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  • Hi! I've been doing tarot for about a year now, but still have trouble understanding how to understand the meaning of spreads as a whole. I just did a celtic cross spread and the last time I did it was back in April and there are a lot of similar cards but in different positions. I'd love some help in best understanding this (or advice of if how I'm reading this is correct) *Note I used the Wild Unknown Deck

    1. The current situation / heart of the matter: Father (King) of Swords

    ( I got this card for the "outcome" position previously)

    2. Crossing: The Wheel of Fortune

    (Was in the "Past position" previously)

    3. Goals / what to aim towards: The Star

    4: Past: The Chariot

    5. Attitudes and beliefs: The Sun

    6: Future influence: 4 of Pentacles

    7: The Seeker: Mother (Queen) of Pentacles

    8: Other influencers: 10 of wands

    (Opposing factor previously)

    9: Advice: Daughter (Page) of Wands

    10: Outcome: Son of Pentacles

    (Current situation previously)

    It's interesting that the "future outcome" was my previous situation and the current situation now was my future out come before...so confusing, but definitely has meaning.

    Overall I think it's saying that I need to get to the heart of the situation through critical thinking (King of Swords), Embrace the ups and downs (Wheel of Fortune), Aim for positivity, peace and hope (the star), learn from past achievements (the chariot), I believe that there's clarity and enlightenment (The Sun). Not completely sure about future influence, but I think it’s a warning if I don’t change my current attitude and open myself up to more (4 of pentacles). For me, I think this is saying that I do or need to represent being sensible, true to myself, loving towards all (Queen of Pentacles.) 10 of wands represents the negativity and burdens from the outside. Not completely sure about the Page as advice, I get this in the advice frequently, It could mean not to get caught up in these negative influences. For the future outcomes, I’m not entirely sure of this either one either.

    I appreciate any thoughts you have! Thank you!

  • Hi,

    I guess your interpretation is 'correct'. This spread is all about putting the elements together and make sense out of them, the 'future outcome' card should help you with this, in a way it sums up all the meanings of the previous cards and helps you understand future consequences.


  • If the celtic cross is too advanced use three cards until you understand what you are doing without a lot of help. There is no way to help you without knowing the precise question; those cards randomly can mean a bunch of things.

  • Just keep reading and practicing, you will find your own way and then you will start trusting what you read. The cards and the spreads are just tools to help you understand. They give you guild lines of what can be, Because everyone is different and has different gifts that doesn't mean it is cookie cutter and can only be one way. Figure out what works for you, for me I use a version of the Celtic cross but I have blurred the lines where they don't mean what other people have put in books as guild lines. I made it personal and it works for me... The reason I use this style is I feel it gives me more information, but can be more confusing. I love it when a reading flows but then there are times when it is choppy and jumps one way then the other.

    I hate to say it but, Time, Patients and Trust will be the answer and you are thinking well I want to know if I am on the right track, am I doing it right, what can I do to make it better...how do I know I'm right?..... Time, Patients and Trust.....There is no right or wrong, keep going and one day you will be doing a reading and you just know you nailed it...make it yours...


  • Hi laluna, because there's no question I can only read generally and I hazard a vague guess this is focused on career and finances.

    1. The current situation / heart of the matter: King of Swords - Critical thinking, logic etc as your skills.

    2. Crossing: The Wheel of Fortune- things that are outside of your control are crossing you, maybe linked to travel and transport but whatever, you may be waiting on a change of circumstances.

    3. Goals / what to aim towards: The Star - Often points at a special gift but also issues around healthy self esteem and sexuality.

    4: Past: The Chariot. Progress has been made to get you to where you are now, keeping the reigns balanced.

    5. Attitudes and beliefs: The Sun - this is your vision of your ambitions and dreams tied into the qualities of the king and the queen.

    6: Future influence: 4 of Pentacles - financial security.

    7: Queen of Pentacles - Qualities of the queen.

    8: Other influencers: 10 of wands - heavily burdened by the weight on your shoulders but success none the less.

    9: Advice: (Page) of Wands - is a spark of an idea on career or you may already be following through.

    10: Outcome: Page P - Course of education and setting realistic financial goals for the future.

  • Interesting spread you have here. It reminds me of Dr. Doolittle's "pushmi-pullyu," loaded with trump cards on the front end and court cards on the back end. It looks to me like a good idea (King of Swords) got a lot of positive reinforcement (Wheel of Fortune, Star, Chariot, Sun) but all that energy will probably get stuffed into a very narrow box (4 of Pentacles). It could be a case of Insufficient resources or excessive caution, or maybe the bank won't come through with the loan. (I'm just guessing here, I read the CC in a more "organic" or "gestalt" manner, not so much card-by-card).

    I should note that I use Eden Gray's CC layout and an older model that considers the "cross" (more like a "wheel" per Gray) section to be mainly about the question itself and the "staff" section to be more about the querent's reactions to development of the question.

    The Queen of Pentacles seems rather complacent about the outfall from the 4 of Pentacles, and seems resigned to "carrying the load" (10 of Wands). The Page of Wands really wants a "reboot" but the Knight of Pentacles (if "daughter" is Page, "son" must be Knight) isn't in a big hurry to get to it, although he most likely will in his own time. The first five cards look like the "vision" and the last five more like the "reality." Speaking of the court cards, the last two could be people you may be relying on to help move things forward, especially the Knight of Pentacles.

    Bottom liner is "slow and steady wins the race."

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