• A lot has been written here about Cancerians and as I do not know many of them personally, I would like like to get a comment on how verbally open they are and what they consider intimate...just typing it is funny :-). The thing is, Ive met a cancer man through work some two years ago and lately he seemed to be interested, even though hes 14 years older. He was really sweet and caring during a three-day working/social event, we talked a lot and he was kind of chasing me all the time and taking me to dinner, trip, concert, dancing etc. Then left for vacation but we exchanged SMSes almost every day. He returned and called to take me out, but unfortunatelly, it was my turn to go to vacation, but again SMSes. I returned, called and we agreed to go for a lunch first. He brought me a present from his holidays, which was unexpected and nice of him and TALKED. About everything, his hobbies, plans and these "normal things", about how ham-fisted he things he is, about his relationship with parents, with brother, with son, but also about his first marriage, divorce, about why he fell in love with his second wife, about her abortion, about her depressions and her suicide (at that time he contacted me on a personal level for the first time, which really shocked me and I did not knot how to react). And he asked whether I am really living alone, enquired about my "ideal man" and "did not believe" that such a beauty can still be available. So I thought it was a good sign because it all seemed somehow intimate to me, almost too much - and I am no selfprotective Cancer! Afterwords we exchanged some more SMSes and emails and in on of them he wished me to find someone soon, because otherwise life is sad. It hit me like a cold shower and I could not help it but pointing out insensitiveness. His reaction - was not aware of any. So, was it all just my wishfull thinking, do you, Cancerians, share these details from your personal history just with anyone you have only known for a couple of weeks, or does he just want another FRIEND to talk to (God, no!) but in his 50s he must have plenty of friends, much closer than I am, or was he waiting for some encouragement? And is it all lost?

  • I am a female Cancerian, although I can not speak for males I wouldn't mind answering your question from my point of view as a cancer.

    The answer is that when we find someone we can connect with, we can't help but try to get to know them more and have them know us. We feel empathic towards those who we are close to so you were right about him not meaning harm in what he was saying, I think that he wants you to experience the joy of a relationship and wants you to be happy either way (with or without him).

    If you are interested in him then take the initiative! Most Cancerians are too shy to tell someone that we like them first and so we passively give the people we like nudges.

  • So, basically he just wanted yet another friend. Sad. Thanks anyway

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