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  • I'm working on a missing person case. Of course, the family would like to know the whereabouts. I don't feel the person is w/us anymore. I've made a connection. If you feel you can help or inclined this way let me know. Perhaps confirmation might help...

  • not sure this is your connection.....I see railroad tracks....not one but several that crisscross.....lots of metal structures including those tall round grain bins. The person I see is young female small build.....she is climbing and stumbling but I do not see her crying out or in fear...she is unaware of any danger. She is wearing shorts and tennis shoes. She is more silly than fearful......calls herself clutzy.....says stuff like I need to get my shit together. I see the number 13 and a large letter L. I have other spirits stepping forward as well so if she is not the one I will pass on a male spirit who stands behind her wanting my attention. Missing persons are heard to find. Lots of them out there! It would be painful to connect to the family. I do get that someone has a very good hunch and this will be solved .....I get number 3 so could mean days weeks or months or the third month. My hunch is within 3 months.

  • Blmoon, I'll pass this on to the 2 family members I'm working with. Thank you for responding. I'll tell you about it in case you receive anything else. It's a male in his 30's. He and his sister and her BF "bingeing" drugs, as the mother calls it. He was visiting sister for a couple days. Don't know who else was there. Family said there's a lot of coming and going from the sister's and BF's house. He left most of his belongings--pocket knife, shirt, backpack, phone in sister's house. Stepped out late to smoke and never came back. A neighbor saw him at 1:30 am and said he looked real distant and was looking at the sky. He's been missing for about 8 months. He was wearing jeans, t-shirt and no shoes--that's it.

    I've picked-up things that gave the family confidence. I'm drawn to the color blue, sky blue. A ring that he wore (his sister said she gave it to him.) A door that looks bent like someone broke into it--the sister was in jail for robbery of a habitation and she also kicked in the bedroom door when the mom was questioning the BF. I kept getting the image of an older man w/mouth open and drawn in appearance. Ducks--a nickname. I drew a picture of the images of the man. I feel the ring may be a clue as they may find it lodged somewhere. I haven't got a location although I feel he was dropped a distance. The police never did a search for him or anything forensic.

    There are RR tracks close by to where he was last seen. Let me know if you get anything else, esp location. I'll have to pass this on to the family. Thanks for helping.

  • Blmoon, ok, talked to his sister this am. There are RR tracks and some grain bins by a small trailer park where 2 girls live that are friends and connected w/this whole scenario as some of the comings and goings (regulars.) Anything else would be greatly appreciated...

  • OH I got goosebumps! So it's a definite connection. The female makes sense......I got that the female was either naturally an immature goofball or a drug addict and what I was seeing was her being high.....the climbing and hanging around a place that was secluded at night....a druggy hangout. I saw her trying to climb down from a metal structure and she got her right foot stuck and twisted behind her but laughed about it..... instead of feeling the danger......If the man behind her is showing me her than I think it means she knows what happened or he's trying to tell me the collective state of mind of the people he hung out with. They did dangerous things without fear.......they were not real friends, had no sense of loyalty and entertained themselves at other's expense. This is a drug related tragedy. The man I see is not laughing....he is a dark shadow...sad...confused. He says this is no joke. I see him in T shirt and jeans......but that's common.....he is medium height and when he walks he mostly shuffles. He is dark...not black dark but like surrounded by shadow......very sad.....his hair is dark...and he has beautiful hair not long but a bit of wavy curl on top. He is reaching out with one arm.....has fallen on his back....his last memory of that night is the glow of some kind of light fixture or streetlight . He's looking at the sky. I can not tell if this person is dead other than feel a coldness and lack of energy about him. Some living drug addicts who have gone too far feel like that....I do pick up that he feels a sense of scary unbelievable reality which would make sense if he was involved. He says....this wasn't supposed to happen. The night the brother went missing...he was waiting for a drive by....a drug hookup....the transaction should of been short....a quick ride and done. He or his sister owed money and prayed he'd get fronted. He says one more time God and I will get my life together. His sister and boyfriend have kept big secrets.......there is a lot of paranoia around hardcore addicts and bad mouthing each other. His sister was considered suspect and had stolen and there were allegations she was turning in names to save herself. She owed drug money and her brother walked into her big mess. Not that he was innocent but had no idea how dangerous things were. He believed his sister's side of things. I'm hearing that the drug connection is attached to her boyfriend . I see another man awkward looking lanky guy....light hair and his hair is odd.....combed upward to a center peak.....he's wearing a short sleeved dress shirt unbuttoned all the way and tan baggy shorts. He has a homemade tattoo he claims he got in jail but he acts big but's dark blue or faded black and crude...meant to be initials I think. He's wearing big clunky shoes untied no socks. He cackles when he laughs. His father or male older man has some kind of position of authority. I'm being shown another tattoo....a crown....don't think it's attached to the thin guy....this feels bad violent who ever it belongs to.......a big cocky smile....a gold tooth...could be real or represents he's the money man and golden talker....this guy toys with others......surrounds himself with sad people he can dominate. He is ruthless and could easily watch someone die with no guilt. The name Cory is connected to him as well as BJ or big Jim. And I hear THE I think he is to be feared as the enforcer or the man who settles debts and problems. I'm being showed so much about this group of connections! I need a break. I am being told the drugs that night were not normal but a counterfeit mix of extra potency. The police would assume the missing person went missing on purpose to avoid harm for owing money or a theft. His phone would of shown calls from a no name or number reveal. The authorities could have gotten past that. Let me give this more time to see what comes through...I'm getting so much at once. That sad young man in the shadow really sticks out and the girl he showed me first is definitely tied by love to him.....he felt protective of her. It is hopeful to think he took a fall for her and disappeared on purpose leaving stuff behind and the shadow is his will to be hidden. But he does feel also to be passed on. I can't say that for sure yet. But feel positive this will be solved. I would have not been given such a good description of that place if it were not important so the best connection hides there.

