Happy Birthday to Me !

  • Would appreciate any Birthday Readings for the year to come

  • Checking that it's August 21?

  • Aye, aye, Capitain 🙂

    Yes, the 21st.

  • Your birthday falls after a Full Moon this year, suggesting a period ahead of communication and teaching. You may be turned to for advice more frequently, and you are very willing to offer your help. This is a strong year for publicity and any other endeavors that involve spreading the word. As well, your ability to be objective–or to see the “big picture” - can be especially pronounced and rewarding this year. The opportunity to grow through your love and social connections this year is especially strong. You are seeking intensity in love, and you are especially aware of the importance of healthy relating and intimacy. You could renew and deepen love commitments or social connections. Strong and stimulating - even motivating - attractions to others are likely. Secret loves or attractions may develop and existing relationships tend to rise to a higher level of insight and understanding. Romantic relationships and attractions can have a fated quality to them this year. This could be a year when you fall in love, and this could be with a person, an activity, or a cause! Meeting someone who transforms your life, and more specifically your values and attitude towards love, is very possible. Strong existing relationships are likely to grow and transform in rewarding ways, as you are more open than usual to intensity and passion. Your finances could also improve dramatically this year, generally due to your increased ability to strategize and cut out frivolous expenses.

    Your ability to express yourself and to solve problems is enhanced now. You may have opportunities to travel this year, and matters related to publishing, teaching, and writing should go especially well. You may find that you have the right information at the right time this year. You could also have big ideas and plans. Work, especially in communications, goes well. You are able to visualize in broader terms and see the “big picture” now. Your optimism can help you to attract positive circumstances into your life. You are especially enthusiastic about your ideas, and expressing yourself comes easily. Public relations and negotiations tend to run especially smoothly. This is a time for making long-range plans, seeing the big picture, and thinking about what is really important to you in the long run. There can be significant involvement in publishing, television, or other areas where sharing ideas with large groups is a theme.

    You will be more determined and hard-working than usual. This is an excellent time to get organized and to stick with projects through to the end. When you face obstacles to your goals, which is a likely scenario this year, you must just keep on pushing. Progress may be slow, but it will be steady and solid. What you accomplish now will benefit you for years to come. You are likely to attract growth-oriented relationships into your life. Your powers of negotiation will be very strong. You can win respect and recognition for your work or craft this year. There is a good balance between learning from tradition and seeing things progressively. This can be a strong year for any new interests, learning, and communications. You will be better able to come to a good balance in attitude this year, and many life departments can benefit. You will be more patient and willing to use strategy in your financial and romantic life. You’re in an exceptionally strong position for taking advantage of new opportunities while keeping your feet on the ground. There can definitely be recognition for your work or talents.

    This is a special year for you, one of much illumination. This is a time in which you will experience soul growth and you are called upon to give of yourself, your time, your talents, your insights. There is much insight to be gained now. This is a very spiritual vibration and it is best to channel the energy of the year into some artistic or psychic endeavour. Your intuition should be humming this year, with revelations, visions, and psychic clarification. The year's energy brings with it inspired thinking, originality, and inventiveness. There may be unexpected associations or unexpected break-ups now as new understanding dawns. This year brings you opportunities to gain prominence. You may find yourself in the limelight and in a favourable position to launch a new product, idea, invention, or service. This period for you is a time of psychic development, spiritual awareness, enlightenment and accomplishment. The year has a divine vibration which will help in achieving your objectives in life. Your instincts and psychic abilities will be dominant now. You will collaborate with others to work for a common cause for the benefit of all. Your intuition will guide you towards innovative accomplishments and creative subjects. You will be interested in fine arts and also in spirituality. It is possible that you will launch new and unique projects where you can use your originality. You should not scatter your energies on too many things, and concentrate on a few important things instead. The year will endow you with divine energy which can be used to motivate others. You can use your magnetic personality for achieving things beneficial for the well-being of the society. You can be instrumental in bringing different groups together to achieve a peaceful environment. You have now embarked on a new path, quite different from your old monotonous routine, and will face challenges on your journey. There may be many successes, but you should be ready to face failures also. The challenge will be to adapt to the new environment, and be successful with the help of your intuition and divine intervention. Definitely a "Go for it" year.

  • Thank you Captain. It looks as if I would need to be at least twenty years younger :)!

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