Confused am i wasting my time waiting for him?

  • wtf lol

  • @Breathless 39: Just ditch that guy already. He doesn't appreciate you as the queen you are. I don't know what sign you maybe, but if a guy allows you to buy him all that stuff, yet still sees another woman on the side as much as he does and doesn't even have the decency to commit to you. Then there is a MAJOR MAJOR problem here. He knows you're serious about him, but the more you spoil his ass, the more he'll take for granted the fact that you worship him! Don't even spend for this dude! Seriously... it doesn't even matter what's his sign. He just strikes me as someone who is using you. And no matetr what you do, he'll always go back to his other VIRGO friend...

    Now, as for Virgos in general... I am a Cancer woman, and I have a lot of things in common with a virgo male I like. But it's hard!!! His work is his life! I know work is important, but I enjoy our conversations, I enjoy listening to him, I enjoy seeing him (actually, reading his texts make me smile:) And it can be addictive... But we live apart... and we haven't had anything sexual yet, I am gonna hold off on that one... I still need to trust him more. I mean, he tells me that he dates his coworkers... how can I trust a man who spends more than 14 hours a day working, and he dates his coworkers?? I mean, if i were to be with such a man I would be jealous because he'd be spending more time with them than with me. I don't know, personally, i don't date my coworkers, even when I do work as long and as hard as he does... I just draw the line between my work and personal life. But then, I did stop biting my nails ever since I've gotten to know him better... and I've always bitten my nails my whole life... well, 27 years of it... lol!! But I love my short nails... It builds character and I am very very clean... anyways, I just can't concentrate when he just stops communicating at times... and i am left waiting like a fool for him.. y can't he be like a scorpio:( I really do like him. But sometimes, I feel that he just doesn't like me enough. And whenever I feel that way, I just want to be a lone, and so I also stop communicating with him... but it hurts inside... so like an ass, I catch myself communicating again, because I would never want to let myself feel hurt that way. I love me too much.

  • Can you give me please give me advise on this.

    Im a taurus and he's a virgo.

    A year ago I met up with an old classmate from high school. We never got the chance to spend time together in school so we were very happy to see each other. We hit it off so well and could not get enough of each other. We soon found out that our signs were compatible in a good way. At the time we were living in different states and it was crazy because I was just preparing to move back home where my family lived. Once I moved back everything changed between us. He started being unreliable, hardly called me, and was always late. So me being a Taurus, I started getting suspicious. I knew that he had kids to 2 different women and that one of them still lived in town. I asked him the nature of his relationship with his son's mother. He told me that they still talked and did things for the kids together. At first I was ok with that because I have the same type of relationship with my childs father. I didn't question him and just went along with what he said. He told me that things would get better between us as soon as he gets things together. A few months went by and nothing changed. I began to get impatient with him so I stopped calling him as much as I did. Hoping that he would miss me and start treating me right. He tried and thats all I can say but still fell short. Then he started talking about moving in with me. He told me that the only way that things would get better between us was if he moved in with me. I told him that I was not ready for that and that he needed to think about that more. Then a few more months went by and he still was late, still texting, not calling and had never spent the night with me. I just knew in my heart that he was seeing someone else. He hept telling me that there was no one. Then one day when I was on facebook, I saw a picture of him and his son's mother at a wedding. I asked him about it and he lied about it. Then one day I stopped by his job only to see his son's mother there. She asked me who I was to him. I told her that I thought that I was his lady. Now he's mad at me for telling her that. He told me that she didn't need to know anything. He still tells me that he loves me and wants to be with me but he is distant now. I know this sounds crazy but what can i do to get him back into me again?

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