  • Blmoon, The dark shadowy figure sounds like the brother who is missing. He has dark hair and the physical description fits him. He was 6'2". He had depression and was recently diagnosed as bi-polar/schizophrenic. His sister said that when he was high he was more introverted and paranoid. There are two girls who live by the RR tracks that are part of this scenario, like I said. The missing brother's sister (the one w/the BF) has and is estranged from the family for awhile, even before this happened. So, it's not like they're up to speed on these people which makes it hard. The missing brother was very close to his mother and rest of the family. He was trying to get his life back together. Was looking forward to starting a new job. So, like you said, one more time then I'll get my life back together. Do you think when the girl fell he was there and he fell too. I've seen images where it appears people are looking down like someone fell. So, I've gotten this falling thing too. I have a feeling this will help the family make sense of things or make a lot of sense. Also, I've gotten the image of a hand clinching something as if holding something like maybe climbing up or trying to climb up. Are you getting something similar. It feels to me that at some point he tried to climb. I also feel that this is where the ring came off. Today, got a shadowy image of his face (like you said) and a pot plant. Called his sister and he smoked it a lot. There's some connection there I feel. I'm going to pass this onto his sister and she may want to contact you here on this thread. Thanks for all your help!

  • I get a lot of images in my readings and they can be literal or a symbol.......I do not know why spirit shows me the girl being silly reckless and her foot and right leg twisted behind her and looking down from a metal structure. It could be for real and it could mean she got herself into a jam. I got the feeling too the shadow man was the missing man but I try not to inject opinions but just throw out what I see. Doing readings for people who have lost loved ones who are mentally ill is my specialty. Usually, there is a suicide and the family needs closure, often they don't even know their loved one was members often see them as purposely mean or hateful in their behaviours. Mental illness is so tragic and hard to control events. Anyway, it makes sense why the shadow man was so distant. I did get the paranoid atmosphere but that's common in the adict world. Usually if the person has passed they take me through their last day and I am inside them feeling every is very real. This man is not connecting like fact the feeling around him is of hiding and disconnect......he describes it as to falling down the rabbit hole.....he just knows he is fine in his mind for awhile then he's out of control and nothing is real when that happens he is very paranoid and lost. For people like him there are triggers.....visiting his sister was not good at all....he would of reacted badly and just being near her mess would have triggered a psychotic episode. Also had he been doing well for awhile and then tried to do drugs again at the level of his sister he could of overdosed.......bipolars do have a greater tolerance so maybe not. This is all assumption. I sense that the sister is as well mentally ill but does not get treatment......they usually become estranged from family. I think it would make sense he ran off and the mentally ill can disappear for years. They can drift through homeless other ill people and cling there for awhile etc. That's why the police would give little effort to finding them. Seeing the falling could also mean a falling out between him and his sister and her boyfriend. I am seeing that he did not like his sister's boyfriend. I hear crazy fighting....and paranoia surrounding things the sister has done. Her brother was afraid for her and wanted to save her but he instead went into a psychotic episode. I believe he was waiting for a drug hookup that night he went missing......his sister begged him to do it as she was not getting any hook ups .....he didn't want to yet she wouldn't let up and put a guilt trip on him. He was praying outside cos he had been doing so good but felt himself slipping away. He did give in and do more than pot. The boyfriend knows the missing man was kind of set up........he and his girlfriend owed the dealer and didn't care about the possible backlash. When her brother got picked up the dealer threatened him and drove him around scaring him. They said they should kill him for what his sister had done. At some point they forced him to shoot up and he thought he was going to die........they then dumped him by the area I describe. That is were he passes out. I hear hiding and confused. I do not see any other locations. Psychics do not have special powers....we just pass along what spirit gives. I do sense that something must play out with the sister and boyfriend before this is solved. But as I said....spirit does say loud and clear it will be solved.

  • Blmoon, I've never tried to connect w/someone that wasn't already passed/I didn't know if they've passed or not, missing or hiding. This is new to me. I just seem to have a connection w/him from trying to channel. A connection similar to other readings. From the info the family got from the sister w/the BF, he was on a bad trip and went outside to smoke and never returned. The family thinks he might have OD and the BF got rid of the body. A neighbor saw him at 1:30am, so sometime thereafter he was missing. However, the sister's BF called the missing man's mother at 4am 3 times on her cell. He then called her again at 7 to say he was missing. The sister never called the mother until 4pm the next day. The sister and mother gave me what he had left behind jacket, thermal shirt, cell and pocketknife, for a couple days to see what I could pick-up from his articles. His clothing had his scent on it still (and the surroundings) and it creeped me out, so much so, that I didn't want to be around it. I get an eerie feeling from it. It's the only time in my channeling experience that I've felt this way. I hope you're right about some closure. I try to go cold turkey as well and try not to interject my thoughts too much. I was trying to find some commonality between what I was picking-up and you. You've done an excellent job explaining what you see. There's another psychic working on this as well and am looking for some similar links between the 3 of us. The family is going to contact him Fri eve. I don't feel this will be solved. It's my hope that we can tap into the root of what happened and whose responsible. I did e-mail your responses to the family and I'll send the one above. I talked w/the sister today regarding it and she said it was "unbelievable", "so true" she said she couldn't begin to say how thankful she is. We plan on getting together again to talk. Let me know if you pick-up anything...

  • Geez...Can someone help me with my life. I could use a little guidance. My name is Keiona. Thanks

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