Lost Engagement Ring

  • first, I sincerely apologise if I am imposing on you, but I'd be most glad to have someone who can help me here.

    I lost my engagement ring on 21 July, Wednesday, but I discovered the loss only on the next morning when I was about to wear my watch, and by right, the ring. Usually, I would place them next to each other when I got home from work.

    It is a 0.53 carat six-claw diamond white gold ring on Wednesday, 21 July, night-time. It was given to me by my fiance, and he bought it in Singapore (where I stay) and reset it in Melbourne Australia. He proposed to me on Valentine's Day just this year and yet I lost it. Needless to say, I've been sick, losing weight and sleep. So is he now. We are both praying hard that the ring will come home.

    Problem is the more I think, the more everything blurs. I came home from gym as usual, but I couldn't remember if I still had it when I went home. Before I went into the 16-storey flat (I live on the 11th floor), I yanked a red parcel from the mailbox on the 1st floor. I'm again not sure if the ring slipped out of my finger. I had cookies and I threw some rubbish away which laid on my table, but I couldn't think if it was thrown away with some tissues.

    Attached is a pic of my ring.

    I tried hypnosis even, but I kept going to the toilet, which I think might have affected the process. The conclusion I got was that the ring is still in my house. But sometimes, I feel I might have thrown it away or lost it.

    Please help me...I'm devastated now and mourning for the loss.

    Thank you very much in advance to those who can pick up a vibe or two.

    God Bless.

  • Hi

    sorry about your lost of your ring.. I am sure you are upset, I kn ow I would be. I am trying to understand how you lost your ring. you say you discovered this missing when y ou noticed it was not placed next to your watch. so, my question is, do you always take your ring off before you go to bed. some people do this, but I never do , and neither my husband. is there a reason you feel it's best to take off your ring prior to bedtime?

    you indicated that the ring was resized to fit your finger, but it was still slipping off ?? hmmm, something about that does not sound right, but that is okay.

    I do feel you took the ring off and placed somewhere else, like your purse or gym bag.

    the best way to find a lost item is to trace back to the last actual time you saw this ring. do you recall at all taking off the ring before bedtime? If you did take it off before bedtime, would it make sense for you to look around the dresser, and it's possible it fell to the floor and rolled under a furniture?

    If you have no memory of taking off your ring before bedtime, chances are you removed the ring hours earlier.

    good luck, and hope you find your ring soon. Sunny

  • Hi Sunny, well, I do have a habit of removing any accessories on my hand when I get home, as I would most likely scratch myself accidentally. hehe. The ring wasn't resized. It was due to the setting, My fiance didn't like the setting it came in originally. So he chose this 6-claw.

    I searched my gym bag, turned all my bags inside out, but nothing dropped out. I repacked my table (where I put my watch, and supposedly my ring too) but still don't see the ring. I would not put my ring in my wallet for fear of scratching the gold part.

    I tried to retrace my steps, but cos of the excitement of receiving the parcel, I got lost! Everything just got jumbled up. 😞 My conscious mind is too active for me to get hypnotised again. 😞

    Can anyone help please? 😞

  • May I also add that I have searched under all movable furniture in my bedroom and living room, and including trying to fit another diamond ring (smaller) underneath those bulky wardrobes, but it can't fit in underneath, let alone my bigger engagement ring. 😞

  • you took the ring off and placed somewhere else in your vicinity. it's at an unusual place.

    at some point you will relax and retrace your steps. it works for me every time.

  • sigh...Ms Sunny, I'm not so sure about that, for I have even tried hypnosis but can't recall anything. 😞 I'm still praying and hoping. 😞

  • I've never used hypnosis. you have shallow breaths? listen to how you breathe.. if you learn to take in deep breaths 4 times in a row, trust me you will relax.

    if you do this several times a day, and through out your day. for example, you could be sitting there watching TV or even reading, doing dishes, housework, or even taking a shower.

    through out the day listen to your breath, and how shallow it sounds. taking in deep breaths helps you to relax, and will activate your third eye.

    up to you.. Sunny

  • Hey Sunny! Thanks a lot for your advice. I will try to do it more consciously. It's been said that the more I think of the ring, the more it'd hide from me. I'm trying to forget the ring, but then,since I pray to God every night to help me get it back, how can I forget it? lol

  • I know you said you moved things, but I just can't get this thought out of my head!!

