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  • Hello, I'm a new member and for a long time that I wonder how can astrology influence our life...

    If all is true we can/could be in a better position according to that is said.

    I wonder how sometimes it is said that we are having a wonderful day and in reality we feel terrible...

    Or even that we are having incredible luck and nothing happens...

  • Well, if you are reading the astrology pages in newspapers and magazines, they are by their nature very general. You should get a specific astrological reading just for you if you want more accuracy.

  • I'm not referring to newspapers or other similar. Even at a reading it has happened. I believe, like in all aspects of life, sometimes it is correct, others not.

  • Some things may be correct for you now and some may be yet to happen.

  • Or simply take too long to happen... and it's just a wish that won't take place...

  • It's not a question of wishing what you believe is best for you. We always see wha we call "Not good persons" that have the best of whatever... We see good persons that have to cross mountains to attain something... Call it karma, law of attraction, whatever. If Universe was or is correct we should have our "rewards" (and I'm not talking of financial ones) for good actions. It seems the opposite. Worse is better!

  • Hi SimplyaGirl,

    I think that free will is the biggest factor in determining what happens or does not in our lives - not just our own, but the free will of everyone else. Someone can give a "prediction" in a reading, but most situations in our lives involve so many other people and their individual choices that there are myriad ways any situation can evolve. If a reading gives a prediction, it is really just the reader picking up on one of those possible outcomes.

    Horoscopes should not be used for predictions either. They can be valuable if analyzed in a way to discover life path or purpose or to isolate certain times in your life that will be crucial or important, but not as a way to predict what will happen. In addition to free will, there are also so many ways to interpret a chart, symbols received clairvoyantly, tarot or oracle cards, etc. For instance, in astrology, the planet of Venus is tied to love and money; an "abundance" card might be pulled in tarot or angel cards. But does that necessarily mean money is coming someone's way? No. It could just mean that the subject in general will be of importance. Sometimes abundance shows up when a person is unemployed, broke and losing the ability to have hope for the future.

    As far as good things happening to others, yes it can be difficult to strive hard for something and feel that someone else who maybe hasn't worked as hard gets what you feel you deserve. But it's important to remember that you never know the full story of someone's life. A person with a lot of career success may have a child battling cancer. Karma can take a while to come full circle - oftentimes we aren't around to see it - and it also may not come back in the same form. In my 20's I could not understand how my boss had so much seemingly easy career success when he was such a user and manipulator. Soon, his wife cheated on him and left him in a way that was very humiliating to him. Later, he finally chose a woman based on authenticity instead of appearances, but just prior to their marriage she was decapitated in a car accident. Then his career came crashing down around him. We think that seeing someone get "what they deserve" will make us feel better, but it really doesn't. All of our life paths are different and we cannot even begin to understand the path of another so it's best to just focus on our own.

    Hope this helps a little bit.

  • Simply

    you look outside yourself too much.....comparing slights of unfairness between you and others is a symptom of not feeling safe. We can all line up and see the same view but it is through our own belief system that we decide our reality . If your core belief is that life is not fair that's what you will assume in others and while you are preoccupied with that....... all that is worthy of feeling abundantly grateful will go unnoticed. Yes there is tragedy and unfairness but there is also beauty and magic and bliss and harmony. You get to choose where to focus....the law of attraction is....where the focus goes grows......this is your part in creating your own reality choice. And never assume anyone's truth......pretty pictures can be deceiving. I once had a very dear friend I thought was a wife's dream....all his lady friends envied the way he spoiled his wife.....he so looked the part of prince charming. He spoke so sweetly of her to others. They had been married 35 years. Then one day he came out of the closet! He was gay! And his wife kept it secret and knew from day one and married him anyway under the promise he would never reveal his gayness and embarrass her or spoil that perfect picture...the big house the wonderful envious life of privilege and social admiration ....that was not! He came out full force and announced it to the world and she divorced him. All those envious ladies scratched their heads. I'm sure others were wiser and never assumed they where missing something his wife had.......there had to have been a few who saw through his pretty picture and said no man is that perfect!

  • Yes, Simply, you are assuming that the 'bad' people who have 'the best of everything' are happy because you think you would be happy with more money, status, power, etc. But you can be just as happy with what you have. In fact, if you are not happy inside, all the wealth and power and fame can not make you feel happy or fulfilled.

  • Hello to You All, I quite agree: to be happy you don't need to to be Rich, Famous or have any other item that our society assumes to be inherent to it. But we all agree that it helps a lot, yes it does. You can do whatever you want. Nevertheless, we are judge by all those items. We use to say: If you have money you have many "friends"...Of course we all know the meaning. It's not a question of simply thinking or believing how others may have a wonderful live. It's a way how many factors may lead to a determine ending which may or not be the result we want. This may have to do with astrology or not. I quite believe that perhaps, Good things happen to Bad People and the opposite also. Not always we get what we deserve! And I'm not talking in a material sense. Thanks a lot for your posts. Have a nice Day!

  • I think the point we were trying to make is you can't judge a person's life as "good" or "bad" and you certainly are not in a place to judge another person as "good" or "bad." If the issue is that you feel you are a "good" person and "bad" things are happening to you, then it's best to look within instead of without.

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