turmoil. He use to be really friendly caring and always there I think I always remember the good parts so I end up wanting to go back despite that if been hurt a number of times. This woman gets in the way but I don't understand why. However I have been told it's okay to not understand everything always. It just hurts a lot still. They both run a chat room together and things have happened within it. I try to avoid it now. but the man is still on my. Mind and keeps coming back up on and off but don't know why it's really bzzare and hard. I was wondering if you could pick up anything about the man and woman they're both linked but me and the woman don't like each other, she' caused a bit of friction between me and him to.

    Just trying to understand the situation better I supposs. I'm sort of afraid of him.coming back but at the same time apart of me wants him to.

  • Also the man is psychic and he is about 55. if always spent time around those older than me. He is Pisces to. He helped me a lot in the beginning and I guess I'm afraid he might forget me. I suppose apart of me doesn't mind but another part is still confuzed.

  • you have more insight than you realize but the part of you that has issues with abandonment and feeling safe is holding on to a a survival tactic that you started in your childhood. We all need to love and be loved...yet if we are taught not to trust love it really binds us to painfully close off to the risk. So we choose distant internal loving. We attach to people who are unavailable and though we have moments of feeling love there is also a let down....the repeated wound we carry. I say we....because your journey is not uncommon. You have not healed yet. Awareness is the beginning of healing.....when we can without judgement of ourselves say oh oh.....My wounded self is doing that thing again. We cannot change who we are but we can manage our wounds. But it does take a real intention at first and in reality like an addiction our impulses are big and we feel the craving like cigarettes or any other addiction. This man is your addiction. The woman represents the wound of helplessness. You see yourself having no power compared to her. Somewhere early your emotions where shut down by a very in control was a facade. The woman saw herself as being strong but really she was shut down and was afraid of emotions. Pisces are naturally psychic and they shy from sticky situations. The slippery fish can love in the moment but prefers to not be tied down....they hate drama....many of the nicer ones are real people pleasers and prefer to be diplomatic than hurt anyones feelings. They are easy to feel safe with but disappear a lot. The woman is not as diplomatic and feels it's best to burst delusional bubbles as a kind gesture .......she feels honesty is more helpful. You two are from different planets. There is no right or wrong just the inability for either of you to understand each that sense arguments are not productive. I think you know exactly what you need to do but it scares you and will be uncomfortable for awhile. But when we do the work the universe backs us up. Loving yourself is your intention if you want to heal. Enjoying yourself alone takes awhile but will attract the right people to your life. A strong female mentor will come into your life once you feel safe enough. We break the cycle of parental wounds when we realise that through our lifetime we will be offered many mothers ready to teach us and love us. They are waiting ahead for you to let go of your comfort zone with this man. I know you don't want to hear this but it's in your best interest towards healing to let this man go. You can do this. BLESSINGS!

  • Hey Blmoon thank you. I just doesn't always feel very nice. it takes a while. I hope I can let go and stop the need to be needed by him and addicted to her. I can't get to. Him.unless she let's me and that doesn't seem to be very fair in friendship and I feel trapped between them both. It hurt's a lot but I do understand a bit. My emotions did shut down for a while at the beginning so I didn't really understand. I kept coming back because I wanted him to care again and be there as comfort. Yeh we are both from different planets in a sense I really get that. If u mean spiritually speaking. We both have trouble understandin eachother. It just feels harsh because it's happened before with another woman and I am afraid I won't be able to love someone else properly unless this man I now I have properly let go. Because he pops into my mind on and off. It's like an addiction I suppose. I don't think it's really healthy either. I just feel like they want to hurt me purposly and there needs to be an off button somewhere with this situation. She does do exactly what u said. But also I felt she gets insecure and jealous and she took him away from me. She told me this in an email because she said she sore something in me and knew I was hurtful or something. It's like she changed the views around onto me and acused me of a lot of the things that happened. He doesn't stick up for me either and just let her. But yet another part of myself feels like he might come back and help but never does. Prooberbly the wounded part of myself mand maybe denyin it the situation. Not wanting to see it. I don't want to miss opportunities here in the real world. However until.I know he's gone for good and won't come back and know I won't let him. In I won't beable to focus on anything else.cause it just hurts my current physical partnerships. It's affected them twice. so it's not healthy. Thankyou Blmoon. He just felt safe and secure for along time and I don't want to forget what he did for me at least that part and the real parts.

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