    You either need to recheck your bed, look under the posts, I know this sounds weird, since you say it can't fit there but.................

    Your other option is to check the trail leading from your bedroom to where you do your laundry, somewhere stuck in the covers along the way was a possibility!

    I hope this helps!

    I may not be right but somewhere along the trail I am taking you..........

    God bless & Good luck!

  • hi Endless 1987, thanks for the post! 🙂 I've looked under my bed posts, and even changed my bedsheets, but nothing was found. May I know where else can I look at? thanks! 😄 Are you one of those who has the ability to "see"?

    Thank you so much for replying. Every bit counts! 🙂

  • Dear estpl6,

    Im sorry you lost your ring it sure is beautiful ,pray to St Anthony the pantron saint of lost things and hopefully he can help you find it , i will do this for you as well .

    Many Blessings 2u Lilac

  • Hey Lilac, so sweet of you! It's hard to find people who'd pray for you even though they don't know you. I appreciate it very much. I pray to him every night too...and God. 🙂

    I want to be positive about it, so I can one day, have my precious back again.

  • And Lilac, thank you so so much for praying too. 🙂



  • Dear estpl6,

    You are very welcome sending positive energy and thoughts your way , hopefully it will turn up soon. Whenever ive lost something after tearing the house apart searching for it, i stop looking for a couple of days and 9 times out of 10 the lost item usually always shows up, i can understand that you wouldnt want to do this as your ring is so precious i just thought i would let you know that this works for me .

    Love and Blessings Lilac

  • Estpl6

    I go by my initial feelings good, bad or ugly as well as visual depending on what or who the person or object is. I find if I hesitate I am sometimes wrong. That's why I cannot read everything around me personally, I spend too much time thinking about it and just not going with what hits me!! I question and re question. Most everyone else is fairly simple just not me! Also if I am rushed I can mess up and feel my "own" energy/thoughts. If I am not sure I shut my mouth and let someone else try! When I open my mouth I am usually dead on or darn near close!! Sometimes to I can track things or people so far and then they get "lost!' AGGRAVATING!! lol

    On the bright side I am just bluntly honest on what I can and cannot do! ;~)

    Sending positive prayers your way!

  • Thank you Lilac and Endless for the good thoughts and keeping me in your prayers. 🙂 I appreciate them though I have never met you before. 🙂

    Meanwhile, I'm still hoping the ring will turn up one day. I'm trying to retrace the route to the laundry area, but to no avail. Perhaps it will turn up when it's ready, IF it's at home. 🙂

  • youre welcome still praying to st anthony that youll find it

  • Just checking in!

    I think you are a lot closer to getting it back then you realize. Not much longer now!

    Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way!

    Don't look very hard for it over the next few days or so, it is going to appear rather quite suddenly possibly around a piece of fabric. Maybe even a pair of pants!

    Good luck!

  • Awww Lilacrose and Endless1987, thank you so so much for your lovely thoughts and prayers. You know I keep checking back here to see if anyone else has any insights. I am now praying to God to give me strength to tide through this, and no matter if God will let me have it back or if He decides not to for any reason, I accept His will. Just when I thought my hopes are dashed, you two are here to give me the strength I need, even though we have never met! Thank you especially Endless, for your words gave me new hope. I don't know if I'd get it back, I think I'd just let nature take its course. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be. If not, let it be. 🙂

    Thanks! 😄 Muacks to both of you!

  • Dear estpl6 ,

    Its normally when i stop looking for a lost object it always turns up so i feel what Endless says could be right .

    sending positve energy and prayer your way Goodluck Lilac

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