How do I get back on good terms with my Gemini lover?

  • I am a Virgo Libra cusp born September 22 with my moon in Libra and sun in Virgo. have been involved with a Gemini man I am still in love with for about 7 months. About a month ago he became distant when I was angry with him for hitting up other women online. He is busy his friend says. I text this man I love and he says he has priorities. he is too distant and very much an air sign with his moon in Aquarius.

    A much older friend said he does not look at me in a good way. This senior Scorpio may be hating too because the man she wants is rarely where we all go and told me he is not into her like she wants. My older friend is in love with someone she can not date. I dated my Gemini. Her words seems so vindictive whether they are true or not.

    Most of this Geminis shared online messages are short and this goes for other people as well, who ask him why he is not around lately where we often see him. I removed him from my Facebook. I blocked him and his friend recently. This lover was always weird. We slept together quickly. Beyond in a few months that he seemed to care for awhile and was telling me he loved me and I was his queen. This gemini has asked me to never leave him but in true metamorphesis style he has evolved and turned into a winged messenger who has flown away.

    He has been disrespectful too trying to grab on my private areas in a public place where this is a straight up no no. It used to be a joke to me but the disrespect got worse. I always kept a distance and loved this person from a distance. We did not get together all the time. I can not cling if I am not with someone every weekend.

    After being confronted for Facebook cheating. my Gemini man started treating me like a stranger after I told him not to hit up everyone but me with sexy comments. He ignores me unless he want money or something else. I know I will see him from time to time at the place I go to. I do not want to leave this place. It is for my well being.

    This man has always has time to tell one specific female friend how great and beautiful she looks. I never got one beautiful comment online from him. This woman looks no better than me but she is what he denies he always goes for a Latina with long hair and a nice smile. She is younger looking too.

    This woman he wants has a seductive look like a few others he lusts for. This guy often told me he likes freaky women. As I observe her photos closer. She appears to be a caretaker type who likely was caring for this man when he had a stroke around the time he says he met her. This man was in a nursing home after he had a bad fall.

    I wish he would hook up with his long term female friend already and show his evil half, so this tough looking female my ex-lover wants can let her angry side out lol.. This guy walked out on his ex when she became emotional returned a few times and walked out again. Than he blocked her and moved on. We never actually confirmed a break up in words.

  • You need to face the truth - this guy doesn't love you in return - he is using you for sex and money. He has other women. He ignores you. He disrespects you. Why would you love him? You cannot claim someone who doesn't want to be claimed. This guy is an abuser and you deserve so much better. Don't put up with this abuse.

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