How to Have the Life You Really Want

  • I think that many people misinterpret The Law of Attraction. They think it means that if you repeat over and over that you are rich or attractive or fit or or getting a new car or being hired as a big company CEO or whatever, you will be. But what if you haven't chosen a life of wealth, beauty, authority or health? What if that is not how you will learn your lessons in this lifetime? Have you been asking and asking for more money or to lose weight or to meet a wonderful partner or get a great new job etc without result? Have you been trying to be as positive and upbeat as you can... and still nothing?

    The Law of Attraction is best practised through finding and being your real self, the authentic 'you', the one who knows what you really came here to do. Being rich, attractive or fit may not be on your agenda this time around. But becoming more spiritual and whole and true will definitely be. In making use of the Law of Attraction, you first have to remember who you are. Maybe you were real as a kid before the adults screwed with your mind and heart. You are not being real as an adult if you are hiding your authentic self behind a false image, whether it be with kilos of fleshy protection from the world or forcing your body to be unnaturally thin, donning an intellectual front to cover up what you are feeling or the opposite - pretending to be dumb to fit in or attract a job or a partner - working at a job or study you hate, living a lifestyle that means nothing to you, being with people you know are not good for you, being responsible all the time when you just want to have fun, putting on a fake smile and cheerful demeanour when you want to scream or cry, or pretending to be whatever you are not in whatever manner. Stop saying or doing what you know isn't you. Stop lying to yourself and everyone else. Your conscious ideals may be stopping you from achieving what is really yours. Only when you become real inside will you attract your true outer life - and it may not be the ideal one you have envisioned consciously, but will definitely suit you much more than your present life and may even be much better than you could ever have dreamed.

    So trust that the Universe and spirit will support you in achieving the lifestyle that will best help you grow and evolve and learn what you came here to learn. Stop asking for specifics and allow your natural self to blossom and attract what you need. Work through your fears and insecurities. Become that pure, powerful, beautiful soul you are at your core. And then you will have everything!

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  • thats wonderful reading. food for thought!

  • Thanks Sweetoty!

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  • How funny is it that I see this amazing post as I was embodying and thinking about the Law of Attraction. I honestly applied it today and it really worked wonders but all in all the power is within all of us. By the way, Captain thank you so much for all the insight and growth you've given me over the years. I grown so much on this sight and learned so much about myself. I hope all is well and blessings to all!

  • I'm glad the info helped. You have certainly grown and matured from the little girl you first started out as here.

  • Amazing. good post.

  • Thank you!

  • Thank you Captain! Again this post is an amazing read!

  • Thanks Asia, good luck to you!

  • Thanks Captian, I'll get to where I need to be! The toughest solders are ones that been through the most pain. Even when I think I can't, my soul's keeps going. Even on my toughest day, despite what I say and do, my soul, my mind, my heart won't quit.

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  • Telling myself I am worth it, skillful and powerful creative being who is ready to receive all the abundance the Universe has to offer

  • You are worth it! We all are.

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