Help very confused

  • I recently split with my ex (veiw other posts for story) I miss him alot and I was very much in love with him. I met another guy recently I am very attracted to. I really wish my ex would come back for so many reasons. I am hesitant to move on until I know what my ex wants what should I do. Anyone has any insight as to what I should do?

  • My personal feeling is that you can't live your life waiting for somebody else to make a move. The surest way to find happiness and fulfillment in your own life is to live it as if he didn't exist. If at some point your ex comes around expressing his desires, then you will have the opportunity to see if or where he fits into the life that you've created while he was absent. This is by no means any psychic advice.'s just human advice, built from experience! Good luck to you!

  • I agree with sacogirl, move on with your life. If you met a new guy that brings you happiness. Let him do it! We have room in our hearts to love more than one person in our life. Let your guard down a little and even tho the new guy doesnt replace your ex you can still enjoy this relationship for what its worth. I just think of the song make new friends and keep the old, one is silver and the others gold. ( :

    I am kinda going through the same. i met a new guy that I am happy with and my ex started calling me and its hard because I am still not over him, never will be but I have to live my life based on whats happening now. not based on some idealized future I dreamed up. I feel like even though i love my ex he wasnt there for me and heres someone that wants to be there. Too little too late. but I am playing nice in the sandbox and letting my ex know we are friends and I care. Love the one you are with.

    Hope that helps you.

  • thank you ladies

  • Your welcome!

    And to both of you i have to say that i too, am in a similar situation. I parted ways with a man who I love dearly and who I know loves me, but the timing for us to be together is off. We both know what we mean to each other but realize that for various reasons we can't be least for now. In the meantime, I have met someone who I have begun to care deeply about and am moving forward with him in my life, in hopes to build a future together. With this said, I admit that I often think about my past love as he will always occupy a special place in my heart and sometimes I DO feel confused about what path I should take, however I also realize that I can't live my life in limbo, just waiting for the timing to be right. What is best for me is to move forward in my life, accept the situation for what it is, and continue to seek peace, happiness, and fulfillment by looking at the reality of my present and the possibilities of my future, without dwelling on the past, or "what could have been".

    It seems like there are really so many of us in this type of situation and I feel for anyone who is experiencing this internal conflict. I believe, however, that the bottom line is to look out for yourself, listen to your gut, and make choices that are best for you, "in the now".

    Good luck to all!

  • Hi JB, It's hard to toss something away that you cared for. I think you have an opportunity tho in the other person but take it slow. You might want to think about the reasons why ya'll split. That might help put everything in perspective for right now. I would enjoy your time with this new person and try not to concentrate too...hard about the other.

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