Hey Captain

  • Hello Captain,

    Nice to see that you're still around. It's been awhile since I've last been on this board, but I decided to come back and look at some of the topics I've started.

    You were such a great help to me back then. But unfortunately I was to young to understand some of what you told me. Now that I am much older I can see things more clearly.

    It's only now after going through a rut, depression, anxiety and issues with my health that I see it's important to fully love myself; not that I didn't before I just never made it a priority.

    I guess I'll like to know what do you see for me in the near future? I've barely scratched the surface of awakening but I feel change coming. I want to be more wiser and stronger. I want to be an awesome mom to my son. And just a secure woman.

    As a reminder my birthday: 2/28/91. Thanks in advance

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