Would like a reading please

  • 4-17-66

  • Want to know how my finances look for the next 6-7 months?

  • You're going to have to be very careful about your finances and that you don't waste money on amusements, entertainments, adventures, socializing or distractions, or spend it too quickly or thoughtlessly. You are inclined to scatter your energies now and undertake too many things at the same time. You can safely take some time off to enjoy yourself, but resist the temptation to completely give in to having a good time; keep your goals in mind. You could also have big ideas and plans, as your mind is filled with dreams. However, you need to be aware of a tendency to be attracted to impractical ventures at times. A generally frivolous attitude in business matters can cause rash decisions and impractical, unfinished schemes. As well, your energy can vary greatly from one period to the next, so take advantage of the “high” periods in order to offset the possible loss in productivity during the low-energy stages. You may be dealing with some power struggles regarding possessions and finances and you may need to rethink how you handle money matters. Persistence will pay off in the end, though, and the need to remove yourself from overly stressful situations can become essential. Circumstances may be such that you need to handle money much more carefully. But as long as you can maintain your focus and don't become scattered, you will reach and exceed your financial goals at this time.

  • PS. You may have some compulsive and impulsive spending patterns at any time, not just this year, and you can sometimes behave frivolously with money. You are not going to suddenly strike it rich but you can earn it through being creative in 2016. Ultimately, the state of your finances depends upon the process you follow (especially in 2017) - a patient process of planning and preparation that excludes skipping any steps or cutting corners - and whether you have prepared for an occupation that makes best use of your skills. If not, self-doubt may leave you doing 'a little bit of this, a little bit of that.'

  • Thank you...Hope you don't mind me asking another question. I am concerned if I should believe this guy I have started texting to for about 2 weeks now. Like is he really telling me the truth of things such as is he really in military(he has been deployed at the time we started chatting and says he can only text I don't know but I would think you couldn't have cell phone when deployed to another country), the name he given me is true, is he married etc.? I am worried about my heart being broken again.

  • I would need his date of birth in order to tune into his vibes.

  • Sorry forgot about that it 5-5-71

  • I believe this guy is upfront and honest. Yes, soldiers can have the use of cell phones while on deployment. But he is wary of love matters and you may be sensing that he is holding back out of caution. Which is perfectly normal since the two of you really don't know each other well enough yet. You Faithfulone may be expecting a bit much from a two week conversation. Your friend also may feel that now that he is deployed, the relationship might fall away so he doesn't want to invest too much in it if it is going nowhere.

    But if you can weather any problems that can occur, I do feel this can be a good love relationship, though it might work more easily as a friendship. The basis of this relationship can be an intense interest in social equality, supported by firm ideals and high ethical standards. Both of you have strong feelings of responsibility toward your fellow human beings, and are fair and responsive in your daily relations with others. Both of you dislike discrimination in any form. Your relationship, then, will often assume a role in some form as protector of the weak and poor. Philanthropic or socially concerned organizations will benefit from your efforts together. Like I said, friendship is likely to work well here, with relatively few problems. But it doesn’t necessarily follow that romantic or sexual feelings between you will develop into a love affair. Both of you are most often passionately drawn to people far different from yourselves - particularly people who are disadvantaged, unusual or exotic, or from widely divergent racial, social or national backgrounds. Yet this matchup can make for an excellent marriage as long as the two of you don’t feel that you are compromising your lofty ideals.

  • Thank you for the insight, I am so hesitate thou I don't know what I am going to do but give more time.

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