Interpretation needed!! Please . Need to make decisions

  • I choose this tarot and this what I have, Iam new and need assistance getting its meaning. For my interpretation looks good. I had no particular question in mind, by I am in love and applied for a new job.

    Past influences: 10 of Cups

    Present: the magigian

    Hopes and fears": 9 of swords

    Obtscles: Queen of Cups

    Others attitutes: 8 of cups

    Influences around you: strenght

    Outcome: Knight of Pentacles

  • So....what was the question you asked the tarot??

  • What does the future holds for me in terms of love and career

  • Past influences: I guess you've been very comfortable in both aspects before, so it's giving you the confidence to keep pushing forward. 10 of cups for me is a card of contentment.,

    Present: You are taking control, moving forward. Magician can be a card of power, of making your own future.

    Hopes and fears: You are obviously very anxious about succeeding. it seems like it's been weighing on your mind. But with the present as the magician it doesnt look like its actually stopping you.

    Obsticles: Hmmm...this could either represent a person, or maybe that your being too emotional? or not emotional enough? Queen of cups is very sensitive, intuitive, but has a good grip on her feelings. Maybe you just need to be more calm.

    Others attitudes: 'Others'? LOL like who? This is an odd position....I guess people see you as leaving behind a situation that isn't working for you, and going forward to something better? You are obviously taking steps to secure your future, by applying for jobs and putting your heart out there.

    Influences around you: Another powerful card. You seem to have good support in your life. People inspiring you to go for what you want with strong, but not forceful support.

    Outcome: Slow, but steady progress. It's not going to happen over night, but you will get your feet on the ground and have a stable life. It doesn't look like you have anything to worry about. Keep taking charge of your life, keeping a positive attitude, and not letting obstacles get in your way and you will get what you want. And stop worrying so much.

    Just as a side note, I dont like celtic crosses for seeing the future. Really, this more tells you about whats going on right now. But it's not looking bad at all.

  • Thank you MariaRia,

    It is my latino nature to worry about things. But if you can help once more, what kind of spread should I use to find out about my future, in particular I am in love with 2 men, can't decide who to keep. Any help , thanks

  • The cool thing is, people make up very specific spreads all the time. You just have to look on the internet. This website is amazing:

    They have all kinds of spreads for people in a love triangle, too. I think you have to join the forum to see them, though.

    Also, you can make up one yourself. Sit down, think about the information you want to know, and write the questions down on a piece of paper. So, like:

    1. What is good about person A?

    2. What is good about person B?

    3. How will person A treat me?

    4.How will person B treat me?

    Once you have figured out all your questions, concentrate, shuffle, and deal. Voila, you've created your own spread.

    You also might want to organize how you set up your cards, so its not confusing. So all the questions about person A go in one column, and person B in another. So:





    So all you have to do to get a good view of person A is look at the first column, and person B the second.

  • MariaRia,

    Thanks for your help I will look into the web and practice with your suggestion. I may want your help in assiting me interpret what I come up with. I hope that is ok with you. Once I again thank you. You are very kind


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