• Hello,

    I recently started another thread. But I am not sure if the person I addressed it to has seen it yet. I just really need some understanding.

    Lately I've been dealing with health issues, and it's leaving me feeling like I would never get help. It's issues of the throat and because of it I haven't been eating so well and I fear that will always be the case.

    On the plus side I am trying to stay positive and hope that one day things will work out.

    Also because I fell into depression and anxiety, I decided it was time to make some changes. I don't want to continue to live like that. So I guess the question is how should I go about it? I am not

    Sure if what I am doing now will help to make changes for my future.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Well I'm not sure if my advice will help much, since I'm still on a similar path to you. However finding understanding isn'the

    Always easy. But I do believe it's not impossible.

    Just some people aren't always willing to really listen or understand. We have to find the right people to see us for who we are. But even then it's just scratching the surface.

    I think it's because we communicate in different ways, more than we realise or I have ever realized that there is more than one way of communicating and understanding. On a personal level. You could seek out a medical health expert , I suppose I should do the same but it's the motivation behind it and who to trust. herbs and natural remedies do help aid in health. I know that much. if you Google online to for some health advice

    Or support from health experts that could always benefit you.

    I have had many a struggle with my own health but self care really seems to work out well and being able to look out for yourself. I found that if you don't no one else will. sometimes you can be stronger on your own that with others. But I have had some great companionship with a fee good people. That can help to. Best of luck.

  • Thank you Sundanzer, for taking the time out to respond. You are right about

    Self care. I am working on that but at times I get discouraged. Thanks for that


  • Hello Fiercetika,

    I feel that with your personality it is all or noting and not enough of the gray in between.

    You now know that you have health problems and that you can not walk away from them and have a good quality life health wise.

    You all ready have taken a step forward by coming here and asking for understanding. Next you will find people that perhaps you have asked your angels to help you heal coming in your life. There is a Helen here and a John Jr. Tom is a name that comes in here also as either spirit guide or those whom you will meet soon.

    A clinic is present here in which you may be visiting and it will be a place you will come to enjoy walking through the doors to and may even find yourself working there in the future in some capability.

    Your Mother comes in here and she and you looks like some dark area's need healing here and in time they will be in the manner in which is healthy for you both.

    I see a little boy around you about five years old and he is a jewel in have in your life as he is spiritual and wise beyond his years.

    You will soon feel like the world is a wonderful place to be dwelling in on your own terms also with a bit of help from above.

    Best to you,


  • MistofEmerald, hey I'll like to thank you for also responding to me I really appreciate it. It's funny that you mentioned that I am all or nothing, I thought that I did sometimes dabble in the gray area.

    You are right on the health problems it's something I know that I can no longer push away and avoid. So this will be the first time I actually took my health seriously. I sort of had a childlike attitude towards my health just thought I'll be ok, but now I know it can really catch up to you.

    I'm also really interested in the possible spirits guides that you mentioned. How do I talk to them? Would I just ask for a sign out loud?

    The clinic I think you may be referring to might be the therapy I recently got into. So far I've only had two sessions but I feel it will really benefit me in the long run.

    My mother yes we have some issues that we have to work on together. I know she always means well but at times can rub me the wrong way. Hopefully we'll be able to resolve some of those issues together in counseling.

    As for the little boy, there is no one at the moment that I know of around 5 years old. But I am a new mom to a little boy he is one years old now and consistently around me. Maybe that's who you may be seeing?

    Thanks again.

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