Need help locating my financial corner

  • Hello all,

    According to my Kua Number 3, my lucky direction is East. But I read somewhere that you need to locate a corner in your apartment that is financially lucky for you. If I take the geographical East, then the area is very small and outside the Kitchen with a dining table. I have tried to put a Waterfountain, etc to keep the energy flowing.

    Could someone please help me find my financial corner. I live in a building where the main entrance faces South West, but my apartment entrance is SE. My fiance and I share an apartment, but his Kua Number is 7 and lucky direction is West. There is no floor maps for the apartment, as it was squeezed inbetween floors. We no longer see eye to eye. And moreever, does not believe in Feng Shui or anything else for that matter.

    My life is a total mess at the moment, emotionally, financially, spiritually etc. It has been on a downhill for the last couple of years. Over the years, have spent thousands of $$$ in Astrology, Feng Shui, Lucky Gemology, but nothing has worked. In many cases, got ripped off and now can no longer afford to pay.

    I need to balance my life, financially - so I can get my own place, emotionally and spiritually to balance my mind. Any help will be deeply appreciated.

    Any responders: I need the Idiot's guide version.:)

    Thank you.

  • Need more info to help compass direction of main bldg, location of specified apt, year bldg erected and if any major remodels plus your d.o.b. to determine east/west personality and Kua# . Also have you done a research on the history of your bldg? and previous tenants? Did you do a complete space cleansing? Financially you need to take a realistic look at your budget and then proceed from there...many times the solution is our own actions/lack of actions.

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