Would like a reading regarding a situation. Thank you

  • I'm a home aide who is currently taking care of an 86yr woman who lives 12 mile from me. For past 2years if been caring for her and her sister who recently passed. I go 7mornings a week. And 5 evenings. For total of 21 hrsweek. Anyway my fiance and I would like to buy a house. He is a country boy and if always want to try living in country,especially in area where my family has a campsite about 45min away. My fiance is trying to find a house in that area. We tried before but his credit score wasn't high enough. But now we have been given the green light to start looking. I had told my clientgood friend that when the day came that I couldn't work 4 her anymore I'd help her find replacement to care for her. she don't want to deal wagencies anymore cause they r expensive and her younger friend who also helps encourages to stay away from agency. I don't know how I'll be able 2give advance notice to my exit. I won't know anything for sure til house is officially ours. And to drive back and forth til she finds someone will likely be too expensive for me to do. I really don't want to quit working for her,but we need to start our life that we been waiting for so long. We already in our late 30s,and my fiance is miserable in city limits. He has been so patient. I would like a reading that could shed light on how this will likely play out. Will we get a house soon? Within 6 months? What's going to happen with my job with my dear friend? Will this lead out of home care and into veterinary field in which I went to college for?

  • Vettech78, My thoughts on this is not to stress over the details--what if. I would be more concerned over the details on the housing you choose. Are the payments right, have we looked long enough, have we found what you truly want and need. Don't make it a instant/quick decision. The same holds true w/your patient. It may take some time to find the right solution/person. Good luck.

    I'll try a reading and see what spirit suggests : )

  • Vettech78, Your reading is showing a very expansive time now. I feel like part of your nature is to come forward with your plans and let others know what's happening. You can do that but sometimes disappointments happen so it may be better to wait and see how everything plays out. Disappointment is in the advice position of your reading. Your reading is not an easy one for me to decipher. It feels as though someone wants or is expecting things their way--9 of cups is in the environment part of your reading. Something that someone has been wanting or expecting may not turn-out as desired--3 of cups rev in blocks paired 9 of cups in environ paired 5 of cups in advice. I feel like this is your BF's feelings. May have to wait longer for what you desire. Feel there's a real desire to move. I feel like some things need adjusting before things happen or move forward. Emotions are at play. Everyone knows of your plans--world in present position. Queen of cups in future position for you is hard for me to read. I feel like you'll have to be patient because things will not just happen--if you can relate. At the least, feel there will be a delay...


    crowning--page of swords (rev)


    below--high priestess (rev)

    situation--star (rev)

    past--10 of coins (rev) there is some reversal from family coming from past position

    challenges--moon (rev) some obstacles have been reversed

    future--queen of cups

    blocks--3 of cups (rev)

    environment--9 of cups

    advice--5 of cups--a disappointment although other opportunites

    outcome--7 of swords (rev)

  • Thank u for your reading. It was very helpful. Delays would not come to a surprise to me. As that has been how things have been going for us the past 4yrs. Something is always coming up. Usually money is the factor. Either I'll be making consistent money and my fiance will have bad luck with work then its switches the other way around. We never get decent work at same time long enough to get anywhere. It has been especially difficult on my fiance

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