Question for The Captain

  • Hi Captain, I have a job offer in Dubai and am going back and forth and BACK and FORTH on whether I should accept it. My current situation is not bad at all but I am very tempted to move overseas again and am wondering if that would be a good idea. I like where I am but the Dubai job would be better than what I have. I'm also intrigued by what could be an exciting move. It could also be a disaster. I've never been to Dubai and am only going on what friends have told me so don't know what I'm in for. Should I stay put and finally grow some roots after traveling around so much or take a chance on a new adventure? Thanks in advance for your response. This is one that I'm really confused about. When I say that I will stay where I am then I feel a little depressed that life might get dull but when I tell myself I will go to Dubai, I feel anxious about leaving family, friends and pets. Yes, i am a typical Libra and life path #5!!!

  • Ok...let me re-phrase something...The above sounded SO Debbie Downer...

    The pros for Dubai .... the excitement and possibilities of a new culture, friends, experiences and a good job that I would really enjoy.

    The pros for staying where I am .....put down roots, my pets, get involved in the community and solidify long term friendships.

    Which should I choose?? I'm seriously incapable of making a decision now. I have over thought this to death. THANK YOU!

  • There are going to be some pretty severe disruptions in that area soon - both ecological and human conflicts. You would not be safe there. Anyone contemplating travel at the moment should think twice, unless they feel it's dangerous where they are.

    Have you ever thought of France becasue I feel a pull for you from there, especially the French countryside? i think you had a very happy past life there and there is good money for you there, too.

  • Thank you Captain. I'm very sorry to hear of the disruptions in the area but thankful to be warned. I have a good friend who lives there. I wonder if I should mention anything to her? I sincerely hope nothing comes to pass.

    Yes, France would be wonderful. I lived in London for some years and only made it to France once. An astrologer told me the same about France and suggested that I liked London so much because it was close to France! Unfortunately, work permits for Americans are not so easy to obtain in Europe anymore. I will just have to plan a visit!

    Many MANY thanks to you for your response and advice.

    xx SE

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