Aries, Capricorn, Gemini triangle :(

  • I'm in a relationship with a wonderful man, but the spark has gone. His birthday = June 3, 1982 and he is focused on starting his business now, so me, being the Aries I am, have been feeling neglected. But, that is not why I pine over Cappy = January 6, 1980. Have been missing him not because I want to (I don't) but because I can't seem to control my heart. I've healed it, but I can't control it. I've had an astrologist tell me Cappy loves me and Gemini is not the one for me. Another told me I would meet someone after Cappy (Gemini), but that I would end up with Cappy again. On paper and in life circumstances, it seems the exact opposite. Can anyone shed some light on my heart and life circumstances hidden from my understanding, please? I'm an old soul, but I cannot figure this out alone. Should I just be alone and forget about both of them? I'm at a loss, and very confused. My birthday is March 30, 1984.

  • Your birth year is the year of the Rat, and the Capricorn's is year of the Monkey, so it's no surprise you can't let him go, those two signs are super-compatible! However as he's a Capricorn, a stubborn Earth sign, and you're an independent Aries, I can see there"d be conflict sometimes. My advice is to listen to each other and try to see each others point of view when you fight if you get back with him. The Capricorn does sound like a good match for you, but only you know for sure. If you aren't happy with the Gemini, then you should not stay in the relationship regardless of the Capricorn. But if you are, think carefully before chucking a good relationship because of pining for an old love. (I have done that, and it's not a good idea). Whatever you choose, good luck!